April 2024
The Onnia subtriquetra fungus produces bracket-shaped fruiting bodies that appear on coastal pines in the fall and slowly deteriorate over the winter season.
An Under-Recognized Pathogen of Coastal Pines – Get to Know Onnia Subtriquetra 

For the past couple of decades, pines along the California coast have been dying, seemingly at an increasing rate. This includes all the pine species along the coast from north to south: shore pines, bishop pines, Monterey pines, and Torrey pines. Rates of decline and mortality differ from place to place, as do the apparent causes of mortality, which include both native and non-native pathogens and insects. Now a previously under-recognized fungus has been added to the list. Learn more about Onnia subtriquetra, and how to identify it by following the link below.  
(Right) Senior Environmental Scientist P. Rowland practices bucking and limbing a small fallen tanoak.
JDSF Staff Gear Up for Spring Cleaning with Chainsaw Certification 
This month, all of the JDSF field staff have received basic chainsaw certification. The Chamberlain Creek Fire Center located in Jackson Demonstration State Forest was a huge help in teaching JDSF staff safe and proper ways to use a chainsaw. Their firefighting crews use chainsaws for many of their fuels management projects and firefighting efforts. Although JDSF staff don’t use chainsaws quite as often, they are important for personnel to have on hand in the case of a downed tree blocking a road or trail. Downed trees can block access for recreation, research, and emergency situations, so it’s important that these pathways are kept clear. It’s also important that hazard trees—trees that are not structurally sound, usually due to insect/disease infection or another tree falling into it— are removed if possible.  
The JAG provides CAL FIRE a broad range of expertise and represents the broad public interest in the management of Jackson Demonstration State Forest under its general Forest Managment Plan approved by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. The JAG also offers valuable insights to the needs of the community, both of local forest users and those statewide with interest in the stewardship and sustainability of redwood forest ecosystems. 
Jackson Advisory Group Announces New Chairperson – Amy Wynn 
Jackson Demonstration State Forest is happy to announce that Amy Wynn was appointed as the Jackson Advisory Group (JAG) Chairperson by CAL FIRE Director Joe Tyler on March 15, 2024. Amy is a valuable contributor to the JAG, providing expertise in local recreation and land use planning since her original appointment in 2012. That long-standing commitment to the JAG provides Amy valuable perspective on Jackson Demonstration State Forest, its management goals and objectives, the interested stakeholders, and the role of the JAG.  
Next Jackson Advisory Group Meeting Set for May 8

The next scheduled Jackson Advisory Group (JAG) meeting for 2024 is Wednesday, May 8 at the Fort Bragg Lions Club starting at 9 AM. An agenda is available via the link below. A field tour will follow the seated part of the meeting. 

The mission of the JAG is to provide advice/recommendations to CAL FIRE and the Board of Forestry regarding issues relevant to the periodic review of the JDSF Management Plan required under Board policy, ongoing implementation issues, and policy matters relevant to JDSF. 
University of California Cooperative Extension Tree School coming to Hopland on May 4 

Get excited for University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) Forest Stewardship's first Tree School event! Join the UCCE Forest Stewardship team, the UC ANR Fire Network, and collaborators from across the state for this special educational experience. The Mendocino sessions will be covering foundational forestry concepts for California's North Coast. Find details for the Hopland sessions below. 
This Earth Day, Learn More About the CAL FIRE Reforestation Services Program 

Every year we celebrate Earth Day on April 22. This year, we’re celebrating CAL FIRE's Reforestation Services Program. For over 100 years, the program has worked to replenish forests and catalog California’s seeds in the State Seed Bank. Check out this video to see how CAL FIRE is taking action for a greener, healthier California. 
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