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Georgetown Fulbrighter Spotlight

Brian Fry (CAS'19)

Study - France

Brian Fry stands outside the Fondation des États-Unis building

From Brian Fry (CAS'19) - "Since arriving in France, I have been pursuing my master's at Sciences Po's Urban School in the 'Governing the Large Metropolis' program. I have learned so much about the pressing issues facing the world's largest cities and urbanizing areas, not only through my courses but also through exchange with my peers from around the globe as well as my lived experience in Paris. Currently, my favorite course is exploring in-depth the cities of Latin America, and I am working on creating a podcast episode about bike policy and infrastructure in cities across the region for my final project."

Application Suggestion:

"It is possible to wait some years after graduation to pursue a Fulbright. Taking the time to explore your interests and find the right grant option for you can make your application even stronger!"

Advising Corner


If you are applying for a Fulbright study/research award, you will invite three individuals to write thoughtful and thorough letters of recommendation. You should meet with the individuals to discuss your Fulbright plans and give them a draft of your statement of grant purpose to inform their letters.

In general, the individuals you select should accomplish two key things in their letters:

First: Address, with specific examples, their experiences working with you (e.g., in an academic, co-curricular, or professional setting), including their observations about the quality of your work.

Second: Then offer their perspectives about your Fulbright candidacy, based on their previous work with you. Fulbright gives the following guidance about topic areas they should discuss:

  • Feasibility of the applicant's proposed project in terms of the resources available and the research environment within the host country.
  • Appropriateness of the project and subject matter for the host country
  • Suitability of the proposed research methodology given the topic and the applicant’s background
  • Ability of the applicant to successfully carry out the proposed research project and/or degree program within the allotted grant period.
  • Linguistic preparation for the proposed plan.
  • Applicant's ability to adapt to a different cultural environment and to represent the U.S. as a cultural ambassador.
  • If in the arts, comment on the applicant's talent and potential for growth.
  • Any other factors which you believe may have a bearing on the applicant's grant experience, if selected.

Process and Timeline

It is incredibly important that you begin engaging with potential recommenders now - if you have not already. This will allow individuals to learn more about Fulbright's mission and your specific plans for the grant award, as well as give them adequate time to write a thorough letter. Don't wait!

You will register the recommenders in the Fulbright application portal, and they will upload the confidential letters themselves. 

Please ask your recommenders to add their letters to the Fulbright portal by Georgetown's September 1 internal deadline - 12 PM (NOON, not midnight) ET. 

Recommendation Resources

Award Spotlight

Binational Business Program - Mexico

Requires: Advanced Spanish Proficiency

Webpage for the Binational Business Program in Mexico

Binational Business Program grant recipients "will be placed in cooperating businesses, and will also take courses related to international business at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). The most significant component of the program is the internship; grantees will spend about 80-90% of their time working in the company."

"In recent years, [the U.S.-Mexico Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange] has placed grantees in a variety of organizations, including traditional and multinational companies, financial institutions, airlines and start-ups. In Mexico City, these workplaces have included Ashoka, Angel Ventures, Casa Dragones, Convixión, Endeavor, Evercore, and Volaris among others."

"Preferred candidates should have less than three years of work experience post-graduation, as well as a bachelor's or master's degree in one of the following fields: Business Administration, Finance, Economics, International Relations, Law/International Law, Accounting, or another business-related field." 

Statement of Grant Purpose Instructions

"In the [Binational Business Program] Statement of Grant Purpose, the following three points should be addressed:

1) Areas where the applicant could benefit from and make the best contribution to a Mexico-based company conducting international business;

2) Aspects of the applicant’s academic background (coursework, workshops, special courses, particular interests, etc.) and professional experience (specific jobs and internships) that would allow the applicant to benefit from the experience and contribute during the internship and in the classroom; and

3) Expected benefits from the internship and courses, and their relationship to the applicant’s future career plans."

More Information

Visit the webpage for the Binational Business Program for more information.


Fulbright Resources

As you are continuing your research about the right award for you, visit Fulbright's website for resources.

For example, visit a webpage describing the "Top Tips for Your Fulbright Application."

Additionally, Fulbright offers a series of brief video tutorials describing various aspects of the program.

The brick Prospect Street entrance to the Car Barn building

Car Barn Location

Be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your application well before the September 1 internal deadline.

Construction Note: Due to construction - taking place from May to August next to the Center for Research & Fellowships on O Street - the center will not be open for campus-based appointments or drop-in visits from May 20-24. (Center staff will be available via Zoom.) In late May, the center will move to 310 Car Barn. Example Fulbright essays will be available at our new Car Barn location.

Alumni House, a painted brick building, with a sign congratulating Georgetown graduates

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