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Georgetown Fulbrighter Spotlight

Ben Zeller (SFS'23)

Binational Business Program - Mexico

Ben Zeller steers a raft on a waterway

From Ben Zeller (SFS'23) - "As part of my binational business grant, I have been taking MBA classes at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) as well as working as a Business Intelligence Analyst for Tequila Casa Dragones. Through both these experiences, I’ve been able to learn more about and begin to understand the complex economic relationship between the U.S. and Mexico."

Application Suggestion:

"The most important part of your application is why YOU need to be in X country. In my experience applying for Mexico, I wasn’t applying purely because of Spanish language skills or a general interest in Latin America. I was applying because being in Mexico (and better yet, Mexico City) was the next and most important step to further my academic interests and career. Plus, I really love Mexican culture! Do your cultural research beforehand. A genuine excitement for the country's/region's/city's culture goes a long way and can really shine through in your application."

Advising Corner


If you are applying for a Fulbright award, you will need to write a strong Statement of Grant Purpose. Note that the statements differ for research/study and for ETA applications.


The Statement of Grant Purpose for research/study awards must be no more than two single-spaced pages, using 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins. 

As you begin drafting your statement, it is important to review closely what Fulbright recommends you write about, including, for example, if you are applying to do an independent research project or if you are hoping to enroll in a graduate program. (See Statement of Grant Purpose section for research/study.) First and foremost, according to Fulbright, your project must be "intellectually compelling and feasible." 

The questions Fulbright provides offer a helpful roadmap for your essay. After you review them and in preparation for writing, create an outline of the key points you hope to cover, such as:

  • Related background about you (e.g., previous work on your topic and language proficiency) and easy-to-understand context about your project topic and its relevance
  • Your academic or research question and what gap/s in knowledge you will seek to address through research or study
  • Your method/s of inquiry for approaching this question during your grant
  • Your proposed timeline of activities during the grant period
  • The structure you will have in place (e.g., your affiliate or academic program) to provide the foundation and resources to successfully complete the project you're proposing
  • Your rationale for doing this project in this specific location and how you plan to engage with the community.

English Teaching Assistant

The Statement of Grant Purpose for the ETA award is, unlike the one for research/study, limited to one single-spaced page. However, the margins and the font type and size are the same. (See Statement of Grant Purpose section for ETA.)

In terms of content for this statement, Fulbright provides these suggestions:

  • What specific qualifications, training, or experience will you bring to the classroom and your role as an English Teaching Assistant?
  • What specific ideas do you have for engaging with students in the host country and helping them learn English?
  • What attributes do you possess that will assist you in the challenge of living and working in a new cultural environment? How have you demonstrated these qualities in your academic and professional life? Use specific examples.
  • Do not make your Statement of Grant Purpose location-specific within the host country, unless specifically requested to do so in the country summary. ETAs will be assigned placements in the host country by the Fulbright Commission, or the U.S. embassy based on their needs, so nothing addressed in the Statement of Grant Purpose should be location-specific since you will not know where you will be based and what resources may be available. 
  • Any preferred placement locations noted by applicants in the Statement of Grant Purpose are not guaranteed. Applicants are expected to be flexible on placement if offered a grant.

Worksheets: Developing Your Statement


Remember to review closely Fulbright's website for much more detail, including about essay content and the required formatting. 

In addition, be sure to visit the webpage for the award and location you're interested in for country-specific guidance about the statement.

Stop by the Center for Research & Fellowships (3607 O Street NW) to review our library of example Fulbright Statements of Grant Purpose.

Writing Center

As you think about and work on drafts of your Fulbright essays this summer, we want to highlight Georgetown's Writing Center.

From the center's website: "The Georgetown Writing Center is a free resource offered by the Georgetown Writing Program. We provide synchronous peer tutoring by trained graduate and undergraduate students who can assist you at any point in the writing process."

Visit the Writing Center.

Contact Us!

Commit time in the weeks ahead to work on your Fulbright application and drafts of your personal statement and statement of grant purpose.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your application well before the September 1 internal deadline.

Visit the Center for Research & Fellowships (3607 O Street NW) to review example Fulbright statements.

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