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Tips to Navigate the New System

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Old Web-Site Information
Accessing Invoices and Couple Results in our old site
To access previous invoices or couple's results who were input into the old system, you still have access to them.

Go to getfullyengaged.com and click on Parish Login. On the next screen, click on Parish Login.

Note: Admin Login is for Fully Engaged Staff only.
Visit Old Site
To visit our old site, instead of logging into the new site, click on Visit Old Site.

You will be redirected to our old site and you may log in as before, using your old user name and password.
Engaged Couples who are entered into the old system
Engaged Couple login
If you have an engaged couple in the old system who has not yet taken the inventory, the welcome email they received with the link has been revised.

The use the URL string sent them and add the word "old" to the beginning of it.

For example, the URL string for our demo parish in the old system is: https://scoring.getfullyengaged.com/scoring/parish/testparish
It is now: https://oldscoring.getfullyengaged.com/scoring/parish/testparish

The Couple ID remains the same.
Resend Welcome to Engaged Couple.
If you wish to resend the Welcome email to the Engaged Couple in the new system, from your dashboard, click on the Couple ID you wish to work with.
If you need to update Couple Profile
If you need to update the person's email address or any other data about the person (spelling of name, phone, etc.) do that first by clicking on EDIT next to the person's email address.

After you have completed updating the person's information, click on UPDATE at the bottom of the screen.

Next, click on the person's email address you wish to resend the welcome email to.

On the next screen, click on RE-SEND WELCOME E-MAIL
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (320) 258-7611 or fe@gw.stcdio.org
Chris Codden – Director, Fully Engaged
                                                          Jill Svihel – Coordinator, Fully Engaged

Dawn Gohmann—Clerical Support, Fully Engaged
(320) 258-7617