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Powerful Two-Year Program Features Gibson Embracing the Newest Generation of Players

First-Ever Gibson Generation Group Class Graduation Ceremony Airs Today, On Gibson TV
NASHVILLE, TN (July 19, 2021) For 127 years, Gibson has shaped sound across generations and genres of music, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved guitar brands around the world. In mid-2019, Gibson launched the Gibson Generation Group (G3), a powerful two-year program that exhibits Gibson embracing a wildly diverse new generation of guitar players, songwriters, and music creators, across the globe.
The 2021 Gibson Generation Group includes talented young musicians spanning many genres of music from China, France, India, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, England, Spain, and the USA. Watch the first-ever Gibson Generation Group class will graduate in a virtual ceremony airing on Gibson TV, today: (HERE).
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With original performances, the Gibson Generation Group graduation ceremony highlights each of the 18 members and their unique talents, as well as their experience and accomplishments as part of the first-ever G3 class.
“This inaugural G3 class was truly vital in shaping what the Gibson Generation Group will become for future members, and we have a solid foundation to build upon,” says Jenny Marsh, Head of G3 Global Program, Gibson Brands Entertainment Relations. “The G3 artists are now a part of the Gibson family, we look forward to watching them grow and we’ll continue to champion their success.”
The Gibson Generation Group (G3) is a global collective of talented musicians who receive one-on-one career growth opportunities, mentoring and develop lasting connections in the music industry from the Gibson Leadership and Cultural Influence teams. G3 members receive global, one-of-a-kind performance opportunities with music superstars and brand partners, participate in global advertising campaigns, create, and receive quality content and promotion to build their audience to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.
Look out for news about the incoming Gibson Generation Group Class of 2023 in the coming weeks.
Gibson Generation Group (G3) Class of 2021:
All G3 photos, credit Gibson: HERE.
Esani Dey (Mumbai, India)
Above Esani Dey.
Age: 21
Influences: Greg Howe, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny.
IG: @esanidey
Gaétan Ponzio (Allauch, France)
Above: Gaétan Ponzio.
Age: 15
Influences: Metallica, Slash, Iron Maiden.
Jayden Tatsciore (Perth, Australia)
Above: Jayden Tatsciore.
Age: 12
Influences: Synyster Gates, Angus Young, Slash.
Miyuna (Tokyo, Japan)
Above: Miyuna.
Age: 19
Influences: ONE OK ROCK, Koji Tamaki, Ringo Sheena.
Kris Niepert (Beijing, China)
Above: Kris Niepert.
Age: 20
Influences: Billie Joe Armstrong, Tom Morello.
Weibo: @war_n_t
Asher Belsky (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Above: Asher Belsky.
Age: 16
Influences: Derek Trucks, Marcus King, Duane Allman.
Reece Malone (Longview, TX)
Above: Reece Malone.
Age: 17
Influences: Derek Trucks, Philip Sayce, Eric Gales.
Phoenix Knight (Austin, TX)
Above: Phoenix Knight.
Age: 20
Influences: Tim Henson, Van Halen, Yvette Young.
Irene Esteban Teijeira (Pontevedra, Spain)
Above: Irene Esteban Teijeira.
Age: 18
Influences: Nirvana, AC/DC.
Jack Goodacre (London, U.K.)
Above: Jack Goodacre.
Age: 16
Influences: John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, James Bay.
Diego Flores (Pontevedra, Spain)
Above: Diego Flores.
Age: 17
Influences: Nirvana, Pixies, grunge music
Isa Zwart (Emmen, The Netherlands)
Above: Isa Zwart.
Age: 21
Influences: Jimi Hendrix.
Ben Goldsmith (New York City, NY, USA)
Above: Ben Goldsmith.
Age: 16
Influences: John Mayer, Slash, Freddie King.
Noah Eckstein (Dallas, TX, USA)
Above: Noah Eckstein.
Age: 17
Influences: Tommy Emmanuel, The Eagles, Brian May.
Mariña Paz Otero (Pontevedra, Spain)
Above: Mariña Paz Otero.
Age: 18
Influences: The Sonics, Foo Fighters.
Otto Jr Lagarhus (Tonsberg, Norway)
Above: Otto Jr Lagarhus.
Age: 15
Influences: B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Chris Cain.
Sonny French (Nashville, TN, USA)
About: Sonny French.
Age: 14
Influences: Buck Owens & his Buckaroos, Merle Haggard & The Strangers, The Eagles.

Carter Wilkinson (New Orleans, LA, USA)
About: Carter Wilkinson.
Age: 21
Influences: Robben Ford, Philip Sayce, Albert King.
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