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Dear Members and Partners,


We are thrilled to unveil our latest initiative—the "Why GCBAA" video produced in partnership with EPIC Creative/ and featured on the Renovation Channel. This engaging and informative video showcases the essence of our association and underscores the pivotal role that professional builders play in the success of any golf course project.


Involving a GCBAA Builder Member from the outset is crucial. Our builders bring unparalleled expertise, ensuring that every aspect of the project—from initial planning to final touches—is executed with precision and excellence. Their involvement guarantees not only a superior end product but also efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation throughout the construction process.


Moreover, being part of the GCBAA means benefiting from our vast network of suppliers. Our "Buy From Within" initiative encourages members to support each other, promoting a collaborative and robust industry ecosystem. By utilizing our extensive supplier network, you ensure access to high-quality materials and services, fostering mutual growth and strengthening our community.


We invite you to watch and share the "Why GCBAA" video, and join us in celebrating the vital contributions our members make to the world of golf.


GCSAA TV statistics:

  • Over 10 million views since launch in 2009

  • Over 47,000 views (2,500 views on average each) on the 19 Architect Channel videos posted since Dec 2019

  • Over 3,000 views on the West Bend Country Club three part renovation series, all posted in 2023

  • The most popular video on renovation is "Renovating Southern Hills Country Club ahead of 2022 PGA Championship" which has over 85,000 views

  • Throughout GCSAA TV, there were 62 stories with renovation (or similar words) in their titles — over 333,000 total views or approximately 5,300 average views each

  • Stories continue to gather views over time, not just around when they're posted

  • Stories about notable courses, people, and tournaments fair very well with viewers

  • When sponsors share the stories on their social channels, newsletters, and websites, views go up dramatically — reuse of content gets the most for the sponsorship

  • We provide the video as a file to sponsors, which we cannot track views on, so there is more viewership that goes untracked

  • Views are quality on GCSAA TV, with the vast majority of viewers finishing the complete story

To find out how you can share YOUR story, please contact the GCBAA office by emailing Justin Apel and/or Mychelle Thompson.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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