December 2023

"A More Equitable and Inclusive Montgomery County"

County Executive Marc Elrich

 Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center

The whole team would like to thank our volunteer teachers who taught or assisted in English, computer, and citizenship preparation classes this fall. We are immensely grateful for their willingness to teach late hours and early Saturday mornings. Their commitment continues to make a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of students every session. As the following quote from one student suggests, our students are equally thankful: “Very good experience learning English, plus the teachers are super good and friendly, they help you a lot. Thank you so much."

Anyone interested in volunteering for the Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center may submit an application HERE.

Equally important are the partnerships we build with local providers, such as our recent partnership with the Montgomery County Office of Human Resources, Community Action Agency. Three days a week, Navigator Trica Young works at the Gilchrist Center to help access federal-, county-, and community-based benefits. Trica explains how the partnership benefits Montgomery County residents:

“In the partnership between our Community Action Agency Navigation Team and the Gilchrist Immigration Resource Center, I have been honored to join such a caring, compassionate, and dedicated team where we can work together and collaborate on our mutual passion for aiding those in need. It's been a deeply rewarding journey, witnessing firsthand the positive impact our collaboration has on individuals and families seeking support. Each day, I strive to bring a compassionate touch and alongside the wealth of expertise brought by the Gilchrist team, together we are able to ensure that our clients receive the guidance and services they require. 

Amidst these collaborative efforts, I had the privilege of assisting a recently arrived immigrant family that exemplifies the transformative impact we can achieve together. This family facing the daunting challenges of a new life was referred to me by the Gilchrist Center. Through dedicated support, we successfully navigated the complexities of the SNAP application process. Additionally, I connected them with the local school system and its free and reduced meals program. Recognizing the importance of stable employment, I provided resources that empowered them to secure meaningful work opportunities. Witnessing their resilience and determination, I am thrilled to share that this family has transitioned from homelessness to finding a stable home. Their journey embodies the positive outcomes that can emerge from our collaborative efforts, and it reaffirms my commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve. Stay tuned for more updates on the impactful strides made possible by this dynamic partnership.”