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Who's Who in Hollywood, #MatchGame

Newsletter - Issue 17 - Feb. 4, 2023

Some of the Changes with Gesara 

What is Gesara About?

Basically, because the banks have been committing fraud against -- not just you but your ancestors, GESARA will be about giving the money back to the people. All of it started with the farmers so now they are paying the farmers back $800 million dollars.

This is the end of the evil Central Banking system that has had control of us for years and years. We are now FREE and transitioning into a new banking system -- the Quantum Financial System or QFS.

All your banks and credit unions have the NEW RAINBOW CURRENCY ready to be released as soon as we completely go into Gesara, which is any day now.

They will level the playing field for everyone. Everyone will be given a clean slate. They will wipe out all your debt. They will pay off your Student Loans, Credit Cards, Car Notes, and Mortgages (or any other bank loan) and you will receive back any funds ever paid out to IRS. So keep checking at (a FREE account) to see when all your bills are zeroed out.

For those retired on Social Security, you will receive up to 3 times the amount you are now up to 5,000 a month. The retirement age might go down to 60. Because of the birth certificate bonds they put on you when you were born, there is a big possibility that you will receive back funds from that. Everyone will have funds. Everyone will be taken care of, especially our VETERANS.

There will be no more property taxes on older homes -- only on new homes. Everything will be affordable because we will be going back to 1955 prices and using Tesla energy so your energy bill will decrease by 75%.

Big Pharma and the Medical Industry have been BIG BUSINESS for many years but this is the end of Big Pharma. Eventually, there won't be a need for Hospitals, Urgent Cares, Home Health Care Services, Nursing Homes/Assisted Living, Hospices, etc. because of the #MedBeds (#MedicalBeds) and Natural Healing Centers.

Everyone will be living to 150 to 200 years of age or even longer because of the #MedBeds. The #MedBeds and 6000 natural cures coming will help you heal. The #MedBeds will be FREE and will be controlled by the Military. Those with access to the Med Beds first will be the Military and the Rescued Children, then Seniors, the Disabled community – then everyone else.

Every single industry including -- banking/financial, education, judicial, government, military, housing, medical/pharmaceutical, tech, etc. is currently being GUTTED and OVERHAULED and soon we all will be living in a NEW WORLD. #GoldenEra.

Now it is time to think about what you wanted to do as a child and create a NEW lifestyle or career for yourself. You will only need to work 20 hours a week and can use the rest of the time on Creative Projects or Humanitarian Projects.

Grandparents especially Grandmothers (#BringBackMommas) will show up again in the life of their families to help raise intelligent and respectful children again. And neighbors will start looking out for each other again.

No one will be homeless. We will get all the homeless people (Veterans, Mentally Ill, etc.) off the streets and we will be taking care of each other.

We will no longer worship Movie Stars, Entertainers, and Politicians. All of us will wake up from our self-induced comas (#MindControl) and we will start speaking #KindWords and we will take care of each other.

Not one person will be better than another. Single mothers, the mentally ill, and the homeless will be just as important as anyone else. We will bring back parenting classes and marriages will be mainstream again.

The TV and Music Industries will no longer be weaponized against families. Instead, they will turn down the music frequency and all the negative shows will be removed from the TV, the Internet, and the airwaves.

We will turn off the TV or it will only serve as a CLASSROOM and a TOOL to enhance our lives. We will be able to learn how to grow foods, prepare natural meals, start businesses, work with Humanitarian Projects, and bring back a great family value system into our homes.

The family structure will also have access to the following training -- Self-Esteem, Etiquette, Grooming/Personal Hygiene, Financial Literacy, Home Buying, Relationship, Home Schooling/Formal Education, Reading and Writing Classes, etc. -- everything we need to sustain ourselves.

Those jailed under Maritime and Admiralty Laws, especially the innocent will be released from jail including the ‘non-violent offenders’. Eventually, there will be NO CRIME and we won't even need the police.

All Military, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Judges are currently being TRAINED and RETRAINED in Constitutional and Common Laws so we are leaving Maritime and Admiralty Laws, which was the #1 reason everyone ended up in jail in the first place.

We are moving into another Dimension -- #5thDimension and another era #GoldenEra and it is going to be a beautiful time to be alive.

The earth will be flourishing with all types of resources and we will have everything we need to live a good life. Just hold on -- all of this and more is right in front of you. #Gesara, #Nesara, #5thDimension, #GoldenEra, #GoldenYears, #GoldenAge.

Learn more from my videos, enewsletters, and articles at

Welcome to the NEW WORLD...aka #NewEarth...

Love you...

Words That Might Be Confusing

-Male To Female (MTF) Transgender: These are Natural Born and Biological men who choose to live their lives as a woman. However, keep in mind many were transitioned at birth.

-Female To Male (FTM) Transgender: These are Natural Born and Biological women who choose to live their lives as a man. However, keep in mind many were transitioned at birth.

-'Sleepers' and 'Normies': The "Sleepers" and "Normies" are also called “Sheeps” because they will be the hardest group of individuals to wake up. The Sleepers and Normies are the people that everyone is trying to wake up so that we all can work together and make changes as we transition over into the Golden Age. Many are brainwashed by the TV, especially the news, and many were indoctrinated especially in colleges and universities so many of these Sleepers and Normies are 'highly educated.'


-'White Hats' or 'White Hats Alliance': 'White Hats' is a term used to refer to "The Good Guys." They are also referred to as 'The White Hat Alliance' or 'The Alliance.' These are individuals (probably strongly connected to "Q" -- Military Intelligence) who have been working on behalf of humanity for many, many years. They are located in every country and also work with the Space Force and Offworlders -- aka "The Earth Alliance."

-'Black Hats': 'Black Hats' are the evil group of Cabal, Illuminati, Free Masons, Deep State, Globalists, Deep Cult, Satanist Cult Worshippers, etc. who have been spreading evil across the country for many, many decades and centuries. They have been putting people's minds and bodies into bondage for many, many years. They are being taken down as we speak.

-Q: Q is not one person but is supposedly a group of men and women working in military intelligence. Sometimes to put good information out in the universe, they send out DROPS - called Q-drops -- to the Anons -- their followers. Some of the 'Q' individuals have been working together for the good of humanity since 911 and others have come in and out of their groups over the years.

-The Anons: Anons are the followers of the Q-movement. Q is also called the "Q Movement" -- which again includes their followers -- the Anons. They look for drops and other credible information coming from Q. Many people confuse them with Qanons but they are 'Anons' -- not Q-anons or Qanons. There are no Q-anons or Qanons. Many believe to be an Anon you have to be anonymous.


