Gazette Monthly  |  March 2017
A Word from our GM

The days are getting longer and the temperature continues to steadily rise up at The Ranch. With more returning staff than ever before, the excitement is palpable as everyone prepares for their move back to the ranch. Huge spring cleaning initiatives have began, as everything gets polished to shining in anticipation of our first event. 

Of course, the big news is the purchase of the Spring Lake Range to west of The Ranch. The property itself means great things for the ranch for many reasons, but what makes this news so exciting is the trail systems it gives us easy access to (more on that below). Steve and I couldn't resist a ride to Spring Lake the day the purchase was finalized, and easily understood what makes the property so special. 

Steve and Brandon are putting up long hours in the wood shop, making new trail signs, and hitching posts; and soon, trails will be cleared and created utilizing both new and old, undiscovered land. 

- Taylor

Spring Lake Range Acquisition

Tucker and Nala are excited about the Spring Lake Pastures!!

YEEHAW!! The BIGGEST news yet!!!

The Flying U Ranch has just purchased more land for our riders. The Spring Lake Range acquisition is two large parcels totalling 200 acres of rich meadows and forest to the west of our home range. Many of our riders know the area well, as it is a lovely piece of land, hosting some amazing trail circuits which offer incredible views of both Spring and Green Lake. 
It is an important purchase as it gives our riders access to a broad network of popular trails around Round and Wilkinson Lakes. This major purchase is part of an ongoing commitment by the ranch to the unguided horseback heritage of the Flying U. 

New Maps, Trails and Hitching Posts

Riding the Flying U Range has never been so easy! 
With the acquisition of the Spring Lake Range, the old circuits have been reopened, giving our guests more riding options, and easier access to Coyote Junction, Round Lake, Wilkinson Lake, Boyd Pass, Naigi Trail systems, Charlie's Meadows, and expanding circuits to the west. 

This new property not only provides new ways in and out of the home range, but drastically improves shorter, half-day riding options on some of the most pristine property in the region. From the crest of Spring Lake pasture, sprawling meadow hugs this private lake before giving way to impressive Green Lake.

But there's more! We have looked closely at the areas to the North and East of the ranch and  discovered some great new trails there too.  So this year guests will have some exciting days exploring some of the best landscapes in BC. 

Hitching posts are being installed at your favorite lunching spots, including Spring Lake, Round Lake, Moose Mountain and Charlie's Meadows. 

We will also be installing  docks  and canoes on which to enjoy Lost Lake and Spring lake

Herd Update

Steve broke the news to all the horses of the new pasture acquisition , and reports that the Flying U herd could not be happier with the addition! Not only does this mean more grazing, but the horses love running the sprawling pastures of Spring Lake as our guests do! 

Spring also means it's nearly time to start bringing the horses in once again, brushing away those cold winter coats, trimming those hooves and getting tack re-fit. This year, each horse's assigned tack will be completely reassessed for fit and functionality.

The big news is that our CEO has authorized the purchase of 22 additional horses for the guests for the 2017 year. So you will see many new faces at the ranch this summer. Our horses work very hard, and are high-performance athlete's. We will continue to ensure they receive only the best care, and consistently improve our horsemanship practices.

Did you know you can leave tips for the horses? 100% of gratuities left for our herd goes towards their care. 

Group  Even ts

It's not too late to book The Flying U for your 2017 group event!

With a diverse team specialized hospitality professionals, The Flying U is the perfect venue for your event, either large or small. 

Intimate events unfold with custom packages, utilizing our large and private log-homes. 

Groups over 60 have the option to reserve the entire property exclusively, and work one on one with coordinators to plan the perfect and unique event.          

We specialize in weddings, corporate retreats, family reunions, school and youth groups

In 2016 and 2017, we had the pleasure of working with BC Timber Association, BC Parks Association, PMT Chartered Accountants, BCFA, Century Flight Club, Federation of Canadian Artists, Apple Pie Music Events, VPD Cadets, Canadian Girl Guides, and many other wonderful companies, schools and families. 

