Customer Newsletter ยท March 15, 2018
"The blossom begins as a seed stored in a pod formed by the dying flower
the year before." -- Lucy Bell     

In March... Corned beef, potatoes and sausage, shepherd's pie, ham, lamb and so many other wonderful things...  
DID YOU KNOW? Corned beef briskets and roasts (above left) are a favorite at Ranch Foods Direct for St. Patrick's Day, but did you know the store also has thinly sliced corned beef, made in house, year-round? You can find it in the deli meat-cheese-and-dairy case. 
Special St. Pat's pies are here... Mountain Pie Co. created some special seasonal pie flavors to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day, which happens Saturday. Remember, you can always find a variety of Matt Campbell's outrageously delicious pies in the Ranch Foods Direct frozen foods section (mostly savory but sometimes sweet.) Selection varies. To make sure the pie flavor you want is in stock, please call ahead (store number is 719-473-2306.)  

There's something for everyone at Ranch Foods Direct...

Thanks to local baker you can have your cake and eat gluten free too    
In 2015, Victoria Johnson started a business to honor a dear friend who had recently passed away by making her favorite dessert: Italian-style rum cake.

Aware of the exploding interest in gluten-free foods, she was determined to create an option that would fit the trend without compromising on natural textures and flavors. From those origins, Crown Cakes was born, offering handcrafted mini-bundt cakes that are gluten free, organic and non-GMO. You can find them in the frozen foods section at Ranch Foods Direct.  

She still makes rum cake but has since branched out to many other flavors. Having lived in England for a decade, she drew inspiration from her favorite TV cooking show, the Great British Bake-off. Seeing the clever inventions of contestants on the show convinced her to experiment with her own combinations of fresh herbs married with classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, resulting in more depth and originality.

"When I started this nobody else was doing it, but it's becoming more common now," she said. "My favorite is the combination of coffee and cardamom."

Using high quality dried herbs, she offers some obvious pairings - like mint and chocolate - but many of them are unique: key lime with ginger, pumpkin with anise and apple with tarragon. With the arrival of spring, she is in the process of changing up her menu to include more seasonal fruit-based flavors.

Next up, she's also working to perfect a sugar-free version of some of her most popular cakes.

As an artisan food entrepreneur, Victoria credits Ranch Foods Direct with giving her and other small vendors an outlet for their products and being a force for change in the local community. Of owner Mike Callicrate, she says, "He is just so supportive of local businesses." 

Asked to name her favorite RFD products, she said she doesn't eat meat often but when she does, she splurges on prime-rib or filet mignon. She also likes the selection of locally made dried pastas and pasta sauces and the coconut curry hand pies from Mountain Pie Co. (Matt Campbell makes the popular pies inside his own kitchen space at Peak to Plains Food Distributing, sister company to Ranch Foods Direct. He uses Callicrate meats exclusively.)

Victoria's husband Keith eats meat more often, so naturally he's a big Ranch Foods Direct fan too. Some of his favorites include the Callicrate ground beef and the sausages, especially the house-made spicy beef chorizo.

Ranch Foods Direct has the best beef and pork in town but also strives to offer a wide variety of items that appeal to different tastes, preferences and food sensitivities. Take your time and browse the wide selection of items. 

Introducing regular weekly discounts on your favorite products... 

Keep this list of daily specials handy!     
Thursday... and there's no better day to check out the offerings in the fresh meat case. Why? Because every Thursday the store offers a discount on fresh cut meat items. And Friday? That day's feature is fresh pork!

 Here's the list of daily specials:

Monday: Meatloaf, stuffed with cheddar and wrapped in applewood bacon, $9.99 per pound.

Tuesday: Callicrate ground beef is Buy-Four-Get-One free on bulk packages (excludes bundles and special grinds.) 

Get a discount at the broth bar as well as on frozen beef broth and demi-glace products.

Thursday: Enjoy a 20 percent discount on regular fresh meat case items!

Friday: Save 20 percent on Callicrate pork, excluding sausages and smoked items.

Saturday: Sausage sale day! Save 20 percent on all house-made sausages, fresh or frozen. 
And don't forget, the hot soup and broth bar is open every day.  

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- Becky Elder, owner of Pikes Peak Permaculture
Learn about the benefits of bio-char and browse the diverse line of environmentally friendly home and garden products on display now at Ranch Foods Direct!