1. The "Equality" Act

2. EdTalk '21 Slides

3. A Look At Our Top-Rated Curriculum Resources

4. Meet Our Expansion Design Team

5. Amazon Smile?

6. Celebrating Our Students

7. Free College Planning Webinar

8. Mission Monday Announcement!
A note from Trinity's leadership team.
Much has been discussed about the so-called "Equality Act" as it was recently passed by the US House of Representatives, now on its way to what is certain to be a robust debate within the US Senate. And while this act has been in the works for many years, the reality of its contents is germane to Trinity and other religious organizations. The Heritage Foundation has several articles outlining the act's assault on religious freedom; you can find one such article here. Our synod (LC-MS) has released a statement; and as a church, school, and childcare family, we have also crafted our response to the legislation - as it stands today. To read Trinity's position on the equality act, please click the link below.
EdTalk '21
Did you miss it?
The school's signature communication event to both church and school families, the annual EdTalk came and went with great participation and engagement from our community. To check out the slides, click here; and as always, please email me directly to schedule a time to ask questions or take a deeper dive into the content!
Trinity completes the acquisition of two top resources in math and literacy.
The evaluation, collaboration, selection, and acquisition of curriculum resources is a painstaking process. At Trinity, we've armed our teachers with curriculum resource rubrics to do our own evaluations, in addition to those performed by experts in the field. When we prepare to select a new resource, a few things happen:
  1. We review our current curriculum maps, ensuring that what we teach is aligned to state standards;
  2. Administrators survey the "field" of resources available from various publishers and select 3 or 4 of the highest-rated to be part of our own evaluation;
  3. Trinity acquires sample sets from each resource;
  4. Teachers of that subject complete our in-house evaluation of each resource (this process includes standards-alignment, rigor, and others that we believe make-up a quality resource);
  5. Our teachers take part in webinars hosted by the publishers of each resource;
  6. The resource is selected.

After a lot of work, we're confident in the resources we've acquired for the two most critical subjects: math and literacy. HMH's Into Math (along with Into Algebra) and Into Reading (along with Into Literature). Each of these resources comes with robust online content, physical workbooks, and most importantly, differentiated strategies and materials to help learners at all levels. Both resources will be a part of our work for at least the next 6 years. As parents, you can be confident that your child has some of the best content to work with - not to mention some of the best teachers delivering it!
The team behind Trinity's campus master planning.
Trinity is committed to our doors being open to all of God's children, all of the time. With our growth over the past 3 years, we've arrived at a critical point in our school's history. The time to explore what could be is now. Over the coming months, members of our staff will be engaging with the Groth Design Group to explore how additional classroom and activity spaces on our campus might shape up in the near future. From a welcome center to a new gym space, to a new classroom wing, there are a lot of potentials on the table!

The Groth Design Group brings to the table a wonderful portfolio of work, with particularly great experience working with churches and schools. You can view their website and work by clicking here.
You already shop there, why not use it to donate to Trinity?
Did you know that shopping on Amazon can support Trinity? Experience the same shopping experience at and Amazon donates to Trinity, at no cost to you. Get the same products, same prices, and same service, al while Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to our church and school. Visit to designate 'Trinity Lutheran Church' in Mequon as your charity of choice!
From music to athletics, we have some shout-outs!
7th-grader, Max Hay won the Youth State Wrestling Tournament for his weight class.
Way to go, Max!

6th-grader, Elise Dieringer earns a Gold medal for clarinet at the Solo and Ensemble Contest. Congrats, Elise!

Alongside Elise, these other students earned medals at the Solo and Ensemble Contest:

Gold medals were awarded to: 
Milani Alexander-clarinet
Megan Anderson-flute
Rachel Anderson-clarinet
Elise Dieringer-clarinet
Ben Jones-trumpet
Mia Kuhl-horn
Noelle Makela-flute
Reagan Makela-alto saxophone
Silver Medal was awarded to: 
Callista McConnell-flute

Congratulations to all students!
Prepare your child—and your family—for college.
Put yourself in control of the college planning process! You're invited to College Planning 101. This free workshop can help parents build a plan for finding the right school and paying for it, too. This workshop is hosted by Financial Associate Travis Schumann, a member of the Turnhall Financial Group team, part of Thrivent Financial. No products are being sold as part of this free webinar. For information on how to register, click the image above or click here.
Monday, March 15 2021
Bring at least $1 for free dress on Monday, March 15, 2021, to support our 3rd quarter mission recipient: Bethany Lutheran School in Asaba, Nigeria.

Trinity has partnered with Bethany Lutheran Church in the inner city of Milwaukee, providing donations of groceries for their food pantry and physical labor to help maintain their building. Bethany's pastor, Rev. Chris Ikanih (Ih-kahn-ee), is a native of Nigeria, and has established a new and thriving church in his village of Asaba: Bethany Lutheran - Asaba. Their school is experiencing the blessing of many, many children - so many that they do not have the room or the support personnel to properly meet their needs. Pastor Ikanih has reached out to the churches of the Greater Milwaukee area to do what we can to help. 

Trinity has determined to make Bethany Lutheran School in Asaba the recipient of our third quarter chapel offerings. In addition to your prayers for God's work to continue in Nigeria, please consider helping to make this quarter's chapel offerings a robust and faithful gift to our brothers and sisters in Asaba, Nigeria. Trinity Lutheran School has so much in common with Bethany Asaba, most notably, that neither of us want to turn a single child away from the opportunity to learn about Jesus.

Mission Monday: Bethany Asaba

Open House & Registration Night #2 (5:00pm - 7:00pm)

End of 3rd Quarter

4.2.21 through 4.9.21
Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Spring Break
MEQUON, WI 53097