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  1. A Call To Action... at Trinity!
  2. Renovation plans set for vote, construction
  3. EdTalk'22
  4. Basketball Tournament RETURNS!
  5. Summer Camps
A Call To Action... at Trinity!

Dear Parents and Families,

This is your invitation. The purpose of this note (also sent home with your child this week) is to invite you, to the best of your ability, to be all in with us. What does this mean?

Our nation is in the midst of a nearly unprecedented combination of a shortage in materials, funding, and workers (and this doesn’t even begin to address the crisis of inflation). On top of this, the world continues to move further from our Christian values and beliefs - especially in local public schools. Jesus talks about this in John 17 when he lifts up his disciples in prayer to his Father in Heaven, saying (v14), “I have given them [the disciples] your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” 

At Trinity, we are not exempt from these challenges, but we are facing them head-on! So, I write to you today to ask for your openness, willingness, and readiness to be all in with your Trinity community as we go forward into the foreseeable future. Here are just a few of the ways you can be all in:

  • Pray. Scripture tells us to pray, ‘continuously;’ that’s a lot! At your dinner tables, at your gatherings, in small groups, or even in text exchanges, lift up your community in prayer that God’s Spirit would ignite, energize, and fortify us for the challenges ahead. 

  • Volunteer. From Parent-Teacher League (PTL) events to athletics events and more, there are dozens of opportunities for parents to jump in during the school year. When the needs come out, jump in! Watch the Trinity Times and other administrative communications for one of the many ways you can support our activities here on campus. Some specific areas where volunteers are needed now are as follows:
  • Substitute Teacher. Love kids? Love Jesus? Have a 4-year degree? We will show you the ropes and teach you how to be a substitute teacher! Email me directly if you are open/interested - it’s paid!
  • Building/Expansion Committee. A formal call for members will be out soon, but if you already know you want to serve on this team, let me know. The time is now!
  • Basketball Tournament. Just 2 weeks away, our tournament needs ushers, scoreboard operators, grillers, and more! Email Stef Herbert to jump in, or check out the link button below!

  • Prepare to Give. In the coming months, our team will prepare a capital campaign project that will go before our congregation (the school’s voting body) for approval. Here, we will propose that support be given for fundraising efforts towards an (appx) $8.1 million classroom and office expansion project. This is our chance to expand our availability and service to our community for the next 180 years of Trinity’s history. We’re moving TRINITY → FORWARD.

This is it, the time is now. This is your community! We’re all in. Join us as we work for HIS kingdom and the good of HIS children by growing Trinity, TOGETHER.

Dr. Seefeld
Renovation set for vote, construction.
On Sunday, January 30, 2022, Trinity's congregation is set to vote on a small remodeling project that will affect Trinity's lower levels (library and church Schedler Center). Here's what's happening in the remodel:
  1. The library moves to the new Schedler multipurpose space. Greg Black, Trinity's librarian, is busy consolidating our existing titles (removing old titles that haven't been used in years) and preparing them for a move to the new multipurpose space. This new space will have the same access and functionality as the existing library, just with a fresh look and more purposeful collection. Please note, if your child has overdue library books, please get them in ASAP!
  2. Three new classrooms are to be added.
  • While not a long-term solution, keeping alike grade levels together is a great move all around. Until a larger plan is approved, two smaller, Kindergarten classrooms will share a space together in what is the existing library. We'll add a child-friendly bathroom, two sinks (not pictured), and 40 cubbies to the outside corridor (the picture shows them inside the rooms, but they will be outside!).
  • The old computer lab - now the current lower-level office "suite" - is being gutted to make room for the new piano lab. All space and content from the suite will be moved to the new bank of offices in the Schedler multipurpose space. Offices there will be occupied by Rick Adams, Lorrie Becklund, Cindy Mollwitz, and our vicar-elect Daniel Reh.

Renovations are scheduled to begin the week of spring break (March 21), with much of the "rough-in" and heavy demo happening while our kids are out of the building. Because of the location of the work, most school-day operations will not be affected.

Design and drawings submitted by Groth Design Group, and construction contracting by Catalyst Construction LLC.
Future plans and a look at next year during...
Each year we take a moment to look at education both nationally and here at home. We offer a detailed glance into the operations of Trinity and talk about the future of education and programming for our school. This "EdTalk" is designed to be both informational and engaging, and offers parents multiple opportunities to ask questions, offer feedback, etc. It is also the foremost opportunity for church members to hear updates on their school.

This year, special attention will be given to the rapid expansion of our school including renovation plans, updates on the pending capital campaign, and plans to adjust instruction for the '22-'23 school year to account for more growth. See you on Sunday morning, January 30, 2022, at 9:15am for EdTalk22 - held in the gym.
Trinity Basketball Tournament Returns!
It's back! One of the nation's oldest tournaments is set to return from February 11th through the 13th. We have MANY volunteer opportunities (ushers, scoreboard operators, concessions, and more!)... so bring the family, camp out for the weekend, enjoy some of the finest tournament food out there, and cheer on your Trinity Trojans! Email Stef Herbert for questions about volunteer opportunities or click the button below to sign up!.

And don't forget to stop by our Pep Rally on Friday, February 11th! See if I can redeem myself in the 3-point contest!
Trinity Summer Camps Are Back!
Set your calendars now! Trinity summer camps are back and ready for even more students this year! All camps are still only $50 (except musical theatre). Registration will be open soon.
Important Upcoming Dates

NO SCHOOL - Staff Development

EDTalk22 (9:15am - Gym)
Congregational Meeting / Remodel Vote (12pm - Gym)

NO SCHOOL - Staff Development

Spirit Week!
(watch Trinity Times for dress-up day themes!)

Pep Rally (11am - Gym)
Early Dismissal (12pm)

Trinity Basketball Tournament