The Life of Reilly
Incoming Beacon College vice president for academic affairs Dr. Kevin Reilly understands that to avoid disrupting a good thing, it’s going to take a lot of input from the people who are already on the ground. READ MORE
Circle of Life
Author Srikumar Rao once observed that “a plant is the most patient and forgiving teacher.” That probably goes double for one taking up residence on a college campus. At Beacon, a plant that over the years garnered perhaps a passing glance from students and faculty, now commands center stage as it performs an impressive botanical swan song. READ MORE
Welcome to the club
At universities across the country, student clubs took a hit during the pandemic. Clubs shrank. Some shut down completely. Many have been in rebuilding mode ever since. But at Beacon College, something remarkable happened. Student organizations held strong.
In the books
With their maiden seasons as full-fledged intercollegiate sports programs wrapped up, the men's and women's basketball coaches provide a postmortem of year one. READ MORE
Dream job
Find a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. That aphorism has been ascribed to everyone from Confucius to Mark Twain, but it hits a little closer to home for Beacon alum Ryan Looney, '23, who recently leveraged the confidence he gained in college to land his dream job — working from home as a writer for a popular online entertainment magazine.
Alumni Updates
Submit your Beacon College alumni updates, news, weddings, births, career changes, etc. for consideration in the next issue of the "Lighting the Path" newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you! EMAIL US

William Gledhill will be presenting at the 2024 Rocky Mountain Association for College Admission Counseling Annual Conference April 15-17. Partnering with Megan Woster of the New Way Academy in Arizona, Gledhill will speak on the topic, “From passenger to driver's seat: Practical tools to support LD students on the college transition process.”
Darryl E. Owens was recently appointed to the board of directors of United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties. Owens, associate vice president of communications and engagement, in February joined the non-profit organization that provides financial, volunteer, and professional resources to effectively and efficiently meet needs in Lake and Sumter counties, most commonly in the areas of economic mobility, education and health.
Dr. Nicki Nance is the featured author in "Shards," a charity anthology for mental health awareness. The anthology is a testament to the power of art in understanding, healing, and empathy and compels readers to confront uncomfortable truths and come away with a deeper appreciation for the frailties and complexities that make us who we are. The project features five poems from Nance, an associate professor of human services and psychology. Proceeds from the book which is due out in May will go to the Black Dog Institute and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. More information is available HERE. 
Dr. Leigh Camacho Rourks recently was nominated by the journal “Moon City Review” for 2023’s The Best Small Fictions for her story, "Sixty-Five Days after the Nuns Begin to Disappear, Alina is Found; Her Daughter Is Not."
Dr. Leigh Camacho Rourks presented on a panel at the Association for Writers and Writing Programs conference on the subject “The Sound and the Future: Teaching Podcasting to MFA Students." The panel was inspired by "Digital Voices: Podcasting in the Creative Writing Classroom," the first book ever written on the subject, which Rourks co-authored with Saul Lemerond.  
Beacon Salon Speaker Series
January's Beacon Salon Speaker Series presentation featured author Barbara Bergren and her presentation, “Witness for My Father.” Bergren chronicles the story of her father, Martin Weigen, before, during, and after WWII, highlighting the reunion between him and the former lieutenant John Withers who was in charge of a segregated African-American army unit during the war. Through acts of kindness, Weigen finds his way to recovery after his liberation from the Dachau concentration camp. A true story of the worst and best of humanity — where two men are touched by discrimination and the horror of war and experience resilience, hope, and inspiration. Click on the image to view the presentation. 

February’s Beacon Salon Speaker Series presentation featured National Review editor Rich Lowry and his presentation, “Lessons from Lincoln.” Lowry contends Abraham Lincoln was a proponent of markets, individual achievement, and personal responsibility. He embraced economic dynamism and development. He rejected populist demagoguery directed at corporations and banks and warned against class warfare and made working for your own living one of his bedrock principles. Lowry argues that without understanding these fundamental commitments of Lincoln, you can’t understand him as a figure or the DNA of the Republican Party. Click on the image to view the presentation.
"A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity"
February's "A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity" focuses on the science of reading. On this episode, we visit a New York day school that serves students with language-based learning disabilities which through science and innovation is helping students who learn differently not just read but thrive. Our panel of national experts delves into the science of reading and its profound implications for neurodivergent students. And you’ll meet our latest Difference Maker, Alix Generous, for whom the misdiagnosis of her learning differences is a plumb line for a multifaceted career. Click on the link to watch the episode.
March's "A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity" focuses on helping kids who learn differently conquer loneliness. On this episode, we meet a Massachusetts teenager whose parents are working to keep their autistic son ahead of the loneliness curve. Our panel of national experts shares strategies to help parents and caregivers help children who learn differently bridge the chasm of loneliness. And you’ll meet our latest Difference Maker, Dr. Samantha Hiew, an award-winning social entrepreneur, scientist, and intersectional inclusion champion whose late diagnosis drives her passion to help others get the early help they need to thrive. Click on the link to watch the episode.
"Make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your two ears."
— Laird Hamilton