July/August 2021 Edition
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Helping Teens Choose What’s Next – The Airport Area Offers Options 

For decades, attending a 4-year college or university after high school graduation seemed like the logical and best choice for the future. A bachelor’s degree has traditionally been a sure-fire way to obtain a higher paying career with more benefits, better job security and upward mobility. Times are swiftly changing. For those of you looking for choices for teens wondering what is best for them, look at the Airport Area and your choices for their future.

As a parent of four incredible and diverse teens and now young adults, I feel qualified to offer some sound advice. For us, the most important consideration when discussing the future with our teens, was to know our teens. The traditional college track was the way to go for two of our children but technical and trade training for the other two was the perfect way to go. Identifying their passion, interests and strengths were critical in moving forward with options. Little did we know that most of those options were right here in our own backyard.
Trade Schools
Learn a trade, pursue your interests, create products within an industry and be placed in a job upon graduation just might be the answer: 

These options might be the best path for your teen and here in the Airport Area we offer incredible choices with the ultimate goal of happiness and success for your teens. 

Chris Heck
Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce
Company Spotlight
Eaton Corporation
The energy transition is a hot topic across the region, state and country. Take a listen as Uday Yadav, President & COO of the Electrical Sector for Eaton provides insights as to how this transition is happening, and Eaton's role in it, during the 2021 Bloomberg New Energy Finance opening summit remarks. Have a passion for making what matters work?

Eaton is hiring – browse openings at www.eaton.com/careers.
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Advocacy Corner
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