March 13, 2020
Queen Esther,
a Hero for Our Time
A perplexing paradox lies at the heart of Purim. No day is more associated with Jewish joy; yet rightly understood the scriptural source of our celebration - the biblical book of Esther - proclaims a terrifying teaching.
Court rejects Netanyahu's request to postpone trial
Jerusalem District Court Judge Rivkah Friedman-Feldman on Tuesday rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request on Sunday for a 45-day postponement for the opening of his trial, currently set for March 17.
How Jewish women have shaped our nation
March 8th was International Women's Day. Read an opinion piece by Senator Linda Frum on the influence of Jewish women in Canada. 'The happy history of the success of Canada’s vibrant Jewish community is, in so many ways, the story of strong women.' 
Rose scents while you sleep can boost your memory

Israeli researchers demonstrate that administering a memory-evoking smell during sleep bolsters memory processes in the brain.
Israelis invent colorblindness-correcting contact lenses

Their nano-size metasurfaces could be added during the molding stage of contact lens fabrication or thermally fused to a rigid contact lens.
Julian Edelman is studying for his Bar Mitzvah!
Three-time Super Bