July 2013  
Live Your Joy Institute News
Fulfill Your Heart's Desires

By Barbara Gulbranson
What do you desire out of life? Maybe you want to be a successful spiritual entrepreneur. Or perhaps you want to spend time expressing your artistic nature. Maybe you want to assist animals or cultivate a healing practice. Whatever the urge within you, it is there for a reason. It is Spirit knocking at your heart and wanting to express by means of you. If you don't answer the call, Spirit will find an outlet through someone else. And that will keep you stuck right where you are.

No matter how spiritual we are, at times we can get caught in a fear-based place. A place where the ego thrives and says that you can't because are not good enough, smart enough, rich enough or whatever limitation fits the bill. Yet you know that you are a powerful co-creator with God. And you know that you can create whatever you want including the manifestation of a divine urge.


So take a deep breath, relax and allow. Because the simple act of allowing divine ideas to take shape through you creates sustained joy. What if you block the flow of Spirit? Then life becomes a daily grind and one that is not bursting with the joy of fulfilling what your soul came here to do. The deep longing to fulfill a greater purpose, when left unattended or brushed underneath the layers of resistance, is fertile ground for discouragement and despair. So what do we do when we have a yearning to create more, be more, express more?


The key to making this divine urge a reality is to simply trust. Trust that Spirit knows how to do this by means of you. Your role is to simply answer the call and follow Spirit's lead.  


As stated in Live Your Joy: How to Awaken from Spiritual Slumber, "Recognizing the Creative Power at work opens you up to receiving an unlimited bounty of inspiration and motivation. There is nothing to fear. We are not the authors of our accomplishments; we are the instruments through which God works."  What a relief. We can simply allow the Creative Power to work through us and guide us every step of the way.


Every day speak your word with authority, and say:


Today I give myself to God. I trust in this Power of Goodness and allow myself to be guided in new and exciting directions.


With these words imprinted in our hearts, we remember that we can trust in God without fear of failure. After all, there are no mistakes. Every twist in the road is a learning opportunity to be embraced, to gather up the gifts and to demonstrate more of God's love.


I invite you this summer to do one thing each week toward fulfilling your heart's desire. Step into your role as powerful co-creator with God. And let me know what wondrous manifestations take place.


Work With Me

If you are ready to take the next step in manifesting your heart's desires, I invite you to work with me. We can work via phone, Facetime, Skype or in person to activate the power within you to fulfill your divine urges. Email me at revbarbgulbran@cs.com to get started.

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