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Fall Copper Camp 2022

Registration is now open for our annual Fall Camp at Copper mountain! Register ASAP as we expect the camp to fill quickly as usual! 

WHERE? Copper Mountain Colorado. We train mostly on Copperopolis, but may get a lane in the Tech Center on Sunday. 

WHEN? Sunday, November 27 through Wednesday, November 30. This is the week following Thanksgiving. You may sign up for one day or all four. The first 2 days will be GS + drills, and the 2nd two days will be SL + drills. We will do two video sessions as well. We plan to have a team dinner planned once again this year. 

WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE CAMP? We get you prepared for the racing season! There's no better way to prep for a race season than out west on awesome snow. Most National Teams train at Copper Mountain annually and the conditions are always spectacular for gate training. Below is a SAMPLE schedule, but remember this is NOT our exact schedule. Lane slots are determined the night before the training day, so the time we do drills and the time we run gates can vary. 

Note that we take video and have video training on two of the evenings. This has been a big hit and we will continue to do this each year. We also added drill time on 3 of the 4 days and this has also been popular. This is a great way to get your ski legs back! 

Many people also opt to stay through to the end of the week to watch the Birds of Prey races at Beaver Creek. A great way to make a vacation out of the trip.

HOW DO I REGISTER? Use these links:

All 4 days

Day 1 only - GS

Day 2 only - GS

Day 3 only - SL

Day 4 only - SL (no drills Wednesday)

Note that we are switching over to a new registration system and it is still being developed. These links will register you for the camp but you may see some stuff that doesn't make sense when you create your account. Don't worry about it... just get registered so you're in the camp! E-mail us if you have any questions. The cost this year is $125 per day. We plan to have 3 coaches this season. Matt Fox and Lee Eddy will return. Our 3rd coach will be named before the camp. 

WHAT ABOUT LODGING? Midwest Masters does not coordinate lodging mostly because many who attend are Rocky Mountain racers, many have their own properties that they use, and everyone has different tastes and cost expectations. The best thing is to check out and There are always good deals to be found early-season. If you're looking to share a place with someone, e-mail us and we can see if we can help coordinate.

WHAT ABOUT LIFT TICKETS? Unfortunately, Copper Mountain is not providing camper tickets any longer. However, here are several options for tickets we've outlined for you. Option 4 may be the best option at $80 per day as it includes a bonus (warm up?) day but time is limited on the bonus day offer so you may want to jump on that now:

  1. Purchase a daily lift ticket at retail price, which they have not provided yet however last year was around $189 a day. Again that is just ballpark as they have not told us what the daily retail price will be. 
  2. Purchase a discounted Copper Mountain season pass for $549.00. The process for this will be communicated when we are assigned a Copper Service Coordinator.
  3. Purchase an IKON pass. There are several options for the IKON pass they do have a 4 day (449.00), a 3 day (369.00) and a 2 day (269.00) pass - 
  4. Purchase a 4-pack from Copper Mountain for $399.00 (for a limited time this is a 4-pack plus a bonus day) - 


  • Sign up early!
  • Arrive a day or two early to acclimate to the weather, especially if you haven't trained above 9,000' before
  • Scheduling your flight out on Wednesday (if training on Wednesday) no earlier than 7pm! We are not guaranteed our lane slot until the night before and we may get the last slot of the day. 
  • Helping out as a part of Race Crew if you want to reduce some costs. We will solicit registered people to help once we get deeper into the fall. 

E-mail us with any questions at

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