GIRLS! 'Teacher Feeding' Project

Girls at Ngeta Primary launched their first-ever community service project this year. And they've come up with a surplus!

Drawing from what they know best, Girls Club members decided a 'Teacher Feeding' project was a way to give back to their beloved teachers and make a difference in their school community.

Rural teachers walk to school. Those living at distance stay during midday break and cook a lunch of vegetables they grow in staff gardens. But Ngeta's school garden was sorely inadequate, so at lunchtime teachers had to trek back home. 
Ngeta girls planned a solution. They expanded the garden and planted seeds brought from home. They fenced the plot and took turns watering. Soon, squash, beans and tomatoes grew knee-high - enough for their teachers' noontime meal, and more!

The girls now plan to sell the surplus and buy maize flour so their teachers can eat ugali with their vegetables. A full meal. "They make us feel like royalty," says head teacher, Madam Dorcas. And Ngeta girls have discovered how helping others lifts relationships and enhances the quality of life for all. 

In 2018, all 23 Girls Clubs will design and implement year-long community service projects. Stay tuned. Our girls will have much to share!
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