-Patriots: Patriots are people who truly love this country and they also love justice.

-Truthers: Truthers are also people who love this country and they love justice too. These individuals who when confronted with some type of illegality will rise to the occasion and speak the truth. They are just not wired to lie when they are confronted with any wrongdoings. Truthers are also Whistleblowers.

-Whistleblowers: Whistleblowers are true 'American Patriots'. They are indeed known as "The Good Guys" and are also called "Truthers" and "Patriots." They expose their particular industries and workplaces. Whistleblower exposes mismanagement, abuses of authority, prohibited personnel practices, and other acts of corruption -- which affect the health and welfare of an entire nation of individuals. They put their lives on the line in order to save yours and many die or end up in jail because of their whistleblowing activities. Whistleblowers' number one goal is REFORMS, REFORMS, REFORMS. Don't forget that I am a "Whistleblower" ( so I know all Whistleblowers are genuinely good and truthful individuals.

Whistleblower laws in this country still remain weak. Some of the whistleblower law firms trying to strengthen the laws include:

-Government Accountability Project (

-Project on Government Oversight (

-Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (

There are Whistleblower law firms and Whistleblower News Channels in every city. Don't forget that the 'best outlet for a whistleblower is the media'. Put your story up on youtube and other social media outlets.

-DUMBS or D.U.M.B.S.: These are Deep Underground Military Bases (Military DUMBS) that can go miles and miles under the ground. Many were built and used for other purposes many, many years ago. All the bombings that you heard that sounded like earthquakes over the past three years were the Military blowing up caves, tunnels, and DUMBS so they could not be used for Human, Sex, and Child Trafficking -- ever again.

Newsletter Topics

-Some of the Changes with Gesara 

-What is Gesara About

-Words That Might Be Confusing

-Executed in GITMO for 'Crimes Against Humanity'

-Partial List of Those Named in Over 71,000 Federal Indictments

-Save The Children

-Action Steps to Transition Into Gesara

-Here Comes Gesara - Are You Ready?

-How We Create 'Heaven on Earth'

-Why Everything Happens for a Reason

-Banks vs. Credit Unions

-Gesara News Updates

-Join Mark Z Live Stream on Youtube

-The Food Supply System is Under Attack

-Memphis Police Killing - Another False Flag, Psyop, Hoax and Scam

-Active Human Trafficking Rings in Katy, TX off Fry Road

-The Military has Reached Atlanta, GA

-We Warned You About the Blackouts

-Bronson Brothers Supreme Court Case Update

-Is Richard 'Citizen' Journalist a Former Child Actor?

-Robert David Steele is Still Alive

-Calling All Doubles

-News Updates

-Join Dr. Kia Pruitt on Youtube and

-CIA Started All the Mask Wearing

-Fake Donald Trumps

-Who is Playing the Role of the Obamas

-Other Politicians With a Double

-The Civil Rights Movement Deceivers

-The Same People But Older

-Doubles - Males To Females (MTFs)

-More Doubles - Females To Males (FTMs)

-People Who Are Demons That Lived Before

-Tom Brady Other Characters

-Damar Hamlin's Doubles

-Make Something and Sell it - Do It Again


Angels Press

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Austin, TX

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'Gesara Traveling Series'

with Cathy Harris

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Executed in GITMO for 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Partial List of Those Named in Over

71,000 Federal Indictments

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Save The Children

#NancySchaefer, #Whistleblower

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CPS Kidnapped 86% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Children...

Obamacare Opened the Door for #MedicalKidnapping

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Nancy Schaefer was a former Georgia State Senator and Child Protective Service (CPS) Whistleblower who exposed the CPS and because of that she and her husband were killed. What if every single politician had the same value system as Nancy Schaefer? We must continue to SAY HER NAME. #NancySchaefer. Thank you for your sacrifice. Bring David and Bonnie Straight ( to your city and learn how to save your children from CPS and to learn Constitutional and Common Laws.

You Will Have 120 Days to Elect Honest and Ethical Politicians

Once Gesara is Fully Launched

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Maritime Laws vs. Constitutional Laws

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Currently, the Military, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Judges are being TRAINED and RETRAINED in Constitutional and Common Laws. Remember all Sheriff's Departments were sworn in or took their oaths under Constitutional and Common Laws but not other law enforcement. Turn off the TV and conduct research. Go back and catch up and read all my enewsletters and articles at

Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist,

& Investigative Journalist


Action Steps To Transition Over into Gesara

Remember to join if you have bonds or foreign currency to swap at Redemption Centers. Several banks said they will be sending messages there. Keep checking at to see when your balances go to zero.

To catch up and understand what has happened go back and read my enewsletters and articles at Remember my enewsletters and articles are classes (#Classrooms) so take your time to take it all in. Remember you have been watching a movie and we are at the end of the movie.

Here Comes Gesara -

Are You Ready?

Learn The Truth As We Transition Over into a New Era, #GoldenEra, #5thDimension

Remember everything needs to bottom out -- totally crash before we can transition over into Gesara. We are almost there. There cannot be any wars going on anywhere. I also saw a video on TikTok of Putin in tears so like I told all of you -- I do believe the hold-up has been what they found in Ukraine, which was GROUND ZERO for Money Laundering and Human Trafficking.

Unless we all LEARN THE TRUTH -- for many moving forward will be fruitless. If we ever expect to bring back the family value system WE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH. We must know who is actually corrupting society. Get rid of the blockage and we all will come out triumph on the other side.

If you can still bow down to, worship, or support any Celebrity or Entertainer after reading this enewsletter -- then they are surely using mind control on you. By the time I started seriously looking at doing my own transgender and doubles breakdowns in July 2020, as a researcher, freelancer, and former Customs whistleblower, (, I knew that learning what I had learned about the transgender community and the doubles meant that I would have to dig even further.

I am 66 and some of the young people that I reported on in this enewsletter -- I don't even know who they are because I haven't watched TV in 7 years. So, therefore, you will have to go further with your own research and that is why I entitled this enewsletter "Who Is Who in Hollywood, #MatchGame." Remember the old #MatchGame show? I compare this enewsletter to the one entitled "The End of Hollywood."

They, Movie Stars and Entertainers, have been hiding in plain sight for years and some might not even be human. What you will realize in reading this enewsletter is that there are not that many Movie Stars and Entertainers. They are just playing each other. Some are playing up to 5 or maybe even 6 characters or roles and they kill off a character and collect funds from to launch another character or career. They never stop acting. It is not just in the movies -- they are also acting in REAL LIFE.

