Gesara and Nesara Finally Announced

Newsletter - Issue 8 - Jan. 26, 2022

Newsletter Topics:

-News Updates

-What is Gesara/Nesara?

-Gesara/Nesara Announcement

-That Was a Boby Double -- Not Trump

-Why I Never Listened to A Trump Speech

-How They Will Get Rid of Biden and Harris

-Freezing Weather/HAARP

-It is Happening So Be Ready

-From Your Vice President

-People Are Dying in Large Numbers

-Why I Had To Leave the Democratic Party

-Is Trump a Racist?

-Action Plans for Surviving Vaccinations

-What Type of Humanitarian Project Will You Start?

-Are You Experiencing Spiritual Downloads or Ascension Symptoms?

-Van Life Updates


-List of GITMO Executed Monsters


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CEO, Cathy Harris

Austin, TX

Welcome to 'Cathy's Corner'.

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist

Welcome to

'Cathy Corner'

Welcome to the 8th edition of 'Cathy's Corner.' Read these e-newsletters when you get a chance to find out how and why we are transitioning into a #NewGoldenEra.

Many people don't like to read because the print is too small and basically they cant see. The country of India has the highest blind population in the world because it was the testing ground for GMOs.

And since GMOs ('toxic' processed foods') have been in the U.S. and probably other countries since the late 80s, it has sickened and blinded many people.

Many people thought they would be able to read books and other material as they reached their Golden Age, but instead, they have lost their eyesight due to eating processed foods.

The goal is to get your eyes checked yearly and take care of them by eating natural organic foods and living a holistic and natural lifestyle.

Surely you guys know you can enlarge the print of this e-newsletter for reading purposes. Click on the 3 up and down dots on the right-hand side of your screen then zoom in on the document and make it smaller or larger.

Going forward in the new #GoldenAge, we are going to have to break down things in simpler terms so that everyone can understand.

Make sure you go back and read my prior articles and newsletters at or

to catch up.

Again, if you have more questions, please reach out at,, and/or

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Digital Soldier

News Updates

Things are happening so fast. At one point we had things occurring every 3 days and now it’s every 3 hours because we are at the end of the movie so it’s hard to stay caught up.


All planes, trains, and other modes of travel are being canceled at this time because we are getting close to the EBS starting.

Stock up and stay close to home. Try to explain to others what is happening or send them to my website at


The people who don’t have phones, TVs/Computers, will probably be able to go to the movie theatre.

Most of the info coming out -- has been out for quite sometime in the Patriot and Truther community so understand the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is just to wake up others so we all can transition over into the Golden Era. Yes, we are going into a NEW ERA…aka a NEW AGE #GoldenEra

The EBS will show you how this country and others almost ended up as Communist Countries and how it has been given back to the people with the announcement of Gesara and Nesara.


On Jan. 19, 2022, Wednesday, it was the official launch of 5G so did any of you get sick? Did planes fall from the sky?

Supposedly, you can’t have these 5G towers 2 miles from airports. Read the article “Has 5G Been Made Safe?"


Starlink Internet should be fully launched in a few days because you need Starlink to launch the EBS.

We should be switching over to Tesla Energy and paying 75% less for our energy bills and going back to 1950 or 1970 prices. I keep hearing both years so I am not sure which years we will be going back to.

There are still power outages everywhere so many people believe Tesla is doing tests. Overseas, three (3) countries lost power at one time so prepare.


Before the EBS, you should experience computer glitches and outages which will bring on the EBS.

The EBS is going to frighten many people. I even heard someone suggest if they can get the media to go along, they might be able to avoid the EBS, but you have to think about what kind of effect would that really make. 

Other News:

-We are on track with everything and we are still waiting on the Stock Market to crash.

-Many Patriots are speaking negatively about General Flynn. The word is General Flynn has been MKUltared and is playing both sides. But I am sure you can see by the picture above what is actually happening -- The Art of War - maybe.

-A new version of the internet is currently under construction and may soon challenge Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants in how data is managed.

-There were 2000 more unlogged flight logs that revealed who went to Epstein Island.

-Free Mason Lodges in several cities (at least 5) were set on fire.

-Donald Trump Mar-a-Largo home was targeted by Deep State. Guests and security were sickened with a Microwave Laser HAARP that could have come from a plane or boat. Investigations are ongoing.

-California Gavin Newsom was hanged in GITMO.

-I heard Tucker Carlson in a clip on Telegram say Michael Jackson appeared on TV. Then I heard others say Michael Jackson was on TV playing Nancy Pelosi. I told you who was playing the character, Nancy Pelosi, in issue #4 of my e-newsletter.


Please conduct your own research on GESARA/NESARA. Some of you asking me what it is have been on my mailing list for months even years.

Most of you are not on my mailing list so if you want to receive all the updates you need to join my mailing list at Just leave an email address.


Please learn how to conduct your own research.,, and (also and are all SEARCH ENGINES.

It means you can go on these websites and put in words in the SEARCH BAR (at the top) and find out all types of information. If you can’t do that you need to go back to libraries and work with research librarians.


Along with tons of articles online about GESARA/NESARA, there are a ton of paperback books and audiobooks that you can listen to.

I put out what GESARA/NESARA does in my last e-newsletter, 7th Edition, entitled “Changing of the Guards” and there is a big section on GESARA/NESARA in my 4th edition.


GESARA is the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act also called Global Economic Security and Recovery Act. It covers the world #Globally.


NESARA is the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act -- and it covers the U.S..


It’s a new Global Financial Monetary System that they have been trying to implement since JFK was President. The system will be about saving humanity.

