November 23, 2022| Bulletin #22-14
GSFA Platinum® Program Updates and Enhancements
GSFA is pleased to announce some updates to the GSFA Platinum Program, effective for loan reservations made on or after December 5, 2022.
The updates are as follows:
Updates for Conventional Loans Only
Borrower Eligibility:
The following guidelines for Conventional Loans under the GSFA Platinum Program will be effective December 5, 2022:
  • 1-4 unit properties will be permitted, as allowed per Agency guidelines.
  • 2-4 unit properties will have a maximum LTV of 95% and TLTV of 105%.
  • Non-occupant co-borrowers will be permitted on 1-2 unit properties.
  • Manufactured homes will be permitted, per Agency guidelines (maximum 95% LTV/TLTV ratios).
  • Condominiums will be allowed for LTVs up to 97% with US Bank approval, in addition to meeting Agency guidelines as applicable.

Pricing Update
GSFA will eliminate the pricing separation by FICO score for Conventional Loans above 80% AMI, also effective December 5, 2022. These borrowers will have the same pricing and DPA options available, regardless of FICO.

Updates to DPA Terms – Conventional & Government Loans
The Note Rate for the DPA 15-year Amortizing Second Mortgage provided under the GSFA Platinum Program will be the same as the Note Rate on the First Mortgage, effective December 5, 2022.

Program Term Sheets will be updated to reflect the changes above and published online in the GSFA Platinum Lender Guide shortly.
We hope that these changes and enhancements to the GSFA Platinum Program will provide more accessibility and benefits for borrowers.

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