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The Transformation of Merrifield – Decades in the making

With the opening of the Dunn Loring Metro in the early 1980’s, there was an upsurge in activity in Merrifield. In 1999, the Suburban Merrifield Task Force of dedicated citizens and stakeholders was formed to bring about the transformation of Merrifield from an industrial region, where you could watch a movie, grab dinner and then rent a backhoe. There were obstacles to overcome, including vast changes to the comprehensive plan and getting approval from Fairfax County for multiple zoning changes. The task force had a vision of what could be, and they met for three years to hammer out what was needed. 

Even so, it wasn’t until 2005 that the first ground-breaking took place for Vantage Condos, Phase 1 of the Suburban Merrifield Town Center. Uniwest paved the way for the development that we now know as Mosaic District, one of Fairfax County’s crown jewels. It started with the demolition of businesses on Strawberry Lane, including A & R Tool Rental, and a U-Haul dealer and storage facility. It ended in 2008 with the completion of Vantage, the mixed- use project that straddles Strawberry Lane. 
Besides the 277 residential units, Vantage boasts retail space on the lower level. Many of the original retailers are still there. Uniwest, a long time GMBA member, houses their headquarters at Vantage, and their President, Michael Collier, attributed the fact that so many original tenants are still going strong to the strength of the location and the quality of the tenants. Four Sisters was the first tenant to lease space, and was soon followed by Chipotle, Citibank, X-Sport Fitness, Coldstone Creamery, Merrifield Tailor and Federal Express.
The transformation of Strawberry Lane from a tool rental and U-Haul dealer to the Vantage was not Uniwest’s first rodeo. For over 30 years they have been overseeing the construction of mixed-use projects throughout the region, and have ongoing projects not only in Northern Virginia but also in West Virginia. GMBA salutes Uniwest for their vision and tenacity to get things going in Merrifield.

Uniwest, like most other GMBA members, is taking many precautions during Covid. They supplied all of their staff with thermometers, and since March their staff has been staggering hours, their conference rooms are closed, and they are continuously sanitizing surfaces. They are doing their part in the “Mask-UP Merrifield” movement.
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New Cell Phone Laws in Virginia – Learn to operate your Blue Tooth!

Buckle up for safety, Buckle UP! Buckle up for safety, everybody Buckle UP! Put your mind at ease, tell your riders please, get your seatbelts buckled, Everybody, Buckle UP!

If you remember this jingle, you’re old enough to remember when cars did not come with seatbelts. Even though the statistics were compelling, seat belts DO save lives, there were great numbers of people who ignored the seat belts in their new cars. There was a massive public service campaign to raise awareness. And of course, there were eventually seat belt laws passed in all states. Today, your car will screech at you if you’re not buckled up, and I don’t think there are many people who willfully ignore buckling up.

Now, we need a similar campaign for cell phone use in cars. Virginia’s new law took effect January 1. Simply put, you can not drive anymore with a cell phone in your hand without breaking the law. You can still access the phone using a Blue Tooth or voice recognition program, but holding your phone or pager is no longer permitted.

First time offense carries a $125 fine, and second offense carries a $250 fine, but being charged with improper use of a cell phone will be much more costly than that when your insurance company finds out, because that’s 3 points on your driving record. 

Then there’s the fact that 1 out of 4 accidents that cause property damage are the result of cell phone use while driving. While your local auto body shop loves you for this, your insurance company, not so much.

Setting aside the monetary penalties, The National Safety Council reports that over 390,000 people per year are injured each year due to distracted driving and one in five auto related deaths are attributed to cell phone use. These injuries and deaths are entirely preventable. Imagine that one of those injured or killed is you or your family member.

So do your part, and keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel to stay safe and keep those around you safe as well.
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