No, it’s not about New World Order (NWO). New World Order (NWO) was about depopulation – killing off mankind and GESARA/NESARA is about saving mankind. 

GESARA/NESARA Announcement


There was no VERBAL Gesara/Nesara announcement at the Trump rally on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022. However, GESARA WAS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED by the White Hats and Donald Trump when the words went across the bottom of the screen. So it is a go – everyone.

It is OFFICIAL!!! Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (for the U.S.) have been officially announced. If you watch the bottom of the screen when Trump was speaking, you will see the words Gesara and Nesara.

None of us knew exactly how Gesara and Nesara would be announced but what we knew was that it had to be announced to be FULLY LAUNCHED – and it was OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED.


Donald Trump wanted a SOFT ANNOUNCEMENT because face it only the Q Movement, Anons, Patriots, and Truthers really understand what is happening anyway.

Many others are totally in the dark and we probably won't be able to get 20% of the people to wake up, but we have to keep trying. Please do not give up on people!


About 15 days after the GESARA announcement, which was Jan. 15, 2022, your credit cards and student loans will be zeroed out. It will pay up to $150,000 on your mortgages, and you will receive the interest back on any vehicles you have ever owned and you will also receive any funds paid out to IRS…and much, much more.


Remember initially the Gesara funds just might be enough funds to keep your head above water, but the compensation should increase as we move fully into the #GoldenEra.

And I am being told because of the implementation of it, there will be hundreds of new trillionaires. But remember this NEW WORLD is not about holding on to materialistic items while your fellow man suffers.


People are saying their pay stubs no longer have federal income tax withheld. All the new money is in the banks and people overseas are already saying they are being issued the new currency. You will be given an 800 number to go into your bank and swap out all your old money.


Go to my last e-newsletter, 7th Edition, entitled “Changing of the Guards” and read the RECAP at

It only makes sense that this Gesara payout would take place around the end of the month because most people especially the Military, Federal Workers, and other government workers get paid on the 1st and/or the 15th of the month.

But I did hear they were trying to do the EBS, bring in the military, and do the payouts all at once though, which might even be before the end of the month.

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That Was a Body Double – Not Donald Trump


Donald Trump is well insulated after probably experiencing over 30 if not more failed assassination attempts on his life.

So the guy that spoke at the Donald Trump rally in Florence, AZ on Jan. 15, 2022, wasn’t even him but one of his body doubles. It looked like him but he was wearing a hat to cover his eyes and there were other give aways.

For instance, he did not have a tie on and many on Wall Street said they take off ties when the deal is done so that was a signal that we are at the #EndGame -- #EndOfTheMove.


He mentioned 55 and 32 and yes those were codes also. Also, many noticed his voice wasn’t following the speech all the way so he was guided by technology on what to say.


But like all Trump speeches, his speech was coded with signals and others were placed behind him strategically.

People said they saw Tupac, Kobe Bryant, JFK, Jr. and his wife and many other dead people -- who along with 900 people have been in Witness Protection for years.

Many will probably be coming out and speaking soon and they will be writing books about their stories of how they had to disappear.

Why I Never Listened To A Trump Speech


Many Patriots and Truthers were looking for Trump to say the words “The Storm is Upon Us.” Supposedly, one of the numbers that he was throwing around might have been Gematria for the phrase.


I don’t know and I don’t sit around trying to figure out all the codes and signals that Trump gives off. This is one of the reasons I have never watched a Trump speech.


People asked me why I don’t watch Trump when he speaks. I never watched George Bush, Sr. or Jr. -- either. I watched Obama his first term and Obama along with the Bushes turned out to be Satanist Pedophiles.


I stopped watching TV 6 years ago and I live in a van. Trying to find the broadcasts will probably be frustrating because I live in a van and sometimes my internet is sketchy.


Plus, I am on credible news websites that will be breaking his speech down with all the codes and hand signals anyway so why get frustrated trying to figure out what he said when others do this for a living.


As an investigative reporter, I don’t need to visualize every word that comes out of a President’s mouth. I usually listen to sound bites and listen to others break him down and I usually come up with my own opinions and conclusions on everything as an intuitive. This is how I am able to keep a lot of noise out of my head.

There will be many Patriots, Truthers, and others breaking down Trump’s speech over the next few weeks and since the speech wasn't that long ago, I haven’t had time to see all the comments to come up with my intuitive conclusion yet. 

How They Will Get Rid of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The military is now in 50 states. You can see the actors playing the role of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in my 6th Edition of my e-newsletter entitled "The Redpilling of America."

According to the Geneva Conventions and the Military Law Manual, this is how we will get rid of the actors playing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


-Geneva Conventions:

If a country is occupied by a foreign power the Geneva Conventions (international law of war) apply after one year of occupation. The U.S. Military will have the legal right to take over a country (U.S.) after one year.


-Military Law Manual:

According to the military law manual, an illegitimate government must be in power for a year for the military to remove them.


Joe Biden and the China Communist Party (CCP), which is also the Deep State, Cabal, Illuminati, etc., occupied the United States on Jan. 20, 2021.

One year later, which is Jan. 20, 2022, the military may declare Martial Law with the right to take over the country.


On Jan. 20, 2021, one year ago a fake inauguration took place. So anytime after the date of Jan. 20, 2022, you might see a greater presence of the military and you might not.

The EBS could not start until we got 50 states aboard so now we have National Guards in 50 states. Just understand the National Guards coming in doesn’t mean you will see military tanks in the street.

In some areas, especially the smaller cities or rural areas, you won’t even see the National Guard. There is not enough National Guard to be all over the U.S..


Other irregularities of the current administration that occurred on inauguration day were the Vice President was sworn in first -- which is unlawful. Also, Joe Biden was sworn in before the legal time as well.