For instance, they said there are at least 5 Kanye Wests. He recently went missing and when he showed back up, he was taller. Therefore, obviously, there are several people playing Kayne West. If he announces his run for office, don't allow any of the Movie Stars or Entertainers to make a mockery of running for office. DO NOT elect any Movie Stars or Entertainers into any elected position. Read my enewsletter entitled "You Have 120 Days to Elect Ethical and Honest Politicians Once Gesara Goes Through."

Here is another example of what is happening. If Brad Pitt was GITMOED for "Crimes Against Humanity" and he was playing the role of Benicio del Toro -- then the character Benicio del Toro will just disappear -- right -- not necessarily because someone else might start playing both Brad Pitt and Benicio del Toro. The way they are playing each other is almost borderline 'illegal' -- but this is what they do and have been for years to fool the masses. The people you think are dead are actually alive and the ones you think are alive are actually dead. They are harvesting your energy. TURN OFF THE TV and build a beautiful life for yourself especially as we transition over into Gesara. #GoldenEra.

Over 90% of Hollywood has been taken down and I broke a lot of this down in my enewsletter entitled "The End of Hollywood." They are gone!!! When they saw all their friends and associates being arrested for 'Crimes Against Humanity' -- many left Hollywood. Many are still on the run and others left for smaller cities and a simpler lifestyle, while others are still trying to stay relevant by doing podcasts, radio shows, and writing books. Some are going on lecture tours and Academia (which is also part of the Deep State Cabal like the Media) is paying them up to $30,000 to $50,000 per lecture instead of paying their own professors -- where many are nhomeless. This is the higher education we are stuck with -- for now -- but again -- every entity out there is currently being GUTTED as we go into another era. #GoldenEra. Academia as you know it will be taken down.

I don't think I am too far off in any of these doubles' breakdowns in this enewsletter. Even though many were not done by me, I do agree with the other transgender and double breakdown artists. We all have our own expertise. For instance, I am very good at breaking down and exposing WHO IS IS A MAN and WHO IS A WOMAN.

I raised 2 daughters to the age of 18 and had spent the majority of my career -- at least over 25 years working with mostly men in the U.S. Army and U.S. Customs so this meant I knew what women and men were supposed to look like. All of this gave me a major advantage to be able to do all the transgender breakdowns.

I monitored my daughters daily to make sure they were well groomed so I noticed features about them. Even though they were one (1) year apart -- they both were different. Unlike male babies with big skulls, both my daughters had small skulls when they were born. They both had pointed faces, bright and girly eyes, small dental arches (mouths), small necks, short dinosaur arms, gorgeous legs, small wrists, and small hands and feet.

Because I grew up around my male cousins and worked with men mostly in the Military and federal government with Customs, I noticed that men had broad shoulders with wide chests. Many had thick or long necks with big square jawlines. They had flat or small rear ends, unlike women whose rear ends extended outward. Men had straight up-and-down bodies, long gorilla arms, big wrists, and big hands and feet.

I also noticed that men looked at women in 3 ways:

-They look at women with care/love.

-They look at women with sex in mind.

-They look at women as if they want to be confrontational.

I believe raising two daughters and spending a large portion of my life around men made it easier for me to do transgender breakdowns -- even though I rarely do them anymore.

I am a very strong and independent individual but it took me a good 6 months to take in all the info I had learned and my only regret is when I first found out about the doubles and all the FREE Mason hand symbols, I wish I had stopped what I was doing to study it more so now I am playing catch up.

When I first learned about how all Hollywood, Entertainers, Newscasters, Politicians, Sports Figures, Military, Law Enforcement, Lawyers and Judges and many others were transgenders (living the opposite sex) and many were playing dual roles and characters, even learning about the FREE Masonry symbols, I thought I could stop right there, step away and just ignore it.

But I soon realized if I was going to teach goodness, kindness, and happiness through my platform at and help create a NEW EARTH, I had to SPEAK THE TRUTH and expose how the world really operated. Others can choose to walk away and not learn the truth -- but I just couldn't. The truth will indeed set you free.

Please conduct your own research at,,,,, and

Others who do the transgender and doubles' breakdowns include:

-Conscious X on Youtube.

-Divine Sade on Youtube.

-The Shill Have Lies on Youtube and Instagram.


-Transgenderism: The Bitter Truth on Facebook.

-TRANSVESTIGATION7770 on Telegram.

-Assureeluvee on TikTok.

-Bright Green Barbi on Instagram.

Subscribe to their channels. Speaking the truth is not always easy. Catch up with everything at

How We Create

'Heaven On Earth'

In Oct. 2019 I moved into my van and my only goal was to ride around the country and teach about health, business, and minimalism, but when I learned how the world was actually being run, I could not remain quiet or stay neutral and just sit back and allow it to happen.

Because the LGBTQ plus (+) community (plus means 'Pedophile') was trying to pass laws to make it legal to sleep with an 11 and 14-year-old and the Academia was indoctrinating and grooming our children and even telling them not to tell their parents, I could not stay quiet.

Also, because most communities were full of FREE Masons and their lodges, which kept chaos and turmoil going as they kept everyone in a low-vibrational and saddened state with their False Flags and Psyops and because they were using all the FREE Masonry symbols right in our faces -- and it was so blatant, I knew I had to jump into the fight. You must open your eyes and expose it, challenge it, and make changes (REFORMS, REFORMS, REFORMS).

If we are going to create HEAVEN ON EARTH we need everyone to be hands-on and SPEAKING THE TRUTH. We need everyone to open their eyes and understand why society is so corrupted and what we all have to do if we ever expect to clean up this society and transition over into a beautiful life. #GoldenEra, #GoldenYears, #5thDimension.

Why Everything Happens for a Reason

I was quite happy posting my traveling videos on facebook and going about my day. Had facebook never blocked me -- over and over again -- I would not have started these enewsletters but I also would not have found all the transgender and doubles breakdown groups especially on Instagram and TikTok. Thank you facebook!!!

I have learned so much on TikTok and I figured out the reason that U.S. businesses don't want to be on TikTok is they don't want the Chinese to know their secrets. However, I feel TikTok is one of -- if not the best social media platform next to of course. Every single time I breathe on facebook I get blocked so they might have lost me for good.

