FrostFin Academy March 2024


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Welcome to the 3rd tax time edition of FrostFin Academy 2024!

We are closing in on the April 30th deadline to file your 2023 taxes.

Things you need to know about:


Tax filing checklist

It’s tax season, and no matter how many times you’ve gone through the ritual of preparing your income tax return, our refresher will help get you organized and on track for what will hopefully be a smooth and painless experience.

It may help to have last year’s return handy as a guide to figuring out which slips and forms you may require for this year’s return, and which lines must be completed on those forms. Of course, circumstances can change but knowing what you needed last time is a good starting point for gathering info.

Similarly, last year’s CRA Notice of Assessment could help...

Find out more...

Understanding Your Notice of Assessment

It may have taken some time and effort, but you managed to complete your income tax return for another year. While most of your work is done, you’re not quite finished yet.

After the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reviews your tax return, they will send you a Notice of Assessment (NOA). Go through it carefully and also think about sharing it with your Investment Advisor. Before we consider the main reasons why, let’s look at the basics of the NOA.

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Why do we call it FrostFin?

The obvious reason is that is combines the Frost name and Fin (short for Financial). Also, a frostfin is an adorable little fish that resembles a goldfish. They are transparent (like our fees) and known for dwelling in the shallows to protect their eggs by keeping them safe in their mouth until they hatch (kind of like you watching over your nest egg).

The other reason is that it allows us to use lots of "fishy" analogies and "school" references-- just for fun!

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