While taking the oath of office, Fake Joe was sworn in on a Bible with an upside-down cross used by the Illuminati passed down through his family.


Will the American public be a little upset when they find out that not only was the election stolen, it was massively stolen, and Trump won by 80% -- at least?

It’s all been a Fake Joe presidency. Plus, the real Joe is no longer around after being executed along with his son for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ at least 3 years ago (in 2019).


Biden has never set foot in the White House since he was Vice President 6 years ago. Everything was filmed in one of the 3 White House movie sets by one of the 6 actors wearing rubber life-like face masks.

Funny how the media and the lying corrupt politicians have pulled this scam on America for an entire year. Get ready to have some truth for a change.


Even about the fake Scamdemic and how it never would have killed hardly anyone if they had allowed real cures and criminal Fauci knew about them.

You have been watching a movie to wake up the masses so we can move into the new #GoldenYears, #NewEra, #GoldenEra, #GoldenAge, #5thDimension -- but understand many are being tried for 'Crimes Against Humanity' in Military Tribunals and Nuremberg Trials are being held. 

It Is Happening So Just Be Ready


I told you in my 7th e-newsletter entitled “Changing of the Guards” at how to prepare for everything and I provided a NEW YEAR 2-YEAR RECAP. If you rather watch videos go to and watch the timeline of events.


Remember this is a MOVIE to wake up the masses so we all can transition into the Golden Years (a New Era #GoldenEra).

Just don’t forget we are at war and none of us has ever been in this spot before so we don’t know exactly how things are going to occur.

There are probably only 10 to 15 people – aka ‘the Q team’ – that is privy to all this information.

Also, at the bottom of the screen during Trump’s speech, there were also the words “Federal/State Agencies -- You Need Emergency Radio” so I guess they were speaking to the Federal and State agencies. Remember all communication will be down. I have no idea for how long but prepare.

Freezing Weather/HAARP


Many people said they are experiencing freezing weather. I am too in Austin. Supposedly, the White Hats and the Black Hats both have access to HAARP (#WeatherWarfare) and I believe it is being tested to see if they are going to be able to keep us at home for the 10 days -- while the EBS is being broadcast.


When the power goes out, hopefully, it starts up again right away. If I wasn’t in my van with my power box and plenty of power, I would have had some type power box or generator at home – just in case the power stays out longer.


Those sleeping bags at Walmart are only $15 to $20 so buy more than one. If you stay close to a hospital, the power grid will definitely not be out for too long – hopefully.

You can probably always go to a hospital to stay warm but there might be chaos because most people don’t have any idea why this is taking place.


Find out which family members, friends, and neighbors have a GAS STOVE in case you have to go there until your power comes back on. Keep your vehicle's gas tank topped off and be ready to check on Seniors in the area.


Remember none of us know exactly what will happen or how it will happen so have some type of backup plan especially if your power doesn’t come back on right away and it is freezing outside. Read “Top Secrets To Staying Warm in a Car, Van, RV or in Your Home.”

From Your Vice President of the New Republic - John F. Kennedy, Jr.

People Are Dying in Large Numbers

Hospitals are killing people

so stay out of hospitals.

Did you know that Hospital's CEOS are members of the CABAL, Illuminati, Free Masons, etc? This is why when you go into a hospital you don't stand a chance of coming out alive. Their only goal is to inflict pain and suffering on the human race.

Every community has a HOLISTIC and NATURAL community or these natural communities are online so these are the HEALTH EXPERTS you need to reach out to in order to maintain your health -- before you end up in a hospital.

Join my group at "Health Healers Unite"

Many of you probably don’t even know fully what is happening. I am talking to tons of people online and they are saying over 10 or more people are dying in THEIR CIRCLESWEEKLY.

So, people are dying in HUGE NUMBERS but only people in the Patriot and Truther community are seeing this because we have great news networks and they are not going to tell you this on the news.


Reasons for So

Many Deaths


-Vaccinations are ‘Bio-Weapons’: It’s probably from the vaccination but many are dying that did not have the vaccination who are around those that got vaccinated so the vaccination was probably some type of ‘bio-weapon’. Read the article “Are We Being Affected With a ‘Bio-Weapon’"?


Even though I believe a large number of people received a placebo, I believe everyone who took the vaccination needs to be proactive because many cures are out there in the Patriot and Truther community to reverse some of this damage.


Also, many will be allowed the use of a Med Bed to heal but none of us know the timeline on the Med Beds so don’t wait on that.

It could still be another year or even two before they are in place. The children that were rescued, then Veterans with brain damage and other disabled people then Seniors will be given first priority to use Med Beds.


-People’s Are Killed because of Eating GMO Processed Foods: Many people have been eating processed foods (foods that have been ‘altered’ that you buy in containers – jars, cans, boxes, packages, etc.).

GMO foods especially since the 2020 close-down contain human meat, plastic, and even glass, so this is why many people are dying also.


GMO foods have ‘no nutritional value’ so if you eat these foods for an extended period of time, you are only eating to feel full and you will die from starvation.


The goal is to eat to gain nutrition and you can do that by eating ‘nutrient-dense’ organic foods.

I was educated on GMOs as a “GMO Educator” in 2008 and we all knew about now (the year 2022) that people would be dropping dead in large numbers but all the GMO educators were forced to stop educating others.


Monsanto (now called ‘Bayer’) trolled us online and we were laughed at and ridiculed so many GMO educators just disappeared. They got tired of being harassed. Many were trained by so go there and sign up for e-newsletters. 

