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Year in Review
Hands: Better Together
Enhance. Advance. Give Back
"There is not a big "I" or "little you"on a team. There are invisible eyes that can see what others can't see, to get the job done."
 ~Mary Greene, GWWN Executive Director
Greetings, our "Year in Review" is to highlight, inspire, and show gratitude. Grab your favorite drink, relax, and join us to view our illustrative story to wow you!
About GWWN
Brief Overview

Founded in 1995, Greater Washington Women's Network, (GWWN) is a powerhouse nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting women from all nationalities.

GWWN invests in business and professional members' success to achieve goals by (1) educating, (2) networking, (3) providing resources for training and other opportunities, (4) engaging in community projects with other women, (5) inspiring youth and young women to succeed, and (6) reaching back to help women be successful. The impact has been phenomenal. This report reflects only a few examples. See our track record from previous highlights.
GWWN is a small passion-driven organization without a salaried-staff. GWWN's member-operated and volunteers' pay is "serving others," while accomplishing our own personal, business, and career goals.

GWWN was an affiliate of the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) for 25 years until December 2020. NAFE and Working Mothers were merged under a new business model, "Seramount" in 2021.

GWWN offers volunteer experience for various positions. This is an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience toward your career or give back to the community. Students may receive academic credit for internship. GWWN does not offer paid internship.

Members Benefits
GWWN: (1) provides essential resources, training and leadership opportunities to develop your business and career, (2) showcases your business or special activities in our broadcasts: (newsletters, newscasts, and special interests express publications), and networking events/meetings, (3) recognizes achievements, (4) offers discounts for GWWN's events, (5) receives and shares complimentary events tickets, (6) identifies untapped talents, (7) gives and receives personable touches, (8) passes it forward in the community, (9) builds relationship, learning, and growing together, and (10) explores opportunities to expand your horizon.
Networking Connection
Technology virtual connection made it easier to execute training and networking programs.
A convenience, it happens anywhere. You never know where a person is sitting. A different world now, right?
GWWN and its partners are getting accustomed to the new norm. The traditional ways of conducting networking are changing significantly. Therefore, conducting virtual training events and business meetings play an important role in GWWN's future, and other businesses and organizations models. Presently, in-person events are limited and require additional planning and various health precautions.

GWWN continued to collaborate and partner with other organizations hosting events. On behalf of these and other organizations, GWWN advertised and promoted their events. A few topics covered were women issues that specifically impacted women, business development, health updates concerns and studies, career and personal development. Some organizations GWWN promoted were Workingmother Media, A Woman's Journey, Healthywomen, Suited for Change, Women In Technology International, Diversity & Flexibility Alliance, John Hopkins Medicine: Robe Government Contracting Alliance, Women In Networking (WIN), Seramount, Darfur Women Action Group, and On Purpose Woman Global Community.
GWWN's Accomplishments and Benefits:
  1. The virtual events on-hand practice tools learned built self-confidence. Members were encouraged to attend more events.
  2. Global networking was impressive. Members enjoyed meeting new people, exchanging business ideas, and resolving problems.
  3. Members were motivated to pursue further business and career goals.
  4. Members' preparation and travel expenses were reduced and provided less stress.
  5. Organizations received free advertisements through our newsletters and newscasts.
Our Community Engagement was amazing! Learn how
Community Engagement

Appreciation: Raising the Bar

  1. "Food and Diaper Banks"

Front line workers were appreciated this year. Mary Greene,GWWN Executive Director wrote another encouragement poem.

Distribution: Food Banks 41 and Diaper Banks 13 = 54

Raising the Bar: 50% more cards were sent compared to 2019-2020. Communities outside of the DC Metropolitan area were included. Also the poem "Your Gifts Look Good on You" highlights the amazing things you do!

Greater Washington Women's Network, GWWN
From All of Us to All of You

Mary Greene, GWWN Executive Director wrote this poem to highlight your love, commitment, and the amazing things you do. This is GWWN's way of saying
thank you.

Your Gifts Look Good on You

It's not what we say
It's all about what we do
You've made a difference for
dreams to come true

You've put your life on the line
You are so kind
serving and giving
you are making others shine.
Your gifts look good on you!
2. There's more...

GWWN sent out
Pearl of Wisdom
Encouragement Cards
Delivered for the first time.

