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A Shameless Shill for Hock Tools

The HOCK TOOLS Newsletter
Special Shout-Out Edition #1/2014
Get Woodworking Week 2014:
Inspiration Blasts from the Past
Two videos to entice you to get you involved. Woodworking videographer Mike Morton made iconic videos in 2012 and 2013 promoting Get Woodworking Week. They're just too good to be true. And, although about getting children into woodworking at a young age, Mike's concept holds true for any age, really.

Mike Morton 2012


Join Woodworkers Across America
& Spread the Woodworking Word!
It's Time for
Get Woodworking Week 2014!

With Richard Wile, Hermie Tolerba, Julio Diaz
We love to receive photos of the tools you make with Hock Tools kits,  blades and such. You inspire us and other woodworkers. Just send your photos to linda@hocktools.com. Linda selects photos for the album. We look forward to seeing your pics, you'll hear back soon after you send them. Thanks!

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Ron Hock 


2014 marks Get Woodworking Week's third year and I'm happy to champion this amazing tour de force generated from the woodworking blogosphere. 


This Shout-Out Edition of Sharp & to the Point is all about getting the word out about Get Woodworking Week, February 2 - 8.  Your next regular issue of Sharp & to the Point will come sometime in February.


And, of course let me know if you need anything from Hock Tools. 


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Tom's Workbench's Tom Iovino, that woodworking blogger known for monkeyshines and podcasts with the pros through the Modern Woodworkers Association, is Hock Tools' point person for Get Woodworking Week. Why not, he's also known as the genius who came up with this idea.

According to Tom, "Fewer schools offer wood shop. People buy particle board furniture with an eye on changing their design every few years. How can we as woodworkers keep the hobby thriving as we look into the future? That's the question we hope to answer during Get Woodworking Week!"

Get Woodworking Week Photo from 2012.

Plus, Tom's throwing down an appealing gauntlet, "During this year's event, I challenge each of you to take a simple yet important step to help spread the word about woodworking. Whether it's inviting someone into your shop to teach them how to build or volunteering to go to a school to talk to kids about the hobby, your effort will help show that woodworking is very much alive and well, and a great way to build something that will last for generations."