-People are Being Killed in Hospitals:

1) People Are Killed for their Organs: One way that people are killed in hospitals is they simply are being killed for their organs.

This is why they had the shut-down (March 2020 close-down) initially ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ because many of the children and adults disappearing were not only disappearing because of Sex and Human Trafficking, and Child Pedophilia, but many were also taken to be used by organ harvesting rings.

I always knew #OrganHarvesting was BIG BUSINESS and they are even taking organs from prisoners. Hospitals need organs to pay for different services so when you go in there, they will just allow you to die in order to get your organs especially if you or your children are in an accident.

They especially need organs from children. If you go into the hospital after an accident, they can take your organs at anytime even if you weren’t critical.

This is why if your child goes to college out of town and ends up deceased, you need to have another autopsy (2nd Autopsy) because chances are they will be missing their organs.

Once you check-in at a hospital or even an urgent care clinic, the first thing they do is ‘cross-match’ you for organ donation so once you leave there – if you leave there alive, just remember they know where you live.


Also, check out the color of the tube top when you give blood for health physicals or some other purpose. The purple tube top is to ‘cross-match’ you for organ donations, so again, these clinics and hospitals know where you live and they know if you are a possible organ match especially for the elite one percent.

Checking the organ donation box on your driver’s license makes it easier for them to take your organs because they have a copy of your driver's license on file.

African Americans and other cultures never donate organs because they say they want to be whole when they leave the earth, so therefore, they will take them out gently by bumping them with a car or in another gentler way in order to preserve their organs until they can be transplanted in others.

Don't think you are too old because they can still do a lot with a person's organs who are in their 80's so just remember they are coming for your organs.

Remember that hospital CEOs and administrators, nurses, doctors, Pathologists who do autopsies, ambulance drivers, the police, and even morticians at funeral homes are all a part of the Satanic Cabal working to get your organs especially after accidents.

2) People Are Killed So Hospitals Can Make Money: Hospitals receive $13,000 from Medicare when someone over the age of 65 is admitted then they receive 3 times that amount or $39,000 when they go on Ventilators. And many times these individuals have perfectly good organs for donations. cont'd



Hospitals are giving people the drug Remdesivir, which makes the kidneys give out and causes your lungs to fill up with fluids. Then they have to put you on a Ventilator so this is how hospitals are killing people.

Don’t go to hospitals if you can help it. Every community in the country has holistic and natural healers so find these healers either online or in your own community.


They also have people that will help you grow your own foods or you can start these businesses as gardening coaches and consultants. Check out and


Many people go to the hospital because they can’t breathe but many times they can’t breathe because of the foods they are eating.

Monitor yourself for 72 hours to see how you feel after you eat. Chances are you ate something you are allergic to if you can’t breathe.


Most people can’t breathe because they are eating mucus-producing and inflammatory PROCESSED GMO FOODS so read the article “The End of Sickness and Disease.”

The medical industry and Big PHARMA has always been BIG BUSINESS. Now people can finally understand that.

Again, not everyone is going to move on to this new Golden Age. Many people picked the time of their death before they were even born so for many their contracts have expired.

Support Doctors and Nurses Who Are Whistleblowers

I have told you guys time and time again -- when you see someone blowing the whistle especially in the medical industry, take a front seat and listen to what they have to say.

Doctors and even Nurses, who were Whistleblowers, from day one (at the beginning) said they weren't treating people properly. But they were fired, blackballed, threatened with jail -- and some probably even murdered.

Do you know how hard it is to step out on your faith and say the words "This is what I saw and I knew it was wrong and I could no longer stay silent?" Whistleblowers are indeed the "Good Guys."

Research it...most people who died from the Spanish Flu had bacterial infections caused by wearing masks and even now they are forcing children to wear masks to school. Take your children out of school if this is the case.


Do you know how many men wait their whole lives to be in the hospital room when their kids are born?

Hospitals forced women to have babies on their own and who knows how many vaccinations they give these babies once they take them back to nurseries.

This is why there is such a high amount of women giving birth to kids that end up with autism. Just remember in the 'Golden Age' -- it will be the RISE of the DOULAS and MIDWIVES again.

Why Hospitals and BIG PHARMA Targeted the Elderly

They forced the elderly to depart this world without saying goodbye to their loved ones. Not only did they force Seniors and others to die in hospitals alone but many families could not even bury their loved ones with respect.

And the reason they were trying to take Seniors out with COVID is most Seniors are BABY BOOMERS or the SILENT GENERATION and these are the NO NONSENSE generations who came up fighting tooth and nail.

They were afraid that these Seniors would have told their family members to get out there and fight....which we are still saying...fight, fight, fight...

Hospitals and BIG PHARMA ...lied, lied, and lied about how people died. They think they have escaped. But they haven't escaped anything.

BIG Pharma is being arrested for #MedicalGenocide. After all the lawsuits are filed against Doctors, Hospitals, BIG PHARMA, and their staff -- many will be arrested and face Nuremberg Trials or Military Tribunals for allowing people to die -- just to prove a point or because they were part of these Satanist agendas along with the media.

The ethical doctors that are left will probably go into private practices because hospitals will be going out of business.

Hospitals will be gutted and Med Beds will be placed in them. Med Beds are already in closed down hospitals.

Why I Had To Leave the Democratic Party

You see I had seen all of this for years. My network of individuals that I hung out with and I had openly discussed all of this for the past 30 years and after working for the federal government for almost 30 years and exposing them as a federal whistleblower, "The Cathy Harris Story" -- there was no way I was going to allow them to give me a shot.

I knew up-front that organ harvesting rings have been killing people for years so when I saw Donald Trump going after these Sex and Human Traffickers, Child Pedophiles, and those who were kidnapping people for organ harvesting -- I was in...I did not even have to think about it...I got aboard his train and have been educating people ever since.

