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Wishing Your & Your Family a Joyous Holiday Season
Reflecting as Masorti Embarks on 5779

We are so honored that this year former U.S. Ambassador Daniel Shapiro and Julie Fisher chose to share the story how Masorti embraced them as they began their diplomatic mission in Israel. Now they return that embrace with their strong and enduring support of the Masorti movement. We are grateful for their warm wishes for 5779 and beyond. Check out their letter below.

5778 was a tumultuous year--we had a rabbi (Dubi Haiyun) detained and questioned for officiating at a Masorti wedding, a Ugandan Jew converted by Masorti nearly deported from Israel and laws passed in the Knesset that violate core Masorti values. For a powerful take on just this subject, read Rabbi Susan Grossman's sermon, it the first in what will be a lively new series of talks and sermons from important Masorti Congregational leaders.

As we prepare for Yom Kippur, I hope you will join us in thinking about the ways in which we, and Israel, can better live our highest Jewish values as expressed so eloquently in Israel's Declaration of Independence.

That is the work of Masorti in Israel. To expand pluralistic, egalitarian and welcoming communities across the country. Communities that are committed to preserving and practicing traditional Judaism -- fully at ease in the modern world.

G'mar Tov and Shana Tova.

US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro & Julie Fisher Embrace Masorti

 " The Masorti movement is the home for our Jewish spiritual life in Israel, " say Dan & Julie.
We Celebrate the First-Ever Abayudaya Birthright Group!

We are so proud of MAROM Olami, the young adult division of of the Masorti movement. Thanks to their efforts, young Ugandan Jews had a chance visit Israel.

We want our Masorti leaders--clergy and lay--to have a platform on our website. So we'll be publishing talks and sermons that inspire and stimulate thoughtful debate.

The first could not be more important or more timely--" Combatting Extremism in Israel ," Rabbi Susan Grossman's Rosh Hashanah sermon.

One of the first women ordained as a rabbi by Jewish Theological Seminary and the first woman to lead her own congregation in Westchester, New York and Howard County, Maryland, Rabbi Grossman's sermon is a trenchant commentary on the dangers of political and religious extremism. And her remedy is one we endorse: strong support for Masorti in Israel.
Rabbi Susan Grossman
Temple Beth Shalom
Columbia, Maryland
Adon HaSelichot ” is one of the oldest known piyutim in the canon of High Holiday prayers and is sung in most Israeli synagogues, with melodies coming from Turkey, Morocco, and Ottoman-era Palestine, among others. The poem, focuses on God's omniscience and awareness of the sins and failings of every human. Despite this, we ask for God to have mercy on us.

It's a perfect way to prepare for Yom Kippur.

Another First: An Egalitarian Masorti Siddur for Children (and adults) with Disabilities

A core Masorti value is inclusivity. And that means making it possible for those with challenges to fully participate in traditional Jewish egalitarian services.
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