Banks vs. Credit Unions

A Canadian credit union has gone Gold-Backed on their own. They did not wait for Gesara to be announced. In the future there won't be big banks. It isn't good to be with a BIG BANK at this time. I left Wells Fargo 5 years ago and now bank with 2 credit unions. There are 5 big U.S. banks and the goal should be to go with a regional bank or credit union instead. Wells Fargo is the bank ushering in Gesara so that bank should be okay. What has happened at Bank of America where they have taken funds from individuals is 'legal'.

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Gesara News Updates

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The Food Supply System is Under Attack

Everything is Fake

Including Your Food


Remember the goal is to move away from cities and start farms and raise chickens. Live like the Amish!!! I believe many households can have 8 or more chickens depending on what type of zone you are living in. Chickens have even stopped laying eggs because of the feed. Most of that toxic feed out there for chickens and other animals are GMOs so go out of your way to buy an organic or natural brand of feed. Most said when they changed the brand of feed the chickens started to lay eggs again.

Grow Foods in Raised

Beds Gardens with Cathy Harris

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Grow Foods inside Your Home in Apartments, Condos, and Townhomes

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Memphis Police Killing - Another False Flag, Psyop, Hoax, and Scam

#NoOneDied, #CrisisActors

According to employees who work for the city of Memphis, they pulled up the employee list and the 5 police officers who supposedly did the police killing are not even on the payroll. Therefore, they are nothing but #CrisisActors.

Also, after going back on TikTok yesterday, I saw the funeral where the mother was speaking and crying standing beside Al Sharpton. She was crying crocodile tears and others commented she had been doing that since day one. Also, when someone had passed her a handkerchief, the handkerchief never reached her and there was a glitch in the video, which means nothing was live and they had done a poor job of editing the video clip.

A lot of time these funerals are nothing but #MasonicRituals (like the Damar Hamlin #FakeInjury) where they are #HarvestingEnergy and keeping everyone in a 'low-vibrational' and saddened state. They use FREE Masonry symbols to tell others this is a Psyop -- like they did when George Floyd's casket was too small for his size (George Floyd is still alive) or when Kobe Bryant's wife's hair (Kobe is Still Alive as Myles Garrett) was falling on her face during her entire speech at his funeral, she was actually using the ONE EYE SYMBOL and sending messages to other FREE Masons in the audience. Watch more Kobe Bryant/Myles Garrett videos of him playing basketball. Okay, you Kobe it him? They are around the same height (6'4-6'6) have the same teeth and the same dog.

Common sense would tell you that no natural-born woman (she was inverted) would wear eyelashes that long at a funeral. She had no intention of crying because Kobe wasn't her husband and he wasn't dead. She had nothing but crocodile tears. Again, it was nothing but a #MasonicRitual. It was a made-up family and Kobe's wife was actually his handler.

How many of these False Flags or Psyops do you guys have to see before you wake up? Unless you have studied FREE Masonry or at least know the basics -- not everyone will get it. You have to go back and study it enough to know when to pay attention or not. That way you can tell when something is a False Flag or Psyop -- so you can ignore it and go about your day.

Personally, I had not watched any of the latest coverage on the police killing because I know when Al Sharpton and attorney Crump (both are probably FREE Masons) are involved - there is a 99.9% chance it is a False Flag or Psyop.

Why Crisis Actors and Why Now:

-We are about to experience the LARGEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH in HUMAN HISTORY so they are causing distractions to keep you in a low vibrational and saddened state so you won't be in a position to celebrate such an historic event.

-It is also possible they are doing this to cover up the fact that there is a serial killer in Memphis, TN in the Westwood, Walker Home area that has shot and set on fire at least 7 people.

Active Human Trafficking Rings in Katy, TX

off Fry Road

Houston We Have a Problem - Call To Action...

Warning To All Women..

Houston, TX is believed to be the 4th largest city in the U.S. Katy, TX is a suburb of Houston. The internet calls Katy, TX one of the best places to live in the Houston, TX area but they leave off the part where it is also one of the largest Human Trafficking areas in the country.

When I started my #VanLife for the first 90 days I stayed in the Katy, TX area off Fry Road while waiting on my tags to be mailed from Atlanta -- so I am very familiar with this area. During that time locals told me that tons of children especially young adults had gone missing from the two big malls in that area. That was 3 years ago. And of course, you won't hear about missing children on the media because the media is part of the Deep State Cabal.

Since then it looks like Human Trafficking in that area has escalated to the point where women have taken to social media to warn others. One female came on TikTok and told of her ordeal where she was followed aisle by aisle in the HEB store off Fry Road and when she got ready to leave, the same guy whom she had noticed following her was walking behind her when she exited the store so she stepped back and got a male to walk her to her vehicle. What if she wasn't paying attention? She would have been gone - baby gone.

After she made the post on TikTok, other women of color -- several of them started posting and said yes that happened to me too at the Kroger and Walmart on Fry Road. They said the men were believed to be Hispanic males about 6 feet tall -- in their late 20s or early 30s.

This is what needs to happen ASAP:

-Men, veterans, fathers, brothers, uncles (and women) need to start patrolling the area and walking women to their cars.

-The entire community needs to call a meeting with every single politician in that area and demand that they do something. It is not enough to have cameras in these parking lots -- these store owners, which will probably reside in other states, need to send representatives to meet with the politicians and local police departments to ensure the safety of the community ESPECIALLY OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN. These stores have a ton of money and can certainly afford security guards, but you have to make sure they stay honest too.

-Protest with signs in front of stores (HEB, Kroger, Walmart, etc.) to warn others and hand out flyers.

-Make T-shirts with the words Human Trafficking on Fry Road.

-Put flyers on neighborhood mailboxes. You can tape flyers to the outside pole but you can't open mailboxes.

-Take out ads in local newspapers and on radio to warn others.

-Start Neighborhood Watch Programs and have security for your vehicles and homes and #StayStrapped ladies. After all, this is Texas. Everyone has guns!!! If you are not comfortable having a gun take self-defense classes and use a taser or pepper spray. Never go to your vehicle alone if there is a van close by. Read the article "Teach Your Child to Be Street Smart Especially Around Holidays."

It is not just this area. I am seeing videos on cameras online where young men are so bold that they are following young women all the way to their doors. They are following them to and from their jobs and also from gas stations. If there are men in the household try to gas up for women. But if women have to gas up avoid going inside stores. Have debit or credit cards where you can just get out and pump your gas quickly and never get gas after dark.

In Detroit there are men patrolling stores, walking women to their vehicles, and even pumping gas for them. Once Gesara goes through, they will be able to tell who is involved in Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking, Money Laundering, and other 'Crimes Against Humanity' and stop it ASAP. This is one of the main reasons for the NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS), which was given to us along with the Medical Bed (#MedBed) technology by Offworlders in the "Earth Alliance."

