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September 2020
So, at publishing time we don't yet know if the eviction moratorium will be extended or not. Regardless of the outcome, we wanted to share some information with you about this and how FPM Properties legislative involvement is keeping owner's concerns about this and other issues at the forefront.
Eviction Moratorium:
  • Mike was selected to serve on Governor DeSantis' eviction task force.
  • With help from NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) & FAA (Florida Apartment Association), the task force was able to push back the intended moratorium from 3-31-21 to 9-1-20
  • Recommended some of the 250 million Cares Act funds go directly to counties with intent it be used for rental payments on behalf of tenants to landlords/property managers; processes have been set up but not all funds distributed.
  • With the last update on moratorium of 9-1-20 we were able to advocate for just cause evictions to be filed in the courts.
  • Advocated to lift the Florida eviction moratorium with a NARPM Call to Action (see links below).
Why this is important: with the ongoing eviction moratorium there is a strain on investment owners who still have to pay the mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc. (We know you know!) Because of the cause & effect of renters not paying rent (and falling further behind) some owners could be in danger of foreclosure if this isn't rectified. Our request(s) are to put the rental payment assistance directly into the landlord/ property manager's hands  
To further advance our immersion into advocacy, Mike was recommended for and accepted into the FAA Leadership Lyceum. Additionally, he was appointed NARPM Governmental Affairs Chair for 2021. He believes legislative advocacy is the latest frontier to help protect your asset (s) and its ROI and navigate the ever increasingly complex legislative landscape.  
Please stay tuned for the next newsletter when we get into some of the Florida bills this involvement helped pass and some keys points on the other looming issue: housing affordability.
PLEASE use the provided links above and consider making your voice heard as well....
***right before publishing it was released--moratorium now pushed to October 1
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