Giving & Receiving

Prayer of the Month: May we find a way to be generous to others and to ourselves, and gratefully receive blessings in every moment of the day. 
Dear Spiritual Community, 

We are entering a season of inevitable change; both in nature and our bodies, with the climate playing a big role in our internal and external environments. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we will invite a small group of family members wearing masks into our homes to celebrate Thanksgiving, then gift gifting, then the turning of a new year. 

This year, I am asking you to be more aware of your actions according to your upbringing and cultural background. Let’s focus on a law that will bring peace and harmony into every aspect of your life. This law is called the “Law of Giving and Receiving”, orchestrated by the Universe. How does it work?  

The Universe works with a special dynamic that mimics an exchange program on our behalf. Our actions will harmonize this dynamic when we are mindful of keeping the ratio of giving and receiving equal. In a very simple way, you could look at it as when you do something nice for a friend, which counts as you giving your energy outward, the Universe will return that favor back to you in a different form. But, you have to be present and mindful to receive it. When you willingly accept the favor back, this ratio is harmonized and it will bring balance into your life.  

I am going to use myself as an example to share a silly habit that I had in the past. I love giving compliments to others when it is honest and I like making people feel good about themselves. I make an effort to do that daily, if possible. What I didn’t know was that when others gave me compliments, I automatically shot down the positive energy that was coming to me. I would say something negative or use a word that neutralized their kind action. I didn’t know why I was doing that, but I became more aware of it. Maybe my shyness was taking over and I didn’t want to be the center of attention. Anyway, my own habit became annoying to myself and I had to make a mental change in order to be able to receive what was meant to be mine. Now, I not only pause and receive the compliment, but I also try to absorb the good energy that just came to me.  

I am not saying that each time you do a good deed to expect something back, I am simply moving your attention into loving yourself. The action of giving is the energy that comes from you and your heart, in order to replace that with this Universal law, accept the same energy from others. Allow family members to give you some advice, let that old friend call you and see how you are doing, accept a gift from a co-worker who is thanking you for your kindness, let others help you when you are down, call someone who’s voice can lift you up, know that you have done the same for others in the past and it is time for you to receive.
Have you ever felt drained after being in a group of people? Even your loved ones? Don’t feel guilty. You just gave your stored energy to others by talking to them, sharing with them, and very little energy is left for you. The solution is to keep going until your tank is completely empty, but find a quiet place to be silent to replenish your energy back. Allow the Universe and the Law of Giving and Receiving to fill your tank up once in a while. 

So, step into the season of loved ones being around you, asking for your attention, and give as much as you see fit to give and let them love you back as you stay present and awake - Universe has your back. 
Messages from Above
I recently finished the first portion of a program for Meditation Teacher Training with Doctor Chopra, who has been a spiritual icon in my life. In this program, which has the word enrichment in its title, I had the privilege to go deeper into my own practice with some new meditation techniques and learned to be ok with changes in my states of mind. While I was challenged to take a new route to get to my own soul, I was trying to absorb the information coming to me very fast in less than four months from the Vedas (Indian spiritual texts) from more than 5,000 years ago. You can imagine the depth of each discovery about human life on each page.
I was journaling daily to stay connected with my Spiritual Guides to give me the expansion that I need to keep the information in my head, and begging them to let me remember it all when I am ready to teach my students. I came across a word that I have seen and read before and even used in the past, but never saw it the way that was described by the sages of India. That magic word was “consciousness”!  

To my surprise this word consciousness was not only viewed as awareness, spirit, and soul, but the source of all experiences. I had to pause and reflect on this new way of looking at it for a few days to understand what they meant by experience. They are telling us that consciousness is the source of each experience that we go through daily. Take a moment and think about what they are telling us!  

If there is no consciousness, there is no experience, period. 

We evaluate all we do in our daily life according to our experience at home, at work, on the street while driving, communicating with co-workers, dealing with family members, etc. If we are awake enough and present in the moment, we also realize that with each conscious decision we make, from eating meals to exercising, we set ourselves up for different experiences; not only sensing it through our biology, which is our body, but also our mind.  

Throughout each day and night we go through different states of consciousness. When we are awake, we are here in the physical world, where we experience life outside of us. When we are asleep and entering the deep state of slumber, our mind and body go through a rejuvenating experience, until we start dreaming and the state of  
consciousness changes once again.  

When you learn to meditate and go inward, you also go through different states of consciousness, but at a deeper level. Just like the intuition that resides within you at a deeper level, you might encounter these deep states by having a meditation practice that allows you to experience what you have not yet- that is pure consciousness.  


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Spiritual Corner Q&A
Q: My pet is visiting me in my dreams and I feel him around me all the time. What does that mean?

A: What a great question about your pet that has passed on! I can just imagine how much you miss him and wish you could spend more time with him.  

Usually our loved ones and our pets that accompanied us on Earth had a big role in our lives. They may be considered our soulmates in the different meaning of the word, which is the one who is on the same journey as you in one particular lifetime.  

Your pet had a role in your life for years and accomplished his mission before passing on to another dimension to continue his soul journey. The fact that he is close to you is something that is not palpable to some, but easier for others.

He might not be near you physically, but senses your emotions and challenges. He might appear when you need his kindness. He might show up in your dream where you have the expansion of time and space to be free to do what you are needed to do. You may hug him, walk him, and spend some quality time with him. All he is doing is fulfilling your need from his role in your life. When you wake up from your dream, you may feel loved, complete and nourished by his presence in your dream state.  

Pets are healers, especially dogs! They enter our lives to love us, be kind to us, and show us support. They might not talk to us the way we are used to, but they communicate with their actions. It is normal to feel your pet’s energy around you and see him in your dream. When you sense him next time, talk to him like before. Let him know that he is missed and you have not forgotten him. 

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