The Military has Reached

Atlanta, GA

Antifa/BLM Destroying City

We Warned You About the Blackouts

They Love Using HAARP

On Texas

How To Stay Warm in a

Car, Van or RV

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I have been writing these enewsletters for a couple of years and we warned everyone about the upcoming blackouts before and even after Gesara is announced so go back and read all my enewsletters and articles at Texas is one of the spots in the country where HAARP (#WeatherWarfare) is used on the state several times a year so they should have been prepared more with their roads and especially their bridges -- but they weren't.

The Brooklyn blackout where people were caught in their cars should not have happened. Everyone should have been carrying around a power box ( with an electric blanket or two -- also sleeping bags, cell phones, flashlights, water, food, and stay gassed up -- in case they are caught in traffic in a storm.

I just survived a 3 day Austin, TX ice storm in my van. I could barely drive the van to health food stores because the ice was weighing down the trees so the limbs were too low for my van. I don't have any propane in my van but I do have a power box and plenty of soups and hot chocolate. What kept me warm was 4 cheap Walmart sleeping bags ($15 a piece) and a $15 electric blanket. I don't sleep in the electric blanket but my power box is almost at 100% when I stop working online for the day so actually I could.

Because the sun did not come out to power my 800 watts of solar, I had to run the vehicle on and off during the day -- which is hooked to my alternator and I made sure I was gassed up every night. Power grids were out so light signals and gas stations were also down so it was a challenge to find gas stations that were open.

I waited until later in the day so the ice would be melted and other cars would have already driven on it to gas up, but the power was out at many of the gas stations so I did ration running the vehicle and even sat and worked online with a sleeping bag and an electric blanket wrapped around me. Since I don't have any way to heat the van (no propane) besides cranking up and running the heater, I am also buying an extra electric blanket and will travel with two phones in case one is damaged or goes out. The goal is to BE PREPARED.

Bronson Brothers Supreme Court Case Update

Is Richard 'Citizen' Journalist a Former

Child Actor?

Become a #CitizenJournalist

It is believed that Richard 'Citizen' Journalist is actually former child movie star River Phoenix, who supposedly had passed away in Hollywood. Supposedly he was the brother of actor Joaquin Phoenix. Richard is the true definition of someone who can leave such an evil Hollywood industry behind and create a life of good. He has been reporting live from Washington, DC and other cities to the Patriot and Truther communities since the first close-down in March 2020 along with Nancy Drew. They are both prime examples of how anyone can become #CitizenJournalists.

Robert David Steele

is Still Alive?

It was Juan O'Savin that kept saying had died - probably for protection. Steele had a library of knowledge especially on child pedophilia so when I heard he had passed away in the hospital after getting sick on a tour, I said he should have been protected. So looks like they did protect him. Supposedly he passed away in the hospital when they put him on a ventilator. I believe like Marilyn Monroe, Steele was one of the ones that the White Hat Alliance put in the hospital to see what treatment the hospital would use so he actually helped bring down the hospitals with #StingOperations. Job well done! I reported on him in enewsletter #15.

Calling All Doubles

Time For You To Go Away

Most of you should have seen on TV or on the internet recently when the Prime Minister of New Zealand resigned from her position. This is because it is time for her double to go away.

To put on this movie "The White Hat Alliance" aka "Good Guys" used Doubles and CGI and the "Black Hat Alliance" aka The Globalists, Shadow Government, Deep State, Deep Cult, etc. used Doubles, CGI, and Clones. Supposedly, the White Hat Alliance recently destroyed a Cloning Factory in Alaska.

The White Hat Alliance has GITMOED many for 'Crimes Against Humanity' and while all of that was taking place, they were replaced with doubles especially politicians and news anchors. Many were not relevant and did not need to be replaced such as Movie Stars. However, now that we are at the end of the movie, they are collecting all the doubles.

So, therefore, look for resignations from many doing this time. For instance, the real Whoopi Goldberg is in GITMO for 'Crimes Against Humanity' so the one you have been watching on TV is a double. They just announced they will not be renewing her contract. Again, they are getting rid of all the doubles. Also, Joy Behar is Sally Jessy Raphael from back in the day. She never left TV.

News Updates

Join Dr. Kia Pruitt on Youtube and at

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CIA Started all the Mask Wearing

Meet the Fomer CIA Chief of Disguise

(click here)

How the CIA Fooled President Bush

(click here)

All the mask-wearing started with the CIA. They created Hollywood (TV) to distract you from living a wonderful life - to keep you in a saddened state and state of fear. They donated millions to Academia to indoctrinate and groom you and your children. If we can just take control of these entities then we can turn the world back to good.

Fake Donald Trumps

In the art of war, all highly valued objects like Presidents have doubles for safety reasons. Supposedly, Donald Trump has been in Mt. Cheyenne Military Base since January 2020 for his protection so the person you might have been watching this entire time was not the real Donald Trump. So if someone misspoke or said something maybe they came off script -- who knows. Remember we have been watching a movie. Some say the movie started when Trump was sworn into office in 2017 -- but others say it was much earlier than that. I doubt seriously if his ex-wife passed. I believe she was removed for protection. I am surprised after what Donald Trump was doing that they left her out there that long so chances are we have been seeing doubles of her also.

Who Is Playing The Role

of the Obamas?

Obama was born a female - Female To Male (FTM) transgender (look at the breasts on the picture on the left) and Michelle Obama was born a man - Male To Female (MTF) transgender. They both were believed to have been executed for 'Crimes Against Humanity' in September 2019 at GIMTO. Obama was supposedly shot in the back of the head and Michelle chose the death jab. Even though both of the daughters were also believed to be inverted, they were borrowed from others because of course Michelle has a barren womb. Men can't have babies.

The role of Barack Obama is being played by Bob Marley, another Female To Male (FTM) transgender and this is why there are constant jokes about Barack smoking marihuana. The role of Michelle Obama is being played by D-Lister Actor Wayne Brady. The pictures on the internet of Michelle with a penis swinging back and forth were probably before the 2019 execution. Wayne Brady was supposedly born a female - Female To Male (FTM) Transgender.

Obama has the one-finger up sign in the pic and this is a FREE Mason sign that all the evil movie stars use to tell you to remain silent about their Satanist secrets. I also believe the finger against the temple is another FREE Mason sign that they use.

