Georgia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! It has majestic mountains and beautiful Black sea, green valleys and the most friendly people! For sure the best food in the world!!!! And one of the most successful Village outreach !!!

Truth is power! Jesus changes everything!
One of the most successful evangelism works we have in Georgia. We planted 5 vans to evangelism teams to reach villages in Georgia! This trip I ministered in Mukhrany village at Pastor Temuri church.
Click on this pic or link to wantch 20 sec praise and worship from Muhrani!!
Healing power was present!
At the end of the service we prayed for healing and there were several oustanding testimonies of healings ( inculding absolutely blind lady started gradually see after we prayed for he for half an hour) !!!!!.

This beautiful lady was healed from head to toe! Can walk without cane she came with , can bend her back and no pain. Can get down on her knees and get up , c an raise her arms all the way up! !!! Glory!!!! Jesus is Lord!

Amazing woman ETERI!
Pastor Temuri is the Pastor of the whole village!!!!
Eteri is Pastor Temiri's mother and my dearest friend! Her husband died when she was 23 and since that time for years she was wearing black dresses ( Sign of life time mourning according to traditions of the country). Only after she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, She began to wear coloured clothing. She never married and raised 2 of her sons who are ministers today. Eteri worked so hard at the hospital in Tbilisi as maternity nurse plus worked at home with her boys to grow vegetables and fruits . She did not have much but always was generous in giving away the fruit of her garden and field. Amazing woman!
I know Pastor Temuri since 1992 when he came to study at the Bible school. I was an interpreter for American missionaries and teachers . Temuri started a church in his native village of Muhrany and is very respected by people .
Temuri told me that he visited every house in the village and shared the Gospel with every family .
Even Orthodox priest is very respectful of him - that is a rear thing!!)))

Yes, it is Temuri's puppy sleeping on my arm))))
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