February 7, 2023

29 Shevat 5784

Dear Farber parents and friends,

It is with deeply bittersweet feelings that I am letting you know that I have accepted a position as Director of Boston for the Shalom Hartman Institute beginning this summer.

The position allows me to return to Boston, where I grew up, and to be closer to my family and my wife’s family. It will also allow me an opportunity to do some creative and important work that goes back to my original roots as a PhD student.

However, it also means leaving a place and people that I have come to love. The Farber - Akiva community is a special one - every school likes to bill itself as a family, but I have never seen it as close to a reality as at Farber. The school represents the best of a Modern Orthodox school and I have been proud to be associated with the school for the last four years. Lisi and I will dearly miss our friends in Detroit, the school and the community. We believe in the city and in the community and we are sorry that we will not be a part of its growth. 

I will remain fully engaged with Farber through the end of June and I will work together with the other administrators and the Board in order to prepare for a healthy transition to next year and beyond. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead this wonderful school.


Dr. Josh Levisohn

Letter from the Board of Directors

To our Farber friends and family,

With deep appreciation for his contributions to Farber and the greater Detroit community, I ask the entire Farber family to join me in wishing a Tzeitchem L'Shalom (fond farewell) and best of luck and success to our Head of School, Dr. Joshua Levisohn. Dr. Levisohn and his wife, Lisi, have become deeply ingrained in our community over the last several years. He assumed leadership of Farber just as the pandemic commenced and led our school through that challenging period to new heights. 


Dr. Levisohn’s chance to lead the Hartman operations in Boston was an opportunity that he could not pass up. This move will bring Dr Levisohn back to his hometown and to the many members of his family who live there. While we will miss Dr. Levisohn greatly, we understand that for him, his family and his career, this was the right move for him to make. That Dr. Levisohn was courted by such a highly regarded national institution of Jewish thought and leadership is a testament to the level of talent we have within our Farber ranks.   


We cannot thank Dr. Levisohn enough for doing what no educator has done for our school in the past. He led us through the pandemic and, more recently, the unprecedented tragedies of October 7 and its aftermath with dignity, sound judgment and sympathy. Throughout all of this, he has improved our communications, our financial operations, our academic focus and our Judaic programming. He will leave with our respect, gratitude and love.  

With Dr. Levisohn’s guidance and the counsel of Farber’s strategic planning consultants, we are well on our way to realizing the next stage of our school's history. Dr Levisohn, the school administration and our committed board are engaged in planning for not only this year’s successes, but for the future.


I look forward to updating our community on the developments in our professional leadership that we will implement for next year and beyond. With every challenge comes an opportunity. I am saddened to lose a friend and colleague, but I am excited by the opportunity ahead of us. We all should be.


Together, we will continue to help Farber flourish as a community and family.


Nathan Gonik MD

Farber Hebrew Day School Board President

Farber Hebrew Day School - Yeshivat Akiva | 21100 West 12 Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48076