A Note from Marty Ochs
In an article published Dec. 9, 2012, it warned that the Paper Industry is under siege by China, and Wisconsin has failed to grasp the impact on the Wisconsin economy! A number of paper mills went out of business, reorganized, are no longer producing paper or simply left Wisconsin. Each shutdown means the loss of 300 to 600 high paying jobs, draining millions of dollars from areas that need the employment and income. 

Marty Ochs
Time To Renew GBIG Sponsorship
GBIG brings together the paper, printing, plastic, pulp, packaging and converting industries. When you sponsor with GBIG, you’re facilitating critical business partnerships and tremendous networking opportunities while ensuring the Converting Corridor has a voice equal to its economic impact.
Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Education, networking, tours
  • Positioning Wisconsin as the world’s largest supplier of paper and packaging
  • Educating and influencing elected officials
  • Access to a bi-weekly newsletter reaching 2,000
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  • Ability to reach a targeted database through various communication avenues
GBIG Is Key Sponsor of Restoring Hope Gala 
GBIG was a key sponsor for the Restoring Hope Gala this year. In addition, GBIG donated to St. John’s Homeless Shelter plus four other nonprofits, supporting those experiencing homelessness and hunger. GBIG provides up to 50% of its sponsorship revenue to support those in need. In addition, GBIG supports business-to-business associations through relationship building, networking, and mutual interests supporting the 5P and Converting Industries.
Many of you already support our mission. Thank you! Please sign up as a sponsor for 2023.
GBIG Sponsors Employee Hiring Webinar
Mark your calendars for 10am Thursday, Jan. 26, to attend the webinar, “Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent,” led by 15 Dots LLC. 15dots, based in Neenah, Wisconsin, trains HR leaders and organizational personnel to adopt a rigorous employee selection process that is repeatable, scalable, and teachable. 15dots refers to five ability tests and 10 behavior-based interview dimensions critical to employee selection.
2022 Smart Girls Rock
Menasha Corporation was a presenting sponsor of 2022 Smart Girls Rock, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career exploration event for high school girls in the Fox Cities, Wisconsin. The one-day event was held on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at the Walbec Group in Greenville, Wisconsin, and is coordinated by the Fox Cities Chamber.
Rust to Tech - Part 1
This begins a five-part series, Rust to Tech. While some still think of the manufacturing engine of the U.S. as the old “rust belt,” those in the industry know it’s often a new technologically driven behemoth. Traditionally, it is concentrated in the Midwest, but that’s changing too. 

Part 1 looks at the rust belt image and mills making substrates and related converting.
Worzalla Prints Latest 'Wimpy' Book
Worzalla, a Wisconsin, employee-owned printing company specializing in high-quality children’s books, cookbooks, and hardcover best sellers, is celebrating the release of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diper Överlöde." This is the 17th book from the #1 internationally bestselling series Diary of a Wimpy Kid by author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney. Worzalla has been the domestic manufacturing headquarters of the popular series since the first book.
Worzalla managed the full process of printing the book from putting ink to page, binding, and delivery. The entire process took 80,000 manhours and 2 million pounds of paper, equivalent to the weight of about five blue whales or about two Boeing 747 aircraft at maximum takeoff weight.
Manufacturing Report
On the heels of a very successful Manufacturing First event attended by a record number of manufacturers and organizations, First Business Bank is sharing the 2022 Wisconsin Manufacturing Report. The report provides valuable insight on key issues impacting Wisconsin manufacturers.
SPL Reaches Milestone
SPL Consulting, which focuses on the processes that help optimize performance for printing companies, reached an impressive milestone. SPL created over 100,000 hours of additional capacity for the firm’s clients. These savings translate to 50 full-time positions.
Gen Z Hiring Tips
How can employers recruit, hire, and retain Gen Z and Millennial employees with present-day demands in the midst of a talent shortage? It starts with the first encounter with the job seeker. 15dots offers HR advice and recruitment tips that employers can’t afford to ignore.
GBIG Mission Statement
The mission statement of the Green Bay Innovation Group is to bring together and create opportunities for networking between Wisconsin companies involved in the Paper, Printing, Pulp, Plastics, Packaging, Converting and Supplier Industries. GBIG creates an open dialog between companies. GBIG webinars, meetings, etc. talk about current and new products, technology, innovation, sales, marketing, social media/web design, new equipment, etc. 
GBIG is looking to create new products, new markets and expand the presence of our industries in Wisconsin. We are here to help you push the norm and challenge one another to help make our companies and our communities better.  
Finally, we are bringing financial support to our communities, especially to those most in need through the donations from our Sponsors.
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