Other Politicians With a Double

This section is self-explanatory but several people have played Joe Biden, especially American Actor James Woods and British Actor Arthur Roberts. Many believe that Jim Carrey also played him for a while. McCarthy is also in GITMO and looks like his role is being played by Negative 48, who many believe is the brother of JFK, Jr. -- Patrick Kennedy, because the voice sounds exactly like JFK, Jr. It can also be one of his J.F.K, Jr.'s two sons. You can read about Negative 48 in enewsletter #2.

Kamala (Cabala) Harris was born a male. She has been GITMOED and her role was played by Prince and Aaliyah --who are still alive. Hillary Clinton had several doubles and clones and has been executed for Crimes Against Humanity. They did get rid of the first Putin because he was evil and kept the 2nd Putin who is good. I reported on the TWO PUTINS in my newsletter #11. Nancy Pelosi was GITMOED a while back and has been EXECUTED and her role was played by Joan Rivers, who is still alive.

The Civil Rights

Movement Deceivers

History is a LIE

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton and their families are all believed to be inverted transgenders so no one knows for sure what happened during the Civil Rights Movement. There were False Flags, Psyops, Hoaxes, and Scams and they harvested a lot of energy during this time.

There are believed to be two Dr. Martin Luther Kings, Jr. One is fight promoter Don King who wasn't on the scene when Dr. King was and the other is believed to be Candance Owen's (another inverted transgender) grandfather. They made a mockery this year of Dr. King with the statute that was released before his birthday. The Satanist Podesta brother actually had one just like it and no one can say for sure what it means.

It is clear from the picture below that Al Sharpton was married to a man and I even heard he was never fat -- who knows and who cares. All I know is that when Al Sharpton got called on the scene, he would quiet down situations and then he walked away like Santa Claus with a BIG BAG FULL OF MONEY. And that is how he made his riches. #EnergyHarvesting. I am sure some of these were False Flags and Psyops but we weren't paying attention back then or looking for #CrisisActors. We are now #Awoke!!!

There were 14 Presidents before George Washington. The Rockefeller's grandson, Nelson Rockefeller started the Board of Education in 1953 and for the next 8 years, he changed all the books including the history books so history is a lie. Everything after 1953 has been a lie. Where are all the Historians? Instead of researching and teaching us the CORRECT history -- NOW -- they have joined with the Board of Education to indoctrinate and groom our children. Everyone with degrees needs to understand that that piece of paper you received is not worth the paper it was written on. Everything has been a lie! #TheNewUneducated, #SelfEducationisKey.

The Black Boule Society

I will admit I don't know much about the Black Boule Society. They call themselves gatekeepers for Black America. No one is ever going to tell me how to live my life, especially a bunch of misfits. They are the ones causing confusion and division in communities. They are nothing but a bunch of evil Satanists. Listen to your heart -- not these people.

The Same People but Older

Elvis is believed to still be alive and is Pastor Bob Joyce ( He had a twin brother named Jesse who even starred in movies with him. Supposedly they were raised in different households. Conscious X said Chloe Kardashian was also Elvis Presley. Supposedly, Little Kim never exists and her role was played by someone else. Someone said FTM Adam Sandler passed in 2017. It is possible but I know because of his lifestyle and affiliation with child trafficking he was also GITMOED. You have been watching a double of him.

People are swearing up and down that the role of Joel Osteen is being played by Tim Allen. Of course, MTF Madonna has doubles and has been cloned. The Whoopi you are watching on TV is a double. The real one has been GITMOED. Meghan was born male and Prince Harry and William are also FTMs and were swapped years ago.

Kristie Alley isn't deceased. Now that she killed her main character -- I wonder who she will come back as. Everyone on TikTok is trying to expose Michelle Obama and Serena Williams, the Williams Brothers, who are MTFs. They are sick of the lies. FTM Mike Tyson and everyone in wrestling and boxing including the NBA, NFL, Tennis, Golf, Gymnastics, etc -- all professional sports including those in other countries are Inverted Transgenders. There is no place for Natural Born men and women in any of these professional sports.

Doubles -- Males To Females (MTFs)

First Row: Beyonce and Jay Z were inverted transgenders and were taken to Gitmo quite a while ago. Their kids are inverted too especially Blue Ivey, who is a boy. Jay Z, who is a female, and is suspected of carrying the kids because every time Beyonce was pregnant -- he wore these oversized suits. Now we are seeing one of Beyonce's doubles. Many people believe Beyonce's mother is also Tina Turner. They look just alike but Beyonce's mother never have her mouth opened and Tina never closes hers. I believe they do this to throw us off. Even though you see Jennifer Anniston's face on another body and in blackface doesn't mean that it was Jennifer Aniston playing the role. They play each other. Demi Moore is Demi Lovato, both MTFs, and did not even bother to change her first name. This is how confident they are that they can fool us. Rihanna, who is inverted also, definitely has doubles because everytime I see her she looks different. Yes the little girl from the Poltergeist movies, Heather O'Rourke, is the singer Pink, who is a Male To Female (MTF) transgender. Jessica Simpson is just one of the characters playing Britney Spears. Have you seen all the pics of Jessica Simpson? Well, who is playing Jessica Simpson? Marilyn Monroe is believed to be Patriot Veronica Wolski, also known as "The Bridge Lady.' She is believed to be one of the heroes that helped expose how hospitals were killing people when they refused to give her Ivermectin. I reported on her in enewsletter #3. MTF Sally Jessy Raphael never left us. She has been big-mouth Joy Behar from 'The View' the entire time.

Second Row: So Cardi B is also Nikki Minaj and supposedly they are also Selena, who is still alive. They said Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears came from the same Hollywood Clone factory. Marilyn Monroe name was Veronica Wolski, who is still alive. She was also known as 'The Bridge Lady.' I reported on her in enewsletter #15. Nicole Brown Simpson is still alive and is Journalist Megyn Kelly. I reported on them in this enewsletter #16. Supposedly Whitney Houston and her daughter Kristina (who are still alive) are also Gail King (Oprah's Friend) and her daughter Kirby. Whitney might also be someone named BIA. Also, Whitney is suspected of being Billy Porter. They have the same eyes. The actress Michael doesn't exist because she is the same character that played Kanye West's mother. She has a male name, Micheal, so they tell us when they are inverted. Supposedly there are about five (5) Kayne Wests and this is why he always looks different.

