Dear Parents,

Tomorrow will be my last day in school with students as I have my niece’s wedding over this weekend.

This week is such an emotional week for me. In a relatively short time in Michigan, my wife Lisi and I have come to love the community and have gotten to know so many of you. We are going to miss the school and the people in it even though we are also sure that we will be back from time to time to visit.

This is also my last week working in Jewish day schools (at least for the time being!) I began teaching twenty six years ago and I have served as Head of School for 17 years. The job is not an easy one, but it has been a labor of love for me for all of this time. Why? That’s easy - because I believe so passionately in the mission of Farber and the enterprise of Jewish day schools more broadly.

Raising Jewish children with a proper commitment to and love of Torah and Mitzvot requires a lot of partnership between the parents, the shul community and the school. It is not a simple matter in this day and age but we also see such tremendous successes - whether it’s the enthusiasm that our children exhibit at the ECC Shabbat party or the Elementary Shabbat Assembly, their unbridled excitement at their milestone events (siddur party, Chumash party, Rashi celebration, etc.), the budding leadership in Jewish areas in middle school, the big kids leading the little kids in dancing on Rosh Chodesh Adar, Yom Ha-Atzmaut or Yom Yerushalayim, the Bet Midrash Program’s Night of Learning, the beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat at the Tanzman Tournament, and so much more. It is easy - and simplistic - to focus on the challenges, but it is more important, impactful, and heartening to focus on the many successes. 

Our children are privileged to go to a school with core values that reflect lives of kedushah - of holiness and sanctity. We should not take them for granted nor bury them in other moments of frustration or challenge. We need to take those moments, cherish them, build on them, and value them. And when we do, we raise children who not only respect our tradition but engage in it passionately and actively.

All of this does not happen automatically. There are many people within the school who ensure that this happens, who dedicate their lives to teaching, guiding and helping your children. Please make sure to express your appreciation and gratitude to all of the teachers, administrators, and office staff who help to make your experience and your child’s experience a fantastic one!

With best wishes,

Dr. Josh Levisohn

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