This meant totally leaving the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party joined forces with the CCP, which is the Deep State, to take down this country and turn it into a Communist Country.

The problem was so many Democrats, especially black folks had such a HATRED for Donald Trump (#OrangeManBad) that they would rather see their family members leave this earth before supporting anything that Trump was doing and that is exactly what has happened.

Yes, they were committing Medical Genocide and mostly targeting African Americans, Hispanics, and many, many others, but they (aka "Democrats") are too busy HATING DONALD TRUMP and going to church and being guided by all those FREE MASONS in there.

Black people were the first to stand in line for the vaccination despite most of them -- especially the educated ones at least -- knew about "The Tuskegee Experiment' and how they purposely gave syphilis to black men for years.

They knew about it but black educated people are either indoctrinated or brainwashed from all their education by attending these FREE Mason colleges and universities.

The black community looks down on anyone who doesn't have an education and/or degree and they are constantly talking about their degrees and titles. Their degrees and titles is and were their downfall.

These FREE MASONS in black communities' only goal is to keep you sad and depressed. They constantly use words like Race, Diversity, and Slave to divide you and keep you away from others. I had seen it for years -- myself.

I talked to someone the other day, a staunch Democrat, and they said all three of those words within 30 seconds...Race, Diversity, and Slave so these types of defeatist words are the ONLY THING on the minds of the African American community. They can't see the forest for the trees.

Everyone that I knew who was going through depression and carried this depression into their Golden Years were highly educated individuals with Master's and Doctorate Degrees.

Others who were happy and moving through their lives with joy and happiness were all 'self-educated.'

They keep black Democrats thinking about how they have been wronged by others and/or they keep them entertained and laughing themselves into an early grave -- one or the other.

I saw all the devastation in black communities -- firsthand in Atlanta (20 years) and that is why I ran up out of that city in 2013.

My spirit was being broken and it was like there was a black cloud over the whole city so some of these areas of the country -- it will be best to just leave because it is just going to be too hard to make positive changes especially when you have leaders preaching "The White Man is Bad -- Republicans are bad" --24/7.

Everyone was a FREE MASON when I lived in Atlanta for 20 years and they had those FREE MASON lodges all over the place.

They especially were able to get to black people because of all the FREE MASON activists, advocates, civil rights leaders, educators, pastors, police officers, lawyers, judges, and politicians so now people are dying like crazy from the vaccination.

If 2020 taught you anything it should have been that these FREE MASONS are living amongst you and you won't have thriving communities again until you clear these people out and stop them from having a voice in your communities. If you don’t give them a platform, they will simply just dry up and go away.

Is Trump a Racist or Typical Business Man?

They said Donald Trump was a racist because he did not have any black people in his cabinet when he was President.

Do you want to be in his cabinet? I certainly don't and it did not mean he was a racist. Donald Trump is a business person and business people think differently than politicians and many politicians know very little about business.

Trump just tried to put people around him that he trusted and black people are just as evil as others. They, the Deep State, Illuminati, the Cabal have tried to kill Trump over 30 times. Some say over 50 times and they killed one of his security guards.


A couple of weeks ago they even used some type of HAARP/Microwave Laser device and everyone, his security, and guests, all fell ill at his Mar-a-Lago home so they are still trying to kill Donald Trump for helping to expose them.

Maybe that is why he had to send a 'body double' to his last event on Jan. 15, 2022. These evil people are on their way OFF THIS EARTH but it's unfortunate that a lot of good souls will be accompanying them because they were watching TV (the CIA Mockingbird Media who is also bad) and going to church and not paying attention to what was happening around them.


The only thing they...aka...the Deep State got left is HAARP to change the weather and just a few of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA (and Celebrities).

You know the people who told you to go out and get a vaccination. The people you dream about every night...The people who have now sent you and your family members to an early grave because you idolized these celebrities and entertainers and viewed them as some type of kinfolk. When in reality if you met them in person they would not give you the time of day.

Action Plans for Surviving Vaccinations

The only way you will survive if you took the vaccination is if it was a PLACEBO/SALINE SOLUTION (so pray for that) or if you have a strong immune system so start treating yourself natural now.

Go to and get on all those natural remedies there, but I see many other natural remedies missing from this list.

The people with weak immune systems who are around the people that got vaxxed... are dying also because it was a 'bio-weapon.'

There are plenty of cures out there but unless you are willing to conduct research your ownself you might as well go to


I told you guys early on to listen to Whistleblowers...they got funeral directors who are whistleblowers saying that everyone coming up in there HAD THE VACCINATION, which causes blood clots all over your body and heart issues and people are even reporting that people are bleeding from their eyes, nose, and ears before dying. I even saw videos of people smoking from their eyes.


This is why they were showing you all these zombie movies all these years because they planned on turning everyone into a zombie.


Surely you have seen all the Sports Figures dying because these are TV Watchers...TV Watchers aren't going to make it...You need to turn off the TV and go on,, and and conduct research or get back in libraries and work with research librarians.


Remember not everyone will go over into the Golden Age so you might as well make peace with people and say your goodbyes -- now.

Remember DON'T GO TO HOSPITALS...because HOSPITALS are killing people...There are holistic and natural healers in your community and online...Find them so you can start taking some of these NATURAL REMEDIES to save your life.


Work in grassroots groups to bring back the Mom and Pop businesses ASAP so people will have a place to go and buy natural products again. 