Third Row: Supposedly, the role of Wendy Williams is also played by Tori Spelling and also Arsenio Hall. Finally, the reason Adelle had had so many different looks over the past few years. She has doubles and clones. Anne Heche might be Lynn Michele, the owner of the house that she supposedly crashed into. I reported on her in enewsletter #15. Lady Gaga is supposedly Amy Winehouse who never died. MTF Judge Judy is supposedly musician Steve Vali. It is hard to believe that wild MTF Miley Cyrus and MTF Aesha Curry (Steven Curry's wife) are the same person. Sallie Richardson has been playing Pam Grier probably the entire time. No one knows the age of these people because they are wearing facial and/or body masks. Kenneka Jenkins, the refrigerator girl, is still alive. It was nothing but a False Flag and Psyop to distract you, harvest your energy, and keep you in a saddened state. I would not believe anything in the media or on the news, especially any police killings. Aaliyah is still alive and supposedly played the role of Kamala Harris and Natalie LaRose.

More Doubles -- Females To Males (FTMs)

Row One: The Chris Donner case harvested a lot of energy especially since he was a former soldier. #Veteran. LL Cool Jay was born a female. He is strong. I remember the time he picked up MTF Sherry Shepherd, on 'The View'. The biggest energy harvest has been from the George Floyd case especially because of the knee on the neck but turns out they were using dummies when he was on the ground and in the ambulance. Then we found out that Basketball Player Stephen Jackson, who was also playing George Floyd showed up at the funeral wearing a mask and shades. There were so many hints for people to wake up, especially when the casket was too small to fit his body. What I really could not believe was the two different police officers (#CrisisActors) they kept calling the SAME MEN. You don't have to work in law enforcement to see those were TWO DIFFERENT MEN. People are so gullible and believe anything the media tells them. I reported on that story in enewsletters #11 and #12.

Supposedly Steve Jobs and Singer John Lennon are the same people. Steve Jobs's death was a big energy harvest for many people. The man had led a brilliant life and had died at the age of 50. However, his entire death was fake. John Lennon had to walk away from his career and is still alive along with his wife, Yoko Ono. We don't know why these individuals have to exit the World Stage at the height of their careers. I guess it is because of what they had seen or what they were expected to participate in -- so many choose the 'lesser of the evils' -- and to walk away from their lives and go into Witness Protection. Supposedly there are over 900 in Witness Protection. However, some we thought were in Witness Protection are actually playing other roles and/or characters. People loved the 'Beatles' too but Paul McCartney was actually killed in a car accident but turns out his replacement was actually a better singer than him so the person out there is not the original Paul and is a FTM.

Another big energy harvest was the JonBenet Ramsey case. The media reported on this case for weeks and it was nothing but a big energy harvest. The child was alive the entire time and grew up to become Satanist Katy Perry who is also D-lister Actor Zoe Deschanel. Her parents are the same in the pictures below so the mother never died of cancer and the father looks like Bill O'Reilly who probably played that role. Katy Perry has probably been GITMOED. Many of her songs were about eating human meat. #Cannibalism. She is also a clone and has had many malfunctions on stage.

There is someone out there that looks exactly like Chris Rock so the Will and Chris fiasco was scripted all staged. Nick Cannon also has a double that looks like him. Trayvon Martin never died because he never existed. It was a false flag, psyop, hoax, and scam. It was another MADE-UP family to distract you, harvest your energy and keep you in a saddened state. Trayvon's role was played by A. Boogie. The father was a FREE Mason and the mother went on to gain prestige in her community and received tons in donations with her Trayvon Martin foundation. I reported on him in enewsletter #15.

Kathy Griffin was Anderson Cooper's oldest brother who everyone thought died. Instead, he transitioned into a woman, MTF Kathy Griffin. FTM Anderson Cooper and every evil media personality have been Gitmoed. Those are doubles you are watching on TV including Anderson Cooper. Corey Feldman is playing another character. The other Corey - Corey Haim is still alive too. FTM Adam Levine is pregnant in the picture. His wife, MTF has to break out the #MoonBump when they get pregnant or they just use a surrogacy program for their children if they don't kidnap them. Biggie Smalls is still alive and is known as Soup and Bobby Shmurda. Tupac is still alive and has probably played many characters before. He is Quavo. He was born a female - FTM and is still performing. A couple of the breakdown groups are saying that outspoken journalist Shaun King from New York is actually the rapper and FTM T.I. from Atlanta.

Jada Pinkett, her mother, and her daughter are ALL MEN - Males to Females (MTF) Transgenders. The entire family is inverted and maybe MADE UP also. Jada Pinkett, escapades with a younger man, August Alsina, was actually Will Smith's son, Trey Smith, by his first wife. According to Conscious X, it is believed that Will Smith is actually Singer-Songwriter Sam Cooke and is playing the role of Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry does not exist. I have known for a while that Perry was wearing a mask but did not know who was playing him until recently when I heard Tyler Perry sounding exactly like Will Smith in a clip. However, they can do this in the movies but they were outside the Tyler Perry studios speaking in an informal setting and looks like he was trying desperately not to sound like Will Smith -- but he did sound exactly like Will Smith. We all thought Will and Jada were GIMTOED for 'Crimes Against Humanity' and being on the Epstein list.

Could we all be fooled because of all the mask-wearing? We know that the White Hat Alliance used Tyler Perry studios in Atlanta to record scenes for the Joe Biden's White House. So did they give Will Smith a reprieve for cooperating with them? We also heard that Perry was bad at one time but became good. We need to know the truth. Who is Tyler Perry? According to Conscious X Coolio is alive as Travis Scott.

Row Two: Trippie Redd admits he is Orlando Brown. People said there is more than one Lebron James. Look in the photo -- one was sitting in the stands in the back of Lebron in this shot (click here). Lebron and Kobe (who is still alive) are a part of the BOULE fraternity. The word is in the black community you can only rise so high unless you get permission from the Boule Fraternity, which means you have to rise to be a FREE Mason. I reported on Lebron in enewsletter #6. Kobe and his daughter are alive and were a MADE UP family. Kobe is Myles Garrett and is still playing basketball and he is also Ara Zobayan, the pilot of the doomed aircraft. Kobe's daughter is the person under her picture. Don't know the name. Kobe was born a female and I broke Kobe down in enewsletters #5 and #6.

Denzel Washington's entire family is inverted transgenders. But might also be made up. The son is also an FTM and sounds like Denzel though. Denzel Washington is playing the role of ASAP Rocky and Stevie Wonder, who of course isn't blind. Now we see why Denzel has an overbite. He wears veneers when he plays his main character. According to Divine Sade Andre 3000 is also playing the role of Stevie Wonder. One of Kat Williams other characters is the guy in the orange cap.