Cards with different quote messages were sent to the St. Louis Area Food Bank for their senior program. The encouragement cards were placed in food boxes and delivered in the Missouri area.

Total: 36
A Pearl of Wisdom Encouragement Card Example

Greater Washington Women's Network, GWWN
From All of Us to All of You

You Are A Gem!

Pearl of Wisdom

"What I am looking for is not
out there, it is in me."
~Helen Keller, was an American author, disability right advocate, political activist, and lecture
A few responses:

The Power of a Thank You: Phone Calls and Email

Ms. Verona Claybrone from Detroit Michigan, Diaper Bank called GWWN on September 9, 2021. She called regarding the thank you card: "Your Gifts Look Good on You" GWWN mailed to her. She was overwhelmed and excited that someone in DC was sending her a card. She had to pick up the phone to call to say thank you.

She said: " How did I get this card?" Did someone nominate me?" She said: "I am always giving to others. These words are so timely and just what I need! I am going to put this card in my office." She was so pleased and electrified.

She also followed up with an email the next day (September 10, 2021).

Good afternoon:

"I received a pleasant surprise yesterday in the mail...a greeting card. As I read the card, I felt so fortunate that someone thought of ME having the qualities described in the poem. I will place the card in my office and cherish it as I remember your kind expression of love."


"Today, (September 18, 2021) around 2:00 PM, GWWN received a call from Ms. Dixie Tyree, 86 years old, from St. Clair, MO. She received our "Pearl of Wisdom Encouragement Card" yesterday in her food basket. Today, she decided to open the card. It was from Washington, DC, GWWN. 

She said: “Who in Washington, DC would be thinking about an old lonely lady like me.” The card said: “You are a gem!” The quote in her card was "Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand.” ~Mother Teresa - nun and missionary."

Ms. Tyree said: "I had to call to thank you for the card and for thinking about me!." She was overjoyed and elated that we care. She shared about her personal life. Ms. Tyree is experiencing medical challenges. She was very positive and strong. She imparted a lot of knowledge and wisdom about life."

GWWN followed up with her since that time.

3. Judge Invitation

Global Society For Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) invited Mary Greene, GWWN Executive Director to serve as one of their judges for their Annual Lady Blue Sapphire Awards and Fashion Show held August 2021.
GWWN's Accomplishments and Benefits:
  1. Touching lives in a small way, GWWN made a big impact encouraging others.
  2. Seeing how passion and determination payoff and yields recognition, GSFE awardees were thrilled. They were selected from among dynamic women.
  3. Judging for GSFE awards: An honor, excellent visibility, and opportunity.
  4. Engaging in these and other community encounters, allowed volunteers to use their talents and skills to grow and serve others. GWWN was uplifted along with others.
  5. Helping others: Our actions are building blocks to a happier and healthier life, for the giver and the receiver. That benefit includes you!
Our Educational Information Center: Touchable
Education Information Center

Strengthening - Learning - Inspiring- Sharing - Leading
"Learning is powerful because no one can take it away from you."

"Always learning, always growing, and always educating yourself."
Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

~ Emanuel James Rohn (Jim) (September 17, 1930 – December 5, 2009), was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. A self-made millionaire before he turned 31.
GWWN Quarterly Newsletters

No. 23, December 2020

No. 24, March 2021

No. 25, June 2021

No. 26, September 2021
GWWN Community Resources Newscasts

Special Interests Express

Social Media

Employment and Resumes
Resources and Referrals Assistance
Mentoring and Coaching
Legacies, and Historic Moments

Globe Honorable Distinction

This section is dedicated to "Legacies and Historic Possibilities Moments".
Names and titles are cited here. Articles are in the links. We invite you to click on the links to learn more.