What You Should Be Doing Now

Read the book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guie To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)" (Available as an e-book and paperback)

-Go Inwards: Remember your goal should be ‘Self, Family and Community’ in that order. Sit back and enjoy the show but go within and work on your own health so you will be ready to get out there and help others.


I am in Austin, TX and several of us here and online are engaging in mini and regular detox programs.

Read the first chapter of my book to understand why you need to detox and the correct way to detox at “How To Take Control of Your Own Life (A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days) (Series 3)” (available as e-book and paperback).

Understanding the human body and how to detox it on a regular basis is going to be key to longevity. The goal is for men to have a 40-inch waistline and women a 35-inch waistline.

If you have too much weight around your waist, you will be at risk for many sicknesses and dis-eases. Spring will be here in March and everyone will be coming out of winter weather.

It will be time for men to plant those spring crops and resume their roles as 'head of household' and women prepare to put on those sexy sundresses and attract Mr. Right in your life.  

-Self-Educate Yourself with Gardening Shows: Turn off your TV and go on and use the search engines at or (also,, etc.) to educate yourself on how to grow foods. Check out my gardening links at, and


-Tap Into Your Spiritual Side: For many of you things are still confusing so tap into your “Spiritual Side” to understand what is happening.

Read the book "Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat." Available as an e-book only.

-Work With Local Community ‘Grassroot Groups’ to Elect Ethical Politicians: As soon as you receive the Gesara/Nesara payouts, all the politicians will be out of a job. New politicians will be elected within 120 days.

You won’t be stuck with the people you elect at first, but now would be a good time to elect people that will truly represent you so we can make immediate changes in communities. 

Start working now with local grassroot groups to elect ethical politicians. Remember that many times many politicians know very little about business ownership so stay away from #CareerPoliticians – instead elect RETIRED or CURRENT business owners, who will be in a better position to help bring Mom and Pop businesses back into communities again.


You can meet in community venues or just use and meet in each other’s homes.

-Reach Out to the Homeless and Others in Despair:

When you receive any funds help out where you can, but be careful even with family members, friends, and neighbors, who are watching everything that is happening. If you receive a large sum of money be careful whom you tell.


Just remember the people who don’t have bank accounts and/or are homeless, will have a hard time being compensated. Therefore, you need to be a LIFELINE for these individuals.


If you know where there are homeless camps, go there and start feeding people. Bring them into churches and/or other places to help them get fed, take a bath, get a haircut, put on other clothing and regain some ‘sense of normalcy’.


Also, you can give them those cheap Walmart sleeping bags and a pillow. Many people give them bananas, bottled water and even money – at least $5 or just buy them a meal or several meals.


Try to carry garbage bags and gloves and pick up the trash there but be careful that you are not picking up any needles.

If you leave garbage bags there, they will just end up sleeping on the bags so volunteer to go to these homeless areas with a group of individuals and help clean up the areas. Do this also in your communities.


Just make sure you don’t go by yourself but do what you can to help homeless people until organizations and ‘Humanitarian Projects’ can pick them up and help them get treated for mental health and other issues.

Remember in the Golden Era it's about leaving no one behind. No one is better than the next person. We need to stop idolizing politicians, celebrities, and other leaders in communities because again, no one will be better than the next person. 

What Type of 'Humanitarian Project'

Will You Start? breaks down the definition of a humanitarian as simply having concern for or helping to improve the welfare of people. If you don't care about other people then you are living a #Selfish lifestyle. 

There will be plenty of money from all the gold seized from under the Vatican to start Humanitarian Projects.

Even though there will be many funds out there for Humanitarian Projects, Humanitarian Projects can be projects that you simply start on your own as a 'self-starter' or even a business.

Create a project that will give you a 'feel-good' feeling in your heart. When people see what you do and how you enjoy what you do -- you will get the support that your need.

My advice up-front as a Business Trainer and Business Coach is only create Humanitarian Projects that you are passionate about. Passion is what you like to talk about, read about and do.

Humanitarian Projects will be very similar to having your own business and if you are not willing to work long hours -- sometimes up to 16 hours a day -- then you won't want to do it.

Some examples of Humanitarian Projects include: and Caravans: Personally, I started my a couple of years ago but since moving into a van and teaching on the road, I am now ready to move everything to a much larger level so now I have created (#WagonsTrains).

The weather is tolerable out west (Arizona, California, etc.) and even in Florida and you can stay in a Car, Van, or RV for at least up to 9 to 10 months out of the year.

You can easily get online to run a job or business from your Car, Van or RV by using Starlink, Verizon Wifi (Jetpack) or in libraries, coffee shops, Targets, Panera bread, etc.

-Movies With Hope: One lady is a screenwriter and she wants to make movies and documentaries to inspire hope. What a noble idea.

Anyone good with a camera or who can make videos can do this then sell them on Amazon and other sites. You can get out in communities and help tell people's inspirational stories.

-Gyms and Recreational Centers for Youth: Obesity is out of control and remember there is an 80% chance that an overweight child will also become an overweight adult.

One guy who is a former boxer wanted to open up a line of gyms or recreational centers for youth. This would be a great way for young people to stay in shape, vent about life, or maybe even find a mentor.

Just be careful getting children into any contact sports because the human brain doesn't fully develop until after their teen years.

-Gardening Projects: Starting a Gardening Project for your community would be a wonderful idea. Check out my 'Brothers Building Gardens' ( initiative and I will also be starting my group at

-Help Prisoners Adjust to Society Again: Many innocent and non-violent prisoners will be released and they will need help adjusting to life again.

How To Truly Become

a Humanitarian

Becoming a Humanitarian is basically a 'mindset'. It is simply changing the way you view the world.