Has Brad Pitt been playing the role of Benicio Del Toro the entire time? Heath Ledger is also Joseph Gordon Levitt. FTM Michael Jackson is Bruno Mars. Actor Bradley Cooper never existed. His role was played by Jaime Kennedy. MacCauley Culkin is also Kid Rock. Pope Francis was GITMOED a while back and his role was played by Jonathan Pryce. Colin Kaepernick never existed. FTM Marouane Fellaini was playing the role of Colin Kaepernick. He was selling the ice cream on his website with the Pedo symbol on it. I reported on him in enewsletter # KillerMike might be Barry White. FTM Bow Wow is Little Mama and the character Gorilla. Morgan Freeman is Jimi Hendrix.

Third Row: FTM Stephen tWitch Boss is still alive as the act or Mos Def. I reported on him in enewsletter #15. Prince is still alive and even showed up at his funeral as his sister. He doesn't have a sister. He is still alive and was playing the part of Kamala Harris along with the singer Aaliyah, who is still alive. Bill and Melinda Gates were hanged from a tree in India after poisoning children with vaccinations in Africa and India in 2013. Annie Lebowitz played the part of Bill Gates. Robin Williams, who is still alive, played the part of Melinda Gates and also played Actor Kevin Kline and possibly Steve Martin.

KRS One might have played the head of the #MeToo Movement, Tarana Burke. All the #MeToo Movement women, Tarana Burke, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan were Males to Female (MTF) Transgenders. Many believe Eminem was switched out a while ago. They also believe 50 Cent was switched out. Jeremy Renner is a female. Another character was playing Nipsey Hussle. Gucci Mane is believed to have been switched out.

Shaquille O'Neal is wearing a mask. Bernie Mac was wearing a mask and is believed to have been Basketball Player Michael Jordan. Bruce Lee was born a female. John Travolta was believed to be Kesha. The whole R. Kelly ordeal was a False Flag and Psyop to distract you and harvest your energy. Kelly is believed to be the guy under the picture. Kelly's wife and daughter were men - Male To Female (MTF) Transgenders. Steve Irwin is still alive and is believed to also be SInger John Denver, who is also still alive. Again, there are around five (5) Kayne Wests. Was he Reggie Bush whose wife looked exactly like Kim Kardashian? I reported on Kayne in enewsletter #13. Podcaster Kevin Samuels is still alive and was a retired basketball player. Justin Bieber is 'The Weeknd'. They have the same teeth.

People Who Are Demons That Lived Before

Lizzo is also Queen Latifah according to Divine Sade and this is why she is trying to let heavy-set women know that it is okay to walk around naked and eat like a pig. Again, these are the people that are corrupting society. If we ever expect to bring back the family value system again, it's important that we share this info. Once everything is exposed then we can build from there. Podesta's son is good and was actually helping to expose him.

Tom Brady Other Characters

Tom Brady was born a female (FTM transgender) and both of his ex-wives are men (Males To Females (MTFs)) Transgenders. Many people believe these other characters are also of Tom Brady. We know that plenty of movie stars wear fat suits. Chris Pratt is an actor and looks like Tom Brady around the eyes and has the same nose and mouth and it was said they all have the same voice. I believe Matt is also a football player. They even believe the wives are also wearing masks and might be the same woman (or man). You can check out "Bright Green Barbi" on Instagram for more transgender breakdowns.

Damar Hamlin's Doubles

There is more on Damar Hamlin in enewsletter #15.

Damar Hamlin Deceiving You

with Fake Injury

(click here)

Is the NFL Covering Up Damar Hamlin's Death?

(click here)

Ex-Master FREE Mason Exposes the Satanic Rituals of FREE Masons

(click here)

Are FREE Mason Men Hindering or Helping Your Community?

Somehow I still believe the Damar Hamlin case is being used to out the NFL, while everyone is being educated on FREE Masons and the Illuminati. Not only was that not Damar Hamlin at the game but his double held up the 33 sign - 33 for FREE Masonry, and the Triangle and the Black Eye club for the Illuminati. Many FREE Masons are leaders in every single community but some are EVIL and have inspirations to move on to the Illuminati and that is where the Devil lives.

My supervisor on my job with Customs for 11 years was a FREE Mason and he constantly talked about how they ONLY CARE about the families especially the kids of other FREE Masons. In Atlanta, where I lived at the time, the FREE Masons created these MASSIVE mentorships for ONLY the children of other FREE Masons and they made sure all of them got funding for college degrees.

Therefore, if you have all these FREE Mason politicians, there is NO WAY that these individuals can care about you and your community so even being a FREE Mason is very problematic to me because of their belief system for other FREE Masons and not the COMMON MAN and their family.

Another thing about the Atlanta FREE Masons that bothered me is because Atlanta was only 100 miles from the George Guidestones that had written on its stone that it was about depopulation, this part of the country had more FREE Mason lodges than homes -- almost.

Not only did this area call themselves 'Lil Hollywood', but the Satanist and Pedophile Agendas (Adrenochrome, Organ Harvesting, etc.) were very heavy in that area. Remember the Atlanta Child Murders? Whoever (probably more than one person such as a Child Trafficking Ring) did these kidnappings not only did they fit in in these communities, which meant they were people of color, but some reached into homes and grabbed the children out of their beds.

FREE Masons totally support the LGBTQ communities (LGBTQ Plus means 'Pedophile') and their agendas (it's mandatory as a FREE Mason -- even though some especially politicians, pretend they don't). Just remember that many FREE Masons are going along with the LGBTQ agenda to indoctrinate and groom your children and many of the FREE Masons themselves are gay and inverted transgenders. So understand that the LGBTQ and FREE Masonry community is ONE COMMUNITY - ONE LOVE.

Again, I find FREE Mason's belief system to be problematic -- so stop saying that all FREE Masons are good, honest family men. Like any other club, they have rules that they have to follow. So are FREE Mason men hindering or helping communities? Again, we know what happened in Hollywood with the Child Trafficking, Adrenochrome, and Organ Harvesting of children. It was actually GROUND ZERO for these types of 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

The fact that Atlantans refer to themselves as "Lil Hollywood" is very problematic to me and it should be for you also. Again, DO NOT elect these individuals into office. Read my enewsletter entitled "You Have 120 Days Once Gesara Goes Through to Elect Ethical and Honest Politicians." Do not elect Career Politicians, Lawyers, Movie Stars, Lobbyists, Free Masons, etc. Also, since over 90% of police officers are actually FREE Masons read my enewsletter entitled "Law Enforcement, Free Masonry and Saving Our Families."

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