Legacy:Our Gratitude
Honoring the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsbury: A Champion for Women
March 15, 1933 - September 18, 2020
(Passed at age 87)

Legendary - Seven + Decades Actresses
Fitting Tributes - Icon Passed one Day Apart
Cloris Leachman
April 30, 1926 - January 27, 2021
(Passed at age 94)

Cicely Tyson
December 19, 1924 - January 28, 2021
(Passed at age 96)
Possibilities -Something Historic
A Precedential Patriotic Inaugural Celebration

Joseph R. Biden Sworn-in as 46th President
Kamala Devi Harris Sworn-in as Vice President

Girl Power Heighten: Affirmations and Declarations

Inauguration Celebration Highlights
  • Pictures, Narratives, and Songs
  • Poetry

Historic Account of Women's Accomplishments
Trailblazers: First Women Who Ran For The Presidency

If There Were No Footprint In The Sand
Carrying Us Far: Women Politician Pioneers

If I had No shoulders To Stand On
Triumph Champions (TS)
  • Preceding TC
  • Newly Elected Firsts
  • Kamala Devi Harris: American Politician and Attorney
First woman Vice President
First African American and First Asian American
  • Janet Louise Yeller: First Woman Treasury Secretary
First woman, Chair of the Federal Reserve
  • Congresswoman Cori Bush; First Black woman
First woman to represent Missouri's First Congressional District

GWWN's Accomplishments and Benefits:
  1. Our Education Information Center is phenomenal. It is an active ongoing progression. We keep you informed and updated with relevant, valuable knowledge and information that affects your life, health, family, business, and community. A few topics were career, employment, finance, events, community engagements training, scholarships resources, and youth development.
  2. GWWN showcased and recognized renowned women, members and volunteers accomplishments. Our dreams rejuvenated from their experiences!
  3. Publications are archived for members, volunteers, students, and, researchers to review, gather insight for projects and to preserve our history.
  4. As a member of our community, your success matters. Here in our Education Information Center you may link to past newsletters and newscasts. Retrieve the communication of your interest.
  5. GWWN's personal touches included resources, coaching, mentoring, and performed research. We addressed concerns, encouraged, and inspired.
A little kindness goes a long way. How? Surprisingly!
Accomplishments and Recognition

Let celebrate!
GWWN takes pride celebrating women, young adults, and youth's accomplishments and achievements. See the categories:
  • Congratulatory letters,cards, and applauded successes
  • GWWN's publications
  • Erica Riddick is pursuing her dream. She graduated in 2020 earning her M.S., Biomedical Studies, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA; now is a candidate for M.D., Doctor of Medicine Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA (2024); Job shadowed Ms. Mary Greene, Executive Director a few years ago. ("Making Spirit Bright": No. 23, December 2020)
  • L'Tange Alexander, GWWN Education Development Chair, New President, National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa (NSPDK) Inc. Eta Chapter, Camden, New Jersey ("Mom's Viewpoint". No. 26, September 2021)
  • Robbie Motter:Author: "It's All About Showing Up and the Power is in the Asking" ("Broken Chain - Heal Hearts", No. 25, June 2021)
  • Erica Wicks Brown,GWWN Photographer Volunteer ("Making Spirit Bright": No. 23, December 2020)
  • Mary Greene, Executive Director, 20 Year Anniversary
  • Videos Presentations: (1) "Seized the Moments" on behalf of Erica Wicks Brown, GWWN Photographer Volunteer" and (2) "Defining Moments", GWWN and Suited for Change (SFC), Community Engagement Impact Legacy, developed to share with Liz Reinert, SFC incoming executive director.
Erica Wicks Brown,GWWN Photographer Volunteer serviced in this role for several years, with pride in her work, a smile on her face, and devotions to the task.

Stated in newsletter No. 24, August. 2020: "GWWN is proud of Ms. Brown’s achievements and delighted she chose to volunteer for GWWN. This has provided her the opportunity to showcase her amazing talents and wonderful personality through photography. Ms. Brown is a cornerstone in building GWWN’s history through photos."

In preserving GWWN's astounding history, and honoring Erica, GWWN developed "Seize the Moments", a historic video presentation. It includes Erica's photo gallery and encouragement from members, volunteers,and the community.
Liz Reinert, Executive Director, Suited for Change came on board in 2019. In addition to a welcoming and congratulations letter, GWWN opted to do something special. The relationship legacy GWWN and SFC built over the years since1995 was momentous to showcase.

Frances Simpson, GWWN Community Engagement Chair is the safe keeper of SFC photos. Frances gets excited to take pictures. She declares: "A picture is worth a thousand words." She also encourages everyone to take pictures.

