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As the initiatives are mounting to provide more infrastructure in the USA, the government has been mapping out a huge infrastructure plan.

I've had many calls from businesses that have the qualifications and expertise to fulfill government contracts, but need cash flow to support their efforts. 

Many contractors of all types, both prime and subcontractors, can turn to Purchase Order (PO) Funding and Factoring to fulfill their operational needs when providing goods and services to the government. 

There are many instances where PO Funding and Factoring can help a company when a bank cannot.

Typical Scenarios Include: 

1.) The government can take 30, 60 and even 90 days to pay and cash flow is needed immediately for daily operations.  
The government often has extended payment terms. It takes some time to receive your money from the government after a project or product has been delivered and invoiced. CFS can advance funds upon completion and fill that gap.

2.) A company is awarded a government contract and funding is needed right away to support overhead. So a bid is won, now what? CFS can offer a strategic funding solution based on the type of business and future plans for growth.

3.) A company is pitching a government contract and needs proof of a cash-flow solution. Factoring can provide needed operating income that is critical in executing government contracts. Call CFS in the pitching stage to get your funding secured. 

CFS’s requirements are straightforward and simple:

  • Companies should be in business for at least one year with active revenue.
  • Companies should have a viable invoice or purchase order from a creditworthy customer. 
  • Companies should have experience in their industry with some history of prior performance. 
  • Companies must have a need for a minimum of $10,000 per month and not more than $20 million of additional working capital on an ongoing basis. 

Business Documents Needed:

  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation;
  • Copy of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet and P&L) for most recent quarter and year;
  • Copy of 941 Withholding Tax and Proof of Payment (proof that payroll taxes were paid);
  • Most recent copy of Accounts Receivable Aging report;
  • Most recent copy of Accounts Payable Aging report;
  • Copy of Business Tax returns for last two years;
  • Certificate of Good Standing from State in which your company is formed.

Benefits of Working With Us:
• Trust, with 17+ years servicing clients
• No monthly service fees
• No upfront or application fees
• No cancellation fees
• No early payment fees
• No renewal fees
• No personal guarantee if non-recourse
• No minimum funding requirements
• No-cost credit reports on new clients
• Online reporting 24/7
• Fast turnaround; usually within 24-hours
• Flexible advance rates up to 85%
• Flexible fee periods structured 5 to-30-days
• Low fees based on your client’s, customer's creditworthiness (not theirs)
• A program developed to minimize fees
• The client picks the invoices to factor
• Non-recourse and recourse factoring

The bottom line ... government contracts need to be fulfilled quickly. Factoring government receivables is a key component to make that happen. For more details on how it can work, call me, Greg Porter, Direct: 727-365-3390

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