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Georgetown Fulbrighter Spotlight

Nimi Vachharajani (G'23)

ETA - South Korea

Nimi Vachharajani sits on a step in an outdoor setting with a building in the background

From Nimi Vachharajani (G'23) - "I teach English at two different high schools and have taught lessons on various topics ranging from American culture to climate change. Upon completing my English MA thesis at Georgetown last year, I had hoped to find opportunities to be able to implement the materials I had created that combine language learning and climate change in a real classroom settingand being a Fulbright ETA has made that possible! In addition to teaching, I am volunteering at the Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission (KKOOM) with regular online English reading sessions and maintaining a blog documenting my experiences living in Korea." 

Application Suggestion:

"Find a strong and clear personal connection to the country you are applying to. While working on your application, ask yourself if you could easily submit the same application for any other country. If the answer is yes, I would recommend really thinking about your 'why' and evaluating your entire application through that lens. Really think about what you bring to the table as an individual in your country of choice, as well as how being there can help you reach your future goals. And keep persisting through imposter syndrome!"

Advising Corner


If you are applying for a study/research award, you must have at least one letter of affiliation. You can have up to three, but each must be relevant to your proposed project.


  • In general, the letter of affiliation expresses ENTHUSIASTIC support for the project you are proposing, including its feasibility and validity, and outlines the resources (e.g., a work area, a computer, laboratory space, access to archives, making community connections) the affiliate site will assist you with during your project. 
  • The individual or organization you will be engaging with most closely during your proposed grant should provide the affiliation letter for you.
  • The affiliation letter – which is not confidential and which you will upload yourself in the application portal – must be written in English (or accurately translated to English). It must be printed on letterhead with a date and signature.
  • If you are proposing a graduate-level degree for your Fulbright grant, the letter of affiliation is typically the acceptance letter from the graduate program. (Note: Your Fulbright grant depends on your being accepted to the graduate program, even if that letter of acceptance is not required by Fulbright’s October deadline.)


  • Each country has its own affiliation requirements, including with whom Fulbrighters can affiliate in the particular location. Please closely read the country’s specific Fulbright landing page for its affiliation requirements.
  • "All applicants are required to list a proposed affiliation, with some awards requiring a letter of affiliation to be submitted at the time of the application deadline. . . . Failure to submit a letter of affiliation for an award which requires one at the [October 8, 5 PM ET] national deadline may result in an application being deemed ineligible."




About affiliations: “Start early. Be bold in this process. Be bold, but be kind.”

About your proposal: “At the end of the day, we want to know: Are you the ideal person to do this project in the host country and how are you proving that in your application?”

New STEM Award Spotlight

Fulbright/KAUST Graduate Award -

Saudi Arabia

A screenshot for the webpage of the Fulbright/KAUST Graduate Award

"The Fulbright/KAUST Graduate Award offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in STEM at a world-class research university located on the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. With 100+ nationalities represented on campus, scholars will have the opportunity to engage with students, faculty, and researchers from around the world.

KAUST invests in its students so they can fulfill their intellectual and personal potential. Each Fulbright KAUST Scholar admitted to the University will be provided with the KAUST Fellowship which provides full tuition support, on-campus housing, roundtrip airfare, routine medical coverage within Saudi Arabia, and a monthly stipend.

In partnership with Fulbright, KAUST offers up to 5 scholarships for successful applicants to any of our Masters degree programs."

More Information

Visit the webpage for the Fulbright/KAUST Graduate Award for more information.


Fulbright Friday Archive

If you recently signed up for the Fulbright Friday email list, you can catch up on past editions from this application cycle:

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The brick Prospect Street entrance to the Car Barn building

Car Barn Location

Be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your application well before the September 1 internal deadline.

Construction Note: Due to construction - taking place from May to August next to the Center for Research & Fellowships on O Street - the center will not be open for campus-based appointments or drop-in visits until late May. (Center staff will be available via Zoom.) At the end of May, the center's new address will be 310 Car Barn (3520 Prospect Street NW). Example Fulbright essays will be available at our Car Barn office.

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