February 2024

Progress Continues with GeorgiaUnify, GaHIN's Social Care Integration Platform

GaHIN is expanding its role as a trusted network that facilitates the use and secure exchange of information statewide by connecting health and social care systems through a new platform called GeorgiaUnify®.

GeorgiaUnify facilitates closed-loop referrals and coordination of services such as housing, transportation, and nutrition to support more effective whole-person care throughout Georgia communities.

Benefits for Health Providers

Using GeorgiaUnify, health providers can create and view a comprehensive longitudinal patient record that incorporates both clinical and social care data through their EHR or the GeorgiaConnX or GeorgiaUnify portals. Patient clinical data is shielded from community service organizations, preserving patient privacy and supporting HIPAA compliance.

Individual clinical data available through GaHIN can be aggregated to provide insight on health and social risks and outcome trends to inform interventions, quality improvement efforts, and resource allocations. And when a provider makes a referral, the closed-loop system confirms that the referral has been completed.

Benefits for Social Care Providers

For organizations and agencies providing social care services, GeorgiaUnify can serve as an electronic case management system. The vendor-agnostic platform can also integrate with an existing case management system.

GeorgiaUnify includes services matching, whole person needs identification and digital referrals. The platform helps users assign tasks to a coordinator and even fully automate routine tasks. Plus, the platform incorporates operational dashboards that establish performance goals and success criteria and then tracks progress towards those objectives.

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GaHIN Experts Selected to Speak at HIMSS24

GaHIN’s work to develop its social care integration platform, GeorgiaUnify, will be highlighted at the HIMSS24 annual conference in March. Denise Hines, CEO, and Shirelle King, Program Manager, will present a session on “Enhancing Whole-Person Care Through Clinical and Social Data Integration.” HIMSS speaking slots are highly competitive and provide excellent recognition for GaHIN’s leading-edge integration of GeorgiaUnify with GeorgiaConnX.

Session Description:

Over the last decade, health information exchange (HIE) entities have evolved to support a series of critical electronic health information needs beyond patient care. Many have made significant strides with data interoperability and information sharing, but more work is needed to support social care data integration.

The onset of new data standards and policy to support the collection, exchange, and use of social determinants of health (SDOH) in health IT systems have shifted state-level initiatives toward enhancing existing data infrastructure beyond clinical data exchange. A few HIEs have begun their transformative journey to accelerate the integration of social care data with clinical data in support of whole-person care.

To better meet community needs and address social drivers, HIEs need to be more inclusive of stakeholders across the health and social services ecosystem and establish the right foundational elements for data exchange. This session will explore the approach taken by one HIE (GaHIN) to foster SDOH information exchange across their participating clinical and community-based provider groups.

Participants will gain access to strategies that engender trust and create a unified value proposition across disparate stakeholders. This session will introduce use cases that enhance whole-person care, improve outcomes and drive potential cost savings.

Tuesday, March 12

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Location - W307A (West Building, Level 3)

We hope you’ll stop by if you’re attending HIMSS!

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