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Learn from the Decking Experts
Dedicated to educating current and future customers about important decking topics such as the cost of teak, calculating caulk yield, inspecting decks, and more, we are frequently publishing information on our blog. Here are two of our most recent posts:
Teakdecking Systems offers legally-sourced superyacht-quality Burmese teak and high-end polyurethane composite decking.

Boat owners often ask us how to compare teak and composite decking, and there are numerous factors to weigh:
  • Appearance, Durability, Maintenance
  • Safety, Cost, Installation
  • Deck weight, Environmental impact, Surface temperature

Read the full article for comparisons of these materials.
Extend the life of teak decking and protect your investment with regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. The ultimate decking choice is teak because of its durability, anti-slip properties, rot resistance, and insulation, and, of course, its beauty. A properly maintained deck can last 5 to 15 years longer than one that is poorly maintained.

  • Clean Frequently...and Carefully
  • Perform Annual Sand-Out
  • Inspect and Repair Caulking
  • And more...

Read the full article to learn how to extend deck life.
MPS-4000 is a new single-component adhesive developed by Teakdecking Systems specifically for marine applications. Unable to find a satisfactory adhesive with the working time, peel strength, and cure time needed, we developed our own (just as we've done with many other products like SIS 440 Caulking).

MPS-4000 bonds deck materials including teak, composite decking, and deck hardware. Suitable substrates include GRP (glass-reinforced plastics), marine plywood, properly prepared steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
MPS-4000 has high tensile and tear strengths, abrasion resistance, and an average ultimate shore A hardness of at least 55, yet still withstands 25% total joint movement.

Sausage 20 fl. oz. (592 ml)

To purchase this product, please contact your local TDS distributor.

Happenings in Valencia, Spain
Our European Manufacturing Facility
The well-organized manufacturing facility in Valencia is where we are building decks for our European customers. While the facility isn't as large as our headquarters in Sarasota, FL, it is operated with mind-bending efficiency, producing1000+ square feet of decking each month. Thank you to all our hardworking Team Members in Spain!
Meet John Shinske
Managing Director of TDS Europe
No Challenge is Too Great for this Maritime Professional

As Teakdecking Systems (TDS) considered an expansion to Europe with the asset purchase of Teak Solutions (Barcelona), a compelling factor was the quality of employees. All of them were retained, including John Shinske, who is now the Managing Director of TDS Europe.

With more than two decades of maritime experience, John, a fervent traveler, moved from Canada to Europe in 1996. He found a job in the south of France doing boat repair and maintenance. Nine years later, he was a Captain. In between, a deckhand and a first mate, gaining experience in every facet of yachting. Then he moved to the business side by opening Evolution Yacht Agents, growing the business, and eventually selling his shares. His maritime contacts are vast with those who design, build, service, and supply boats.

When John decided he'd had enough time on the water and wanted a house with a dog, he joined Teak Solutions, a decking manufacturer – and what a perfect fit. John could do everything from driving a forklift to talking to a Captain or Owner's rep.

A former Teakdecking Systems employee founded Teak Solutions, so many of their processes are already the same. John says that the acquisition was the perfect timing for both companies, and the transition has been smooth. He is now successfully managing two of Teakdecking Systems' largest projects. "It's been a lot of hard work, but that's exactly what drives me. I never turn away a challenge."

Welcome and hats off to John!
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