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Community Update

Holiday Decor
As a reminder, all holiday decorations should be removed from view by the end of the month, January 31. This includes lights, garland, yard signs, window decals, etc.

1st Quarter Assessment Extension
Since Q1 Assessment Statements were mailed out at the end of December, instead of early in the month, the due date has been extended. For the 2019 1st Quarter Assessment, all payments must be posted to your account by February 15, 2019 to avoid late fees. Please be aware that we recommend allowing a minimum of 10 days for processing, so please make every effort to make your payment by the end of January to be safe.

January Landscaping
It’s easy to forget during these cold, wet months that landscaping requires attention year-round. Taking some extra steps now can help make your spring and summer months much more bearable! For instance, did you know that January is actually an excellent time to prune shade trees? Doing so can help shape or remove damaged branches, and can remove lower branches for better sun penetration to your lawn. (Keep in mind that “topping” is not the same as pruning!) It’s also a great time to prune your evergreen shrubs to help them maintain their natural shape and prevent overgrowth.

Also, if you’re starting to see any clover, henbit, dandelions, or chickweed, you may need to consider applying broadleaf weed killer (but make sure the weather has warmed a little bit more and that it’s dry!).
As always, if you’re unsure of what your yard is needing, consult with a professional landscaper who can determine what’s best for you and your lawn.

Thank you!

Brittany Bittle
Community Manager
Lifestyle Update
New Community Website
We are on track to roll out the new and improved community website at the beginning of February! I am excited about the new look and features and I believe you will be too!

The web address will not change from, however, you will be required to create a new user ID and password, and create a profile on the new website.

Keep an eye out for more communication regarding the launch at the beginning of February.
Fitness Trainers Needed
With the opening of the fitness center on the horizon, we are looking for a couple of trainers that we can recommend as preferred trainers for Gateway Parks.

They would need to be willing to train here on-site and have availability to schedule sessions in the evenings and on weekends.

Please send all referrals and inquiries to
New Location
Due to the weather, this course has been moved from the pavilion to the following location:

White Tiger Martial Arts
571 S. FM 548 #100
Forney, TX 75126

3 miles from Gateway

To be notified of future course dates, please email
When you train in our Forney martial arts program, you take advantage of the best self-improvement system in the world.
Event Entourage 2.0

Exciting news for our volunteer group, Events Entourage! We are implementing an All Star Program this year to acknowledge and reward you for your amazing efforts!!

The program will include a variety of ways to gain "stars" and the more stars, the greater chance of winning a prize that could include a one quarter assessment waiver!

Stay tuned for more information with the launch of the new website!

If you are interested in helping out with events and activities, join us in the Events Entourage group.

Notable Neighbor 2019

Be a notable neighbor this year! Lend a helping hand, look out for your fellow residents, show off your phenomenal green thumb! Any and all of these things could get you recognized, but more importantly, it
just feels good!

While you're out there doing all these great things, don't forget to acknowledge anyone else who fits the bill. Recognize your notable neighbor - both nominators and nominees could win!

Post your nominations on Facebook or email to
Help us spread the word!
Registration for the Shamrock Dash is now open. Please help us spread the word about this fun St. Paddy's celebration!

Invite your family and friends to participate in the run or the family fun day to follow.

We've got a lot of fun planned to keep you entertained!

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Upcoming Events
Registration Open!
Ticket sales close Friday, February 1
Teens and tweens, this party is for you! RSVP now for you and a friend.
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