New for 2017 Archery Program

An enjoyable half-day activity for guests wanting to learn a new skill in a casual and fun environment. 
Beginner & intermediate level instruction of theory and fundamentals of traditional archery to youth and adults with a focus on safety.  
Its similar  to an 18-hole golf,  where archers are guided through a hike to each target which is marked along the trail.  The 3D course is an outdoor target range that consists of targets set along a light hiking trail where archers can test their archery marksmanship in a wooded area.  
Coloured stakes mark the distance of each target, testing the skill level of the archer.  
Time to completion can range from 1-2.5 half hours.   
Participants 8-13 years of age must be accompanied by Guardian. 
Instructor: Ryan Brooks a huge addition to the Flying U Staff! 

We found Ryan Brooks,  living in a self-built cabin in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories. He has made his career as an avid outdoorsman. Ryan has a background in Wildlife and Forestry and has worked as a guide in Yukon, NWT and Ontario with horses, dogsleds, backpacking and canoe. Ryan is CPR HCP WAFA PAL & First Aid certified, with a keen passion for the outdoors that he loves to share with Canadian and international guests.

RV Spots 

Announcing "Pioneer Village" 16 designated dry RV spots for 2017!

We've found the perfect broad private clearing surrounded by trees  from which guests can now enjoy the ranch facilities from the comfort of their personal camping vehicles. These are dry parking areas so there are no power or water facilities provided.

Overlooking Spring Lake, the closed site is the perfect blend of seclusion and functionality. Packages range from all-inclusive meal and recreation plans, to simple dry-camp options. 

Please call us to book your custom RV camping spot!  

Equi-Health Canada Equine First Aid

May 13 & 14, 2017

Become a savvy horseman!
We always hope it doesn't happen, but things can go wrong on the trail. Preparation can save lives of riders and horses alike. Will you be prepared this summer?

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Course
Join us for a comprehensive course covering:
  • What your vet needs to know
  • Conditioning a horse to accept treatment
  • Taking vital signs
  • Dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, hoof issues.
  • Recognizing pain in the horse and pain source identification
  • Saddle fit for spinal health
  • Injury prevention
Much, much more!  
All attendees receive a certificate of completion, first aid manual and this course earns you professional development credits with Equine Canada as well as equine-related insurance discounts with Capri and Intercity! Advanced class available following Basic course.

Complimentary guided trail ride, or Equine Assisted Wellness clinic option in the afternoon.

Save 20% on accommodation when you  book one or more Equine-Health class. 

Only 5 more spots available

Taught by Equi-Health Canada certified instructor

Flying U Bulletin Board

- 7th, May 2017: Gymkhana - Barrels, Poles, Keyhole, Handy Pony and Egg Stomp at 100 Mile Outrider Grounds.

- 13th, May 2017: 100 Mile House Community Fun Day at 100 Mile Outrider Grounds.

- 20-21, May 2017: Little Britches Rodeo at 100 Mile Outrider Grounds. 

 Prospectors Roadhouse of Flying U Group wins local Chamber of Commerce award for
Most Improved Business


Flying U is proud to continue hosting live bands on Saturday nights and special occasions and loves supporting the local talent throughout the Cariboo, BC, Canada. 

We're always looking for new and upcoming artists to get our guests dancing into the night. 

Contact us here for booking availability

This Months Staff Profile

John Lovelace President and CEO Flying U Inc 
The man behind the scenes  

John Lovelace took over the reins  at the flying U ranch in the fall of  2015 after exploring Canada on the TV series "Wings Over Canada". Johns passion is working with the youth activities at the ranch. He also  serves as  our waterfront director and most summer days you can find him on the water giving canoeing lessons. 
His mission is to return the Flying U to its former glory days and he has assembled a team and the resources to get the job done! 




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