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Gallows Road McDonald’s serves thousands a day during pandemic

When the Gallows Road McDonald’s was renovated in July 2019, they revamped the parking lot to accommodate two drive through lanes.
No one anticipated the importance that change would have when COVID-19 hit in March, forcing restaurants to close indoor dining. In the very early days of COVID-19, with most restaurants completely shuttered, semi-truck drivers could be seen parking their rigs on Gallows and hopping out to grab some breakfast or lunch. McDonald’s provided an important service then, helping to keep truck drivers on the road to deliver necessities of life, including not just food but the ever-important toilet paper.

The addition of the two drive through lanes has allowed McDonald’s to serve hundreds more each day than was possible before.

McDonald’s is taking many precautions to keep you and their staff safe during COVID-19. From day one, their focus was to err on the side of caution to keep everyone safe. Each day, employees complete wellness forms, have their temperature taken, wear gloves and masks their entire shift, take frequent breaks to wash hands and social distance inside the restaurant. Their dining room remains closed until they feel it safe to re-open.
The Gallows Road McDonalds is one of several in the region owned by the Van Valkenburg family and despite their dining rooms being closed, McDonald’s is hiring. According to a number of studies, about 1 in every 8 workers today got their start at McDonald’s, including some fairly famous folks. Jeff Bezos said he learned to crack eggs one handed and would start his shift cracking 300 eggs. Macy Gray said landing her first job there was her first big break in life, and Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis said the skills he learned at McDonald’s helped him understand the importance of time. “You couldn’t let fries get cold,” he explained, and “If I’d been 10 seconds off, I’d have no gold medal.”

If you or someone you know is seeking employment, check out the available local jobs at McDonald’s at the Van Management website,
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