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Newsom Announces More Business Restrictions
Governor Newsom yesterday announced additional restrictions on businesses in an effort to curb COVID-19 spread.
The Chamber is working with County Health Officials to answer your COVID-19 related questions. Last week we addressed what to do if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19 ( HERE ). This week we address a new question posed by the business community:
If a customer enters my business with their shirt collar pulled up over their face, does this satisfy the State mandate for a "face covering"?
Greater Palm Springs CVB Releases Video Encouraging Community to Mask Up

The GCVCC recently worked with the Greater Palm Springs CVB and local Mayors to create a PSA encouraging our community to wear protective face coverings. Thank you to all of the elected leaders that participated, and to the CVB's production team for their outstanding work on this video, "Together".
Open and Closed, Where We Currently Stand
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