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GFDA Quarter Index 2023Q4


Number of rapid training programs Great Falls College created during quarter:  4

Business speed of TDS fiber network being constructed in Great Falls:  10GB

Per capita personal income growth in Cascade County in 2022:  4.2%

National per capital income growth in 2022:  1.6%

Consecutive years the 341st Missile Wing of Malmstrom AFB has won the Blanchard Trophy for Best Overall Missile Wing:  5

Total wage earnings increase in Cascade County (Great Falls MSA) in four quarters ending 2023Q2:  10.1% or $188 million

Increase in average annual wage in Cascade County in four quarters ending 2023Q2:  7.8% or $3,807 per year

Increase statewide during same period: 6.4%

Increase nationwide during same period:  4.4%

Cost of living in Great Falls MSA in 2023Q3:  85.5% of national average

Great Falls MSA housing cost:  65.2% of national average

Bozeman cost of living:  120.6% of national average

Bozeman housing cost:  147.4% of national average

GFDA gap and bridge loans closed during quarter:  $8,050,000

Additional private investment leveraged by these loans:  $38,255,210

More gap and bridge loans approved by GFDA during quarter:  $300,000

Additional private investment that will be leveraged by these loans:  $14,800,000

SBA 504 loan  closed during quarter:  $147,000

Additional private investment leveraged:  $210,000

Prospect visits we hosted during quarter:  5

Business attraction events we traveled to during quarter:  4

Number of unique companies we served during quarter:  528

Total activities with companies we recorded during quarter:  2,374

New client projects we started work on during quarter:  41

Total active client projects during quarter:  151

New project leads generated during quarter:  45

Entrepreneurs and small business clients advised during quarter:  90

New SBDC advising clients during quarter:  38

Small business advising hours during quarter:  248

New capital secured by entrepreneur advising clients:  $375,000

Entrepreneur and small business trainings during quarter:  3

Government contracting clients advised during quarter:  43

New government contracting clients advised during quarter:  21

Government contracting advising sessions during quarter:  143

Active government contracting clients at end of quarter:  155

Government contracting trainings during quarter:  1

Government contracts won by clients:  $4,486,000

Brownfields assessments provided during quarter:  1

Business attractions we celebrated in our Top 10s in calendar year 2023:  12

Number of prospect visits to Great Falls region we hosted in 2023: 16

Business expansions we celebrated in our Top 10s in 2023:  29

Business startups we celebrated in our Top 10s in 2023:  49

Business acquisitions we celebrated in our Top 10s in 2023:  5

Gap and bridge loans GFDA made in 2023:  $13,822,920

Total investment in region made possible by these loans:  $63,469,699

Number of unique companies GFDA served in 2023:  1,208

Number of client projects we worked on in 2023:  229

Number of these that were new projects:  78

Number of activities we recorded with clients in 2023:  9,065

Percent of our client activities involving local business expansions:  65%

Percent of our client activities involving local business startups:  27%

Percent of our client activities involving business attractions:  8%

Number of companies added to our CRM in 2023:  596

Competitive grants we won in 2023, leveraging our local investor dollars:  $7,353,262

Loans we secured for GFDA in 2023:  $975,260

Additional capital we obtained in 2023 to use for loans in region:  $2,252,624

Total resources we secured in 2023 to put to work in Great Falls region:  $10,581,510

US Government prime contracts to women-owned small business in FY22:  $28.1 billion

Dollar amount of goods and service crossing U.S.-Canada border every day:  $3.25 billion

Average interest rate small businesses were paying for loans in November:  9.1%

Projected U.S. agricultural trade deficit for FY2024:  $27.5 billion

Percent of farmers and ranchers in U.S. populations:  2%

Number of people annually fed by one U.S. farmer:  166

Pounds of red meat commercially produced in Montana in 2021:  34.4 million

Increase in number of Montana farming operations 2020-2022:  200

For info contact Jolene Schalper at or 1-406-750-4481

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Our Mission

Grow diverse economic opportunities that enhance quality of life.

GFDA is a certified Community Development Financial Institution and a 501(c)3 charitable organization. High Plains Financial is a certified Community Development Corporation that offers SBA 504 loans statewide. GFDA and High Plains Financial are Equal Opportunity Employers, Lenders and Providers.

GFDA is proud to host a Montana Small Business Development Center, a Montana APEX Accelerator, and a Montana Food & Ag Development Center. GFDA is a certified Montana MicroBusiness Development Corporation.

GFDA was the first economic development organization in the Rocky Mountain West to earn accreditation from the International Economic Development Council.

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