We are postponing the Spring clean-up day one week.

Save this new date: May 11th - 8 AM

Postponed due to prescheduled Girl Scout Spring Fling Craft Fair this weekend using the entire inside and outside of the facility.


 What: Good Shepherd Property Workday - Exterior

When: May 11, 2024; 8AM (earlier if you wish) until we are at a good stopping point

Needed: Labor with gloves, sturdy shoes, safety glasses, personal water bottles and sun screen

Hand tools including: shovels, spade, racks, pitch forks, blowers, brooms, wheel barrows, dollies, clippers, loppers, knives, trimming tools, short stepping ladder, etc.


  • Mulching - In the past pine straw has been used in landscaping on the church grounds, however, there are significant drainage issues which have been taken into consideration. This year instead of pine straw, we are putting down mulch. Jaimie has purchased 350 bags of mulch and has saved several hundred dollars. The mulch was delivered April 15th and stored in the Northeast Corner of the upper parking lot. Each bag weighs 32 lbs. and up to 50 plus lbs. if soaked with rain. We will place the mulch bags on pickup trucks beds and distribute on the property. Additionally, mulch will be moved by wheelbarrows, carts, or dollies brought by members of the Congregation to the final destination and raked into place. Easier on old backs. Bags are to be collected and recycled.

  • Removal - Another project will be digging up the shrubs in the islands at the upper parking lot. New shrubs will be installed at a later date. Bring shovels or spades and energy to accomplish this work. Excess dirt needs to be loaded into wheel barrows and moved.


  • Pruning - Along the curbs at the outside of the parking lots there are trees which need lower limb removal from the ground up and small growth which needs to be cut; clippers and loppers are needed for this work. There is also growth sprouting from stumps of trees removed in the past which need to be trimmed. Bring clippers and snips to enable this work to be completed. Sorry, but no chainsaws.


  • Downspouts and gutters – clear drains which are plugged up.


There will be additional work sessions in the future to complete our current tasks, to plant new plants, and also to deal with the water drainage issues on the Rose Creek side of the church. Additional projects will also include playground maintenance, assistance with the Garden of Grace, and curb painting. 


Thank you for considering assisting as we have lots of work needing addressed. If this isn’t something you are interested in helping but can provide other support; please feel free to contact the office. Our goal is to get work done, but SAFELY!!


Facilities & Maintenance, Caring for Creation and Youth and Family Ministry Committees