The Community Engagement Impact with Suited for Change "Defining the Moments" , 1995-2020 legacy presentation was developed to share. It highlights and preserves our memorable history and relationship together.
"It's All About Showing Up and the Power is in the Asking"
Robbie Motter
Powerful Inspirational Book
Available on

Robbie Motter is CEO/Founder Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs

Author, Radio Host, Certified National Speaker, Mentor and Coach

She served as NAFE Global Network Coordinator. She is also GWWN's mentor.
GWWN's Accomplishments and Benefits:
  1. Women invigorated each other. Thus, embraced hope, faith and possibilities!
  2. Members and volunteers gained leadership experience. This was captivating and rewarding.
  3. Women's aspiration was aroused for higher business and career development. Gifts were ignited!
  4. Videos are extraordinary training components. Long-lasting relationship legacy with Suited for Change is renowned.
  5. A treat: Using our talents,skills, giving and serving, generated happiness, kindness, and peace. Need Proof? Ask GWWN's members and volunteers. Try it.
It's incredible how a small team impacted many hearts. You've got to see it!

Record Breaking: What happened next?

Labor of Love

Spreading the Joy

GWWN gave donations to these 13 nonprofit organizations. Largest amounts in GWWN's History!

  1. Suited for Change
  2. Women In Networking (WIN)
  3. Global Society For Female Entrepreneurs
  4. The Training Center
  5. Darfur Women Action Group
  6. Maryland New Directions
  7. VolunteerMatch
  8. We Are Family
  9. Horton's Kids
  10. Generation Hope
  11. Community Crisis Center
  12. Capital Area Food Bank
  13. American Heart Association

A few responses:
Here GWWN shares exerts from 2 letters and a "certificate of appreciation" received in reference to our donations.
SFC Logo
"Because of your generosity, Suited for Change makes sure that women don't have to worry before the job interview; not about having the right clothes or accessories; what to say about their prior experience or gaps in their work history, and not about how to dial into Zoom call and speak confidently.

Thank you for helping Suited for Change take the worry away for
job-seeking women in our community. Because of you, we can do more than ever before in the year to come."

Liz Reinert
Executive Director
"Your support makes a direct impact on our Scholars and their children and provides vita funds that help sustain and grow our work.

This gift comes at a very important time for Generation Hope. We recently welcomed our largest class of Scholars in Generation Hope's history and look forward to supporting them in their journey to earning college degrees and securing jobs with family-sustaining wages.

Thank you for believing in our mission and investing in our Scholars and their children."

Thank you,
Nicole Lynn Lewis
Founder & CEO
"On behalf of the Women In Networking organization, thank you very much for your generosity and act of kindness. GWWN not only shares generosity in its community, but also with others beyond, and that is exceptionally commendable. You have a compassionate heart for people and the aspiration to make them successful and professional. This is a blessing and trademark of your success for over 20 years. As a former NAFE Network and current Executive Director, you epitomize "Networking" by capturing people's attention, personally, and through Social Media and impressive GWWN Newsletters. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the donation because it will be matched to help extend educational even further."

Mary Autrey
Network Director, Women In Networking
DFAS Indianapolis Chapter
GWWN's Accomplishments and Benefits:
  1. Equipped members and volunteer with education information about nonprofit organizations. Thereby, heightened the appreciation for their mission and vision.
  2. Demonstrated how professional skills transition into various roles, volunteers served in a greater capacity supporting the community.
  3. Raised the visibility and credibility of GWWN as an organization with compassion and a giving heart.
  4. Publicized and stirred by positive impact from others, confirmed to GWWN, small acts create big benefits.
  5. Returns on GWWN's investments were endless, multiples and keeps on giving!
It's magnificent how these hands are better together.

Beacon of Light
"If everyone is working together, then success takes care of itself."

~Henry Ford was an American industrialist, and founder of the Ford Company.
"Nothing can dim the light that shines within you."

~ Maya Angelou was an American poet, memoirist, and civil right activist.
"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, your curiosity.
It's your place in the world. It's your life."

~ Dr. Mae Jemison, an American engineer, physicians, former NASA astronaut, and the first Black woman to travel into space.
"Identify your talent and skills. Nurture, and believe they are yours. If you don't, no one else will."

~Mary Greene, GWWN Executive Director
Our Community and Gratitude
"Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share."

~Ginni Rometty, co-chairman of OneTen, and former executive chairman and CEO of IBM.
"Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career."

