June 28, 2021
CATV is now open to the public!
CATV is the Upper Valley's Community Access Media Center based in White River Junction, VT.

CATV On-Demand offers high-quality, locally-produced programs to help you access community through media.

This week's highlights:
The Southern VT Arts Center with Salem Art Works present more than 70 works by progressive contemporary sculptors.
The Norwich Historical Society's Sarah Rooker tells the stories of "mystery architects" behind some of the town’s most beautiful 20th homes.
Six performers share personal stories in the first AVA Gallery Mudroom Storytelling event back in-person!
As we emerge from our cloistered dens we are given a rare opportunity to express something new, to metamorphose. Come out of yourself for a night of drag, burlesque, music, films and more!
Downtown White River Junction
Friday July 2, 5-10pm (FREE)

CATV captures local community events in our service area and is available for hire beyond it. If you have an event you want us to capture, email us at info@catv8.org or go to the CATV website for more info: catv8.org

CATV is your voice, your media, your community.
"What drag does is it takes normative narratives: The songs that we hear around us each day, the images, the characters that we surround ourselves with and it squeezes our fabulous, little queer bodies into it... it makes it weird and makes it fabulous.”"
- White River Junction's Sasha Velour, Drag Queen (Valley News June 7, 2017)
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