March 1, 2023 | Bulletin #23-03
We've Redesigned Our Website
Same quality service, new flare and responsiveness
You may have noticed that things look a little different at That’s right, we’ve given our website a bit of an overhaul, spiced it up, and expanded some things to make your experience online with us even better.
Motivation for the Change
We wanted you to be able to view, navigate and access information on our website on multiple devices. No matter if you are working on a desktop PC or your mobile phone on the go, you have the website at your fingertips.

While our homebuyer assistance programs remain our top priority, we wanted to showcase the other financial assistance programs that support our communities and improve the lives of Californians.

We wanted to improve the user journey, creating more unique and valuable material for our Lender and Real Estate Partners and potential Homebuyers.

What’s Changed
You’ll find the same resources for Lenders and Realtors participating in our homebuyer assistance programs that we had before, from Program Guidelines and Lender Training to Marketing Support and Education, but with a splash of color, imagery, and responsive content to bring our products and services to life.

Our streamlined navigation structure and menus have been redesigned for clarity, simplicity and to improve usability.

We also implemented an Events and Education section under the “About Us” menu providing content to motivate and prepare homebuyers for a successful journey into homeownership. Our outreach team provides support and expertise to business partners at various homebuyer and real estate education events, including workshops, seminars, homebuyer fairs, real estate meetings, and affordable housing related conferences. If you are hosting an educational event, you can “Submit a Request” to GSFA for a speaker or support materials.

Some Things Will Never Change
Our appreciation for the multitude of Loan Originators and Real Estate Professionals leading the conversation about Down Payment Assistance as a valuable tool to bridge the affordability gap for low and moderate-income homebuyers in California.

For 30 years, we have worked with business partners across a broad variety of industries, the real estate industry both state and federal, banks and financial institutions, developers, contractors, state agencies, county officials and departments, other non-profits, and local housing finance agencies and much more. Our team and business partners bring their expertise, ideas, and innovations to your front door to provide a viable source of financing for residential home purchases or refinances, commercial and residential energy efficiency improvement projects, multi‐family housing construction and rehabilitation projects, and city and/or county infrastructure improvements.

We’re incredibly proud of our business and our lovely new website – so please do have a look and tell us what you think.

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