If you see someone in trouble -- you need to report it to proper authorities so the issues can be addressed especially as we transition on over into this new #GoldenAge. Your actions alone will help to create a better world.

Creating a 'Hands-On' Society:

We become Humanitarians by creating a 'hands-on' society. We all need to get back to being 'hands-on' again. Hands-on simply means being involved again. We can't ignore all the things that are happening right around us.

As a single mother for many years, I was a 'hands-on' mother. Even though I had to work long hours, I knew where my children were at and that they were being guided and trained by another adult.

Teachers even volunteered back then to help children if they got behind on their school work. Parents have to go back to sitting in the back of classrooms again to see what their kids are learning, but they have to stop showing up for school activities -- even to drop off their kids -- in clothes and shoes that are not proper attire.

Everyone especially parents need to rethink how they look when they leave the comfort of their own homes. Not only are their children mimicking how you act and dress but other kids will be watching you also.

Read this book young mothers

"How To Raise Smart, Talented &

Responsible Children."

Bring Back Mommas Initiatives:

Creating initiatives that will bring Mothers and Grandmothers back into the household would truly be a Humanitarian act.

Mothers and Grandmothers need to get involved in families again and we must get involved with #BringBackMommas initiatives -- everywhere.

Because of the toxic foods and environments, many young mothers need help with autistic children and sometimes Grandmothers have to become leaders to make sure these children are receiving the proper care.

If you see a child out by themselves question them and call their parents or see if you can serve as a mentor. All most kids really want is someone to look up to -- someone who really cares about them.

If they are not getting this love at home, they should not have to join gangs or groups that will lead them astray. This love should come from everyone in the community and/or village.

We can no longer allow children to be raised by the television or become prey for Sex and Human Traffickers and other sinister plots. We must intervene...on the ground floor and stop it in its track.



We all know that family is more than just blood. If you learned anything from 2020, you should have learned that. It doesn't matter if people especially children are not blood relatives, we must learn to love all again and become our brother's keeper.

Young mothers stop leaving your kids with sexual predators -- even if they are in your own family --especially men in new relationships.

Many people have relatives -- Uncle Bob or Uncle Joe -- and they know these individuals are getting too touchy with the little girls and boys in the family. All of that must now stop!

If they have mental health issues, that is not an excuse. They still need to be reported. There will be plenty of help for them going into the new #GoldenAge.

You must get involved when you witness any type of illegal act even if it is in your own family or is committed by someone else in your community. Rise and shine -- it's a new day.

Read the book "Military Dirty Little Secrets: My Tour of Duty."

Let's Take Care of Our Veterans and the Homeless:

I know many families don't always get along but going into the #GoldenAge, we must do a better job in trying to take care of people. You can't just abandon people, especially your own family members.

All of us must now take a look at the makeup of our families and see who truly needs help and reach out and help.

As a Humanitarian, if you see a Senior struggling to walk and/or carry groceries or you know they don't have food in their home or if they are homeless -- then help them.

Many families have family members who are homeless veterans living on the streets and they know where these individuals are.

They must now try to reach out again to work with the system and groups supporting homeless veterans and help them get the help they need.

Nursing Home Care:

Seniors are going to be living longer so there need to be action plans for families to take care of them instead of sending them off to 'old folks homes' (nursing homes), which are nothing but 'elephant's graveyards' -- to die off.

Many cultures take care of Seniors in their homes and these Seniors are able to serve as childcare providers.

If you put these individuals in these nursing home facilities, then there must be active action plans to check up on them.

We can no longer just send people off to die or to be alone in nursing homes. Volunteer to read to Seniors or to bring animals in as part of a pet therapy program.

Many lightworkers, especially Reiki Healers, are volunteering to work with hospice patients to help them transition more peacefully.

Read this book to learn how to take care of Seniors "Golden Years: How To Age Gracefully and Take Care of Seniors."

Learn Everything You Can About 'Caregiving':

Everyone needs to understand the sacrifices that family members make just to take care of their loved ones -- to make sure they have dignity as they leave this world.

Many families have had to learn the hard way when they lose family members or when they end up disabled.

Many family members have had to quit their jobs and become caregivers because they did not want to put their family members in nursing facilities, but many times when they do this -- they had very little funds to live off of.

They have had to live off the funds that their family member was bringing in and sometimes it's only a small Social Security check.

Many people don't even know that when single or widowed Seniors get injured from falls or other accidents -- and they do not have family or friends to stay with or take care of them while they recover, they do have the option to go into nursing homes until they recover.

However, since these nursing homes are owned by the state, you can't own property or have a certain amount of money in the bank to qualify for this care.

Other options are to pay a healthcare provider, a family member, or a friend to take care of you.

Understand upfront that many of these aid workers from the state that work with caregivers only make about $8.00 an hour (they should be paid more) and they will come out to your home to assist you 2 or 3 days a week depending on the level of care your loved ones need.

However, if you are not in a position to care for them, then nursing homes would be a better option.

Just remember that caregiving, which is provided by more women than men, can be very, very depressing and can even cause the caregiver to fall into depression. So family members, friends, and even neighbors should try to pitch in when they can.

Power of Attorney:

All families should have a will and/or give 'Power of Attorney' to a family member or friend.

There are two types of Power of Attorney:

-Power of Attorney for financial issues (financial power of attorney).

-Power of Attorney for health and welfare issues (medical power of attorney).

Stop leaving family members to have to search through your belongings after you die just to see if you have an insurance policy.

Discuss all these important events upfront. Let people know what you want -- a funeral or cremation. Just get everything in order before it's too late.

Cathy Harris Business Books

Read this book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Starting Your Own Business."

Read this book "The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youth and Adult Entrepreneurs.

