PHOTO: Almost all the GTCF staff photographed n February 2020

GTCF stands with the Black community. Racism is not okay.

GTCF is committed as an organization to do the work both internally and externally to work together with community partners and funders to end the injustice in our systems and dismantle the institutional racism that disproportionately impacts the Black community and all people of color. 

In the days and weeks ahead, this is GTCF's action plan: 

  • GTCF will hold open dialogues within our organization and create action steps for change within our own programs.
  • GTCF will consult with Black leaders and other leaders of color on the ground in our community. 
  • GTCF will align funders and funding to support and sustain racial justice work in our community. 
  • GTCF will build on our existing networks including census, Youth Philanthropy Board, and Whole Child partners to amplify voices that may not be heard. 
  • GTCF will work in partnership with community to support and sustain advocacy and action. 
  • GTCF will call on our White partners to take action as advocates and allies. 
PHOTO: David Hirschberg, Founder of RAIN Incubator collects sewage samples from Tacoma  Central Treatment Plant to test for COVID-19 via Drew Perine/Tacoma News Tribune

Over the past few weeks PIERCE COUNTY CONNECTED has distributed over $375K to local organizations addressing emerging needs related to COVID-19, while continuing to support needs of vulnerable populations as well. 

Seth Kirby, VP Community Impact, GTCF "As PIERCE COUNTY CONNECTED shifts to focus on emerging needs related to COVID-19 conditions, we are receiving a wide range of urgent requests from across the county. The funding distributed this week to Helping Hand House and RAIN Incubator highlights the broad range of system issues our community has the opportunity to reimagine and design so that impacted communities are prioritized from the beginning." 

David Hirschberg, Founder & Catalyst, RAIN Incubator "The COVID-19 virus is exposing the inequity and disparity that exists in America today which is reflected in the fact that Black, Latinx and Native Americans are dying at higher rates, both from COVID-19 and systemic racism. At RAIN, equity guides our work in science education and evidenced based action, however we are committed to recognizing our personal biases, and we will take focused action to provide opportunities for people of color. Providing greater access to COVID-19 solutions is just one small step. We are grateful to PIERCE COUNTY CONNECTED in providing funding for this important work." 

PIERCE COUNTY CONNECTED is an aligned philanthropic response to COVID-19 in Pierce County.  296 individual donors and 53 regional funders have contributed over $7.1 million to the fund, with $3.4 million already being distributed back to local organizations addressing urgent and emerging needs related to COVID-19. 



PHOTO: Fahren Johnson, GTCF Senior Program Officer facilitates discussion on racial equtiy during Every Hour Counts National Event on June 4, 2020. 

As part of the ongoing effort to provide aligned, equitable high quality social, emotional and academic opporutnities to students in and out of school through the Tacoma Whole Child partnership, GTCF's Whole Child team has been participating in a professional learning cohort through Every Hour Counts for the past three years. 

Every Hour Counts is a national coalition of after school intermediary organizations that support Expanded Learning Opportunities for young people across the country. On June 4th, Fahren Johnson, GTCF Senior Program Officer facilitated a discussion on racial equity for the Every Hour Counts Connections & Solutions National Event.  

In the discussion, Fahren and her fellow panelists highlighted some of the ways their organizations are working to address racial equity in their programs, policies, and funding opportunties. In addition, they shared insights on how to support their own staff and community partners during this season. 


Under COVID-19 conditions, internet connections have been the primary way many of us are learning about, joining, and advancing community actions around racial equity. While you are staying home and connected, GTCF's social media channels offer posts and links about local events, ways to support, and the people who are making a difference in our community.  

Here a few links recently shared on GTCF channels:

Follow us online to discover and share. 

PHOTO: Georgia Lomax, Executive Director Pierce County Library with Dean Carrell, Director Pierce County Library Foundation

In our latest annual book of Pierce County Partners, we share stories and insights from individuals and organizations who are making a difference in Pierce County. In their own words, they speak about the dreams and lessons that fuel their work in the community.

Georgia Lomax has been the executive director of the Pierce County Library System for five years, "I believe information, and supporting equitable access to information, helps people improve their lives."

"Pierce County Library is committed to regularly listening to community. Our most recent efforts helped us craft our strategic framework, which focuses on providing important services that spark success through learning, enjoyment, and community."

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