May 2024

May 1

Mothers' Club Scholarship Night

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Invitation only

May 1 - 17

AP Testing

May 2

Coffee & Conversation with Principal Hamka 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Cleminson Hall

May 3

Class of 2025 Open Mic Night

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


May 14

Senior Honors Night

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Invitation only

May 17

Senior Prom

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

May 20

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

May 21 - 24

Final Exams - Seniors

May 22

Mothers' Club Meeting

6:30 pm Meet & Greet

7:00 pm Meeting

Student Commons

May 24

Last day for Seniors

Cap & Gown pickup

11:15 am - 3:00 pm

May 27

Memorial Day

No School

June 3

Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal


9:30 am - 10:30 am

Message from the Mothers' Club President

I hope this letter finds you well. As the President of the Mothers' Club, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Jen Steinhebel for her outstanding coordination of the food arrangements for the recent college night. She will be reaching out soon to get volunteers and donations for our spring Teacher Appreciation Luncheon on May 20.

I would also like to invite all parents and guardians to our final meeting of the year on May 22 at 7pm in the Student Commons. We will be electing next year's officers and updating the bylaws. Your input is valuable in shaping the future of our Mothers' Club, and we encourage your active participation.

Mothers’ Club Scholarship Night is on May 1st. This event celebrates our students' academic achievements and relies on your financial support. Your contributions to the Mothers' Club make this night possible.

We are immensely grateful for your dedication and commitment to our school community. I look forward to seeing all of you at our final meeting.

Warmest regards,

Michelle Parikh

Mothers' Club President

Mothers' Club 2023-2024 Executive Board

Grosse Pointe South School Store


All of our store profits go back to the school, teachers, and students through the Mothers' Club support of enrichment, scholarship and preservation.

Questions, please contact:

Erin DiLodovico, School Store Treasurer -

Mary Jane Haindl - School Store

Jennifer Kelly, School Store Manager -,

1.     All files must be either .jpg or .png (no iPhone HEIC files, please).

2.     Very Important: Label the file with your child's first and last name (ie, SamJones.jpg).

3.     Two options for submitting the photo:

Via Google Drive:  Scan QR code below

Via Email: Attach your photo (remember to label first!) and send to:

Volunteers Needed for All Night Party!

There are many areas where we need help!

1. Decorating Assumption Center on the morning of the party

2. Volunteering for the 1st or 2nd shift at the party as General Volunteer, Casino, Activities or Security

We really need help for the 2nd shift!

Click Here to Signup

Need help or have questions related to the All Night Party, please contact Jessica Bryan ( or Colleen Jogan (

Last day to order flowers is Friday, May 3rd.
Please use this link to place your order Flower Sale 2024 Fundraiser

In May, the freshman class council will be hosting a Mr. C's Car Wash gift card fundraiser. These gift cards are a great deal, as they are sold for only $25 each but provide $30 towards a car wash at Mr. C's. Sales will take place in the main hallway from May 13 – 17 during 1st and 2nd lunch. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the freshman class while also getting a great deal on a car wash!

Additionally, breadstick and snack sales will continue in May. Every Thursday during both 1st and 2nd lunches, breadsticks will be sold. And on Fridays during the 5th and 6th hour, the snack cart will come to classrooms for the teachers. Thank you for your continued support.

On May 18th, join the Grosse Pointe South High School Athletic Booster Club for the annual RIDE THE POINTE fundraiser.

Take a leisurely bike stroll between local Grosse Pointe establishments to raise money for our South athletic programs. Start in the Village! Finish in the Park! This promises to be a fun social event for all parents and friends who want to support South Athletics.

Information & Registration

May 2024 Counselors' Corner

The breezes are warming up, and we are beginning to plant our gardens. Many of us think of Spring as a beginning and renewal. However, others have a more difficult time when the temperatures rise. Research on the seasonal effects of suicide rates suggests that the prevalence of suicide is greatest during the late spring and early summer months, despite the common belief that suicide rates peak during the cold and dark months of the winter season.  

May is Mental Health Month, and this is a topic that we take very seriously, proactively building suicide prevention into our training and everyday practices. All staff members in the school have been trained in suicide prevention gatekeeper training, helping to support students at-risk. In the first semester, the South mental health team spent time with Freshmen in their Social Studies classes, discussing mental health and wellness and reminding them about the warning signs of suicide and prevention tools to support our school community. Click Here for a good info-graphic for reference so that you can be our partners in prevention from home. Also, here are important resources for you to have available:

●     National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Dial 988

The Lifeline is a 24-hour toll-free phone line for people in suicidal crisis or

emotional distress. An online chat option is available at

If you or your student have any concerns or would like to talk through ideas on this subject, we are here to support you.

●     National Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741741

Every texter is connected with a Crisis Counselor, a real-life human being trained to bring texters from a hot moment to a cool calm through active listening and collaborative problem-solving.

Senior Parents 

Remember that as your student turns 18, they are no longer a minor; your child is an adult in the eyes of the law. This also means your legal right to access their protected medical, financial, and academic records comes to an abrupt halt, regardless of whether they are still in high school or covered by your health insurance plan. Parents who wish to continue providing support in case of emergency should take action, especially if they are sending a child off to college. Here is a good site to offer more information.

As college-bound students and families begin to make their final college decisions, please ask your student to complete their graduation survey in Naviance, which will direct us on where to send the student's final transcripts. All graduating seniors who will enter college in the fall of 2024 must send their final transcript to their college since the colleges require final proof of graduation and want to see final grades. Colleges reserve the right to rescind offers of admission if they do not like what they see on final transcripts, so we ask you to help us keep your seniors focused on doing their best in this last lap of high school. See weekly e*blasts for scholarship opportunities, summer programs, and helpful info.


Junior Parents 

Juniors who took the SAT at South in April will receive an email with instructions on checking their scores online. This is a college entrance reportable score for applications next fall. Counselors have been meeting with students monthly to discuss the college admissions process. 

Junior college ‘to-do’ for spring

●     Work on developing a list of colleges or trade schools to visit.

●     Consider creating a Common App account.

●     IF a college you are applying to requires a letter of recommendation, consider asking a teacher in the spring after AP testing. Remember to ask in person, followed up by an electronic request in Naviance. Always be sure to send a handwritten thank-you note to the teacher.

All Students

Summer School is an opportunity to earn credit for classes or replace a low grade. Many core academic courses are available. Reach out to your student’s counselor if you would like to explore options.

We are almost there! Summer is a fantastic opportunity to relax, recharge, enrich, and experience. Many summer programs are available to students on college campuses, from community colleges to elite universities. We have included many here, but even a basic Google search will return massive results. Go. See. Do. And have a lovely summer!

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