We are just over 4 months away from the general election, and it's more important than ever that we show voters that Florida is worth fighting for. Last week's debate performance was not a reflection of the kind of president Biden is, and Trump spent the entire debate lying about his record. The truth is — the more people hear from Donald Trump, the more they remember how much they dislike him.

Instead of agonizing, Florida Democrats were on the ground doing the work organizing. Over the weekend, we welcomed former U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis to Florida and hosted 6 organizing events with labor partners to kickoff an organizing blitz before Election Day. 

We are only 50 days away from the August 20 primary election. As we get closer to Election Day, we must recommit to the hardest fought election of our lifetimes – the people of our state, and our nation are counting on us. 

In solidarity,

Nikki Fried
Florida Democratic Party

NEW AD: I Know | Biden-Harris 2024

Last Friday in North Carolina, President Biden showed that when you get knocked down, you get right back up. 

Today, Team Biden-Harris 2024 is launching a powerful new ad, “I Know,” echoing the same message and driving the contrast between Donald Trump, who consistently lies to the American people, and Joe Biden, who will tell the truth.

In the ad, President Biden directly calls out Trump for his lies on the debate stage, from his false claims about the “great economy he created” to the pandemic response he botched, and his biggest lie of the night: trying to avoid responsibility for the insurrection he encouraged on January 6.

WATCH: I Know | Biden-Harris 2024



This weekend the Florida Democratic Party launched our first, of what will be many, organizing days of action with key Labor groups by hosting a statewide kickoff for our 2024 grassroots voter registration campaign. Democratic members of the Central Labor Councils including AFL-CIO, SEIU, Classroom Teachers, and Teamsters, met with local DEC representatives in Leon, Duval, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Orange, Broward, and Miami-Dade connecting over 100 grassroots organizers, activists, and volunteers.

These events were made even more special with the addition of Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried, FDP Co-Chair for Labor Outreach and EVP of SEIU1199 Roxey Nelson, President of the Florida Democratic Labor Caucus Patricia Farley and former Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis joining to provide words of inspiration and encouragement as we continue to center the issues of working people and labor within the Democratic Party outreach programs.

Want to get involved in upcoming Democratic Labor actions? Email to get connected to our Democratic Labor Caucus chapters.



Volunteer Activation Team Check-Ins @ 6:30pm - 7pm EST Register here


Phone banking for Voter Registration @ 12pm - 12:30pm EST Register here

Door knocking for Voter Registration @ 12:30pm - 1pm EST Register here

Virtual Voter Registration Phone Bank @ 6pm EST - 7pm EST Register here


Relational Organizing for Voter Registration (Reach Level 2) @ 12:30pm - 1pm EST Register here

1st and 3rd Wednesdays @ 6pm-7pm

Introduction to Reach: Level 1 Training - Register Here

Biden-Harris Campaign Updates

  • Team Biden-Harris Raises $264 Million in Q2, Announces $240 Million Cash on Hand
  • Team Biden-Harris’ Q2 haul was powered by a robust and growing grassroots operation that reflects the enthusiasm of our coalition: 
  • More than half of Team Biden-Harris’ Q2 haul came from grassroots donors.
  • June was the campaign’s best month since launch – and the strongest grassroots month, with nearly two-thirds of contributions coming from grassroots donors.
  • The hour after the debate was the best grassroots fundraising hour of the entire campaign.
  • 95% of all donations were under $200.
  • Since launch, more than 2.5 million Americans have contributed to Team Biden-Harris – more than 1.1 million of them are brand new donors.
  • The formidable war chest is being used to build election-winning campaign infrastructure, including more than 200 offices and over 1,000 staffers across the country, major organizing programs to mobilize key constituencies across the battleground, and paid media to reach voters where they are. 
  • This weekend alone, Team Biden-Harris hosted over 1,500 organizing events across battlegrounds.
  • Meanwhile, Donald Trump is proudly selling out the American people to court the billionaires powering his campaign.
Movement Labs

The FDP is thrilled to announce that our Democratic partners can now enroll with Movement Labs to secure a ~50% texting discount and access to a customized distributed texting portal!

This portal includes pre-built voter targets and scripts to make it simple and effective for campaigns to leverage the platform. Through Movement Labs, our partners can also access full-service and self-service texting. Texting through our portal begins at 1.25 cents/SMS segment & 3.375 cents/MMS message. Please note the sign-up process is 2 steps & you must complete a total of two forms:

Sign up Step 1: Complete Onboarding Form

Sign up Step 2: Complete one of the two 10DLC Forms below:
If you are an organization, candidate, or DEC using your own 10DLC registration, you must submit Movement Labs' 10DLC form. If you are a DEC who is approved to use Hey Florida's 10DLC registration, you must submit Hey Florida's 10DLC form.
Florida Youth Summit July 12-13th

College Dems, High School Dems, and FL Young Dems will be hosting the inaugural Youth Summit in Orlando, Florida on July 12th and 13th. This event marks a significant milestone for our party as we come together to empower and engage the next generation of Democratic leaders.

The Youth Summit will feature a series of workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities designed to inspire and equip young Democrats with the tools and knowledge they need to drive meaningful change in their communities.

Event Details:

Date: July 12-13, 2024
Location: Grand Avenue Neighborhood Center, Orlando, FL
Agenda: Workshops, panel discussions, networking sessions, and keynote speeches

The event is primarily open to students but sponsorships are available for candidates, elected officials, clubs, and caucuses to be in attendance. To secure one of those - click HERE.

It’s free for students, so if you know students or young future leaders who needs to attend, they can RSVP HERE.

If they need a travel stipend to get to the event, they can apply HERE.
Florida Panther

The cat's out of the bag: we have a new mascot!

We gave the donkey the boot, and you can show your support by getting your very own Florida Panther hoodie!
Click Here to View our Merch

Data/VAN Updates

  • Please ensure you & your VAN users are submitting all questions, inquiries, and requests to the data team using our Data Support Ticket for the quickest resolution. 
  • The latest monthly voter file update went live in VAN on June 3rd.
  • Our VBM Update Schedule for the 2024 cycle includes a breakdown of what data is being tracked via our statewide VBM activist code & the Early Voting bucket/module in VAN. While the SOEs will not resume providing VBM data to the FDP until later this month: if you do happen to get your hands on your county’s current VBM requestor data, please feel free to bulk upload to VAN or submit as a data ticket for the FDP to bulk upload.
  • Our 2024 Data Hub houses all of our important data documents, resources, & training links.
NDTC + Florida Democratic Party

The National Democratic Training Committee is excited to partner with the Florida Democratic Party to provide FREE training to Democratic candidates, campaign staff, and local leaders.

As the largest Democratic campaign training organization in the nation, we have trained more Democrats on how to win elections and build long-term power than any other organization.
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