Are You Experiencing

Spiritual Downloads or Ascension Symptoms?

Since we are transitioning over into a NEW ERA, another world (aka "The Golden Era"), now is the time to nourish your body with good food, good water, daily supplements, exercise, get plenty of rest, sunshine, breathe in fresh air and go into nature as much as possible and walk barefoot to stay grounded and do more brain exercises like yoga and meditation.

Maybe you are feeling out of sorts because you are an 'Intuitive' and/or an 'Empath' and don't even know it. Maybe you are experiencing 'Ascension Symptoms'.

Being intuitive is having the ability to know or understand things without any proof. An empath is someone who feels more empathy than the average person. Go to this link to learn more about

Van Life Updates

Jan. 26, 2022

Hey guys:

In my latest video, Arriving Back in Flagstaff, AZ, I rejoiced about being back home in Flagstaff, AZ. I am trying to wait everything out in Austin, TX, my home state, but there is no other place I would rather be right now than out west.


Out west there is a ton of dispersed camping on and National Forest Land and I just miss all of that. I also miss the gorgeous colors and sceneries.


The problem with most people is they are not living in the right areas (city or state) of the country. When I left Flagstaff then Sedona to come back to Austin to take my physical, my heart dropped.


I had to leave though because it was just too cold. If you have been in a certain part of the country or lived there and your heart sank when you had to leave, then that place has your heart so I know Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ, and possibly the state of Colorado has my heart.

It’s where I need to be to really feel rejuvenated and alive. Even as a young child growing up in rural Georgia, I realized then that I wanted to live out west but I did not think I would ever do it. Far as I had gotten was El Paso, TX in 1988 when I worked for Customs. 

With the Golden Years upon us, you will have opportunities to relocate and really live where your heart desires. This is what you been asking for. Whatever your heart desires is probably going to be right in front of you so get ready. 

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It's Time To

Pick A Side

Which Groups Are You Representing?

I am a 'Patriot' and 'Truther'.


-Q: Q is not one person but is supposedly a group of men and women (maybe 10 to 12 individuals) working in military intelligence. Sometimes to put good information out in the universe, they send out DROPS - called Q-drops -- to the Anons -- their followers. Some of the 'Q' individuals have been working together for the good of humanity since 911 and others have come in and out of their groups over the years.

-The Anons: Anons are the followers of the Q-movement. Q is also called the "Q Movement" -- which again includes their followers -- the Anons. They look for drops and other credible information coming from Q. Many people confuse them with Qanons but they are Anons -- not Q-anons or Qanons. There are no Q-anons or Qanons.


-Patriots: Patriots are people who truly love this country and they also love justice.


-Truthers: Truthers are also people who love this country and they love justice too. These individuals who when confronted with some type of illegality will rise to the occasion and speak the truth. They are just not wired to lie when they are confronted with any wrongdoings. Their number one goal is REFORMS, REFORMS, REFORMS, and many times they are 'Whistleblowers' (aka "The Good Guys").


-'Sleepers' and 'Normies': The "Sleepers" and "Normies" are also called “Sheeps” because they will be the hardest group of individuals to wake up. The Sleepers and Normies are the people that everyone is trying to wake up so that we all can work together and make changes as we transition over into the Golden Age. Many are brainwashed by the TV, especially the news, and many were indoctrinated especially in colleges and universities so many of these Sleepers and Normies are 'highly educated.'

More Words That Might Be Confusing:

-DUMBS or D.U.M.B.S.: These are Deep Underground Military Bases (Military DUMBS) that can go miles and miles under the ground. Many were built and used for other purposes many, many years ago. All the bombings that you heard that sounded like earthquakes over the past two years were the Military blowing up the tunnels and DUMBS so they could not be used for Human, Sex, and Child Trafficking -- ever again.

-'White Hats' or 'White Hats Alliance': 'White Hats' is a term used to refer to "The Good Guys." They are also referred to as 'The White Hat Alliance' or 'The Alliance.' These are individuals (probably strongly connected to "Q" -- Military Intelligence) who have been working on behalf of humanity for many, many years. They are located in every country.

-'Black Hats': 'Black Hats' are the evil group of Cabal, Illuminati, Free Masons, Deep State, Globalists, Satanist Cult Worshippers, etc. who have been spreading evil across the country for many, many decades and centuries. They have been putting people's minds and bodies into bondage for many, many years. They are being taken down as we speak.

-Whistleblowers: Whistleblowers are true 'American Patriots'. They are indeed known as "The Good Guys." They expose their particular industries and workplaces. Whistleblower exposes corruption and other illegal acts which affect the safety and welfare of an entire nation of individuals. They put their lives on the line in order to save yours and many die or end up in jail because of their whistleblowing activities. Don't forget that I am a "Whistleblower" ( so I know all Whistleblowers are genuinely good and truthful individuals.

Whistleblower laws in this country still remain weak. Some of the whistleblower law firms trying to strengthen the laws include:

-Government Accountability Project (

-Project on Government Oversight (

-Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (

There are Whistleblower law firms and Whistleblower News Channels in every city. Don't forget that the 'best outlet for a whistleblower is the media'.

Are You Ready

for Class?

Every night from 5:00-8:00 p.m. or maybe until 9:00 p.m. after I finish my day, as an Author, Writer, and Researcher, I go into my 'research mode' to find out the truth about what is happening in this country -- because remember "We Are The News." We can no longer allow anyone to silence us.

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List of GITMO Executed Monsters

If you see these individuals again you are

looking at body doubles or CGI.

Most of these corrupt Politicians, Entertainers, and Hollywood

Celebrities are already gone...Executed or in Prison so

start now falling out of love with these people...