~ Margaret Whitman, an American business executive, formerly president and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
GWWN's community comprises of the executive board, members, volunteers, partners, friends, and supporters.

GWWN governance is achieved by the executive board, who are members. Only members can serve on the executive board. All members do not serve in a volunteer role, and volunteers may not be members.

Executive board, members, and volunteers are treasurers to GWWN. In this capacity, you believe in GWWN's mission and vision. Your passion and love drive you to make a difference. You play a pivotal role without a salary. Pay day is joy and serving others. GWWN thanks you for your dedication and inspiration.
Executive Board

Mary Greene, Executive Director
"Living my passion, is indescribable.
Changing lives is incredible.
GWWN is remarkably making a difference!
GWWN empowers!"

Jenifer Golson, Treasurer
"GWWN helped me to build bolder confidence
and grow in my profession. I am always learning from GWWN.
I am proud to be member!"

Cheryl Blount, Director of Membership and Secretary
"I said I couldn't, but GWWN said I could,
and led the way. Now I can." "Thank you GWWN!"

Gloria Blackwell*
Novella Gumbs*
Frederick Isler*
Helen Lawson

L’Tange Alexander*
Education Development Chair

Kevin Lawson
Lekshmy Nair
Geraldine Ward
Samuel Whitfield*

Frances Simpson
Community Engagement Chair
Do you know you are an asset to GWWN's community? Our supporters include a variety of people such as donors, subscribers, advocates, partners, friends, followers, and more. The term "supporter" is used for assurance. As a GWWN supporter, you might help us in more than one capacity. No matter what's your role, we honor and thank you.

Some of you have been with us since GWWN was established in 1995, while others it might have been 15, 10, 5 or less years. Your posture has been faithful and your allegiance rewarding. Behind the borders you quietly attributed to GWWN's success! We are elated you spend time supporting us. GWWN's community thrives because of people like you.

Your continued support is valued and highly esteemed. Together we are a pronounced team changing lives!
Membership Fee
We invite you to join this powerful organization. Membership benefits are affirmed throughout this "Year in Review". Women and men membership's fee is only $40.00, accepted online on our website and via our post office box.
GWWN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We operate on donations: monetary and in-kind gifts. All donations are used for service to meet the organization's needs. Donations are accepted on our website and via our Post Office Box 65532, Washington, DC 20035.
Message from Our Executive Director

Greetings Community,

Ending another program year, GWWN's accomplishments and benefits have enhanced, advanced, and given back. We are optimistic that our investments are fruitful. I am appreciative and proud of you for any contributions you've made for several reasons:
  1. As a powerful resource channel, your devotion to GWWN shines.
  2. We are still in a pandemic, in spite of challenges, we are strong, However, together, we are even stronger. GWWN's stance is teachable moments, best described by this quote: "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all." ~Author Unknown
  3. You give GWWN confidence as we help and serve others. We are an outstanding blast together.
  4. GWWN's accomplishments and impact expands beyond our wildest dream. While GWWN empowers others, your support amplifies GWWN's efforts.
  5. Here at GWWN, we give of ourselves for the betterment of others. GWWN loses nothing. In fact, we gain more from life, peace and joy in return.
  6. Gratitude and humility will continue to lead GWWN to greater opportunities.

Moving forward into another year, let's continue to be positive, and allow our passion to lead. GWWN's hearts beat like a drum for women to rise up in rank in businesses, careers, pursuing dreams, and furthering their education. GWWN wants to do more as we strive for excellence.

On behalf of GWWN's executive board, thank you for your heartfelt love, commitment, and service. GWWN is delighted you are in our community. We look forward to working with you. Also, we solicit your membership, donations and support. Be safe and healthy.

May you have peace, love, and joy in all that you do.

A Timeless Connection
Mary Greene
Executive Director
You are a gift. Stay opened and share!
"Good Better Best
Never let it rest
Until your good become better
and your better become best."
~Author unknown
Our success - Hands: Better Together!
It was all possible because of our incredible community!
 Thank you.

Remember: "You are a gift. Stay opened and share!"
Sources: Internet and as stated

GWWN Celebrating 26+ Years

Empowers and Transforms
Tax-exempt non-profit (501)(c)(3)
April 4, 2022

P.O. Box 65532
Washington, DC 20035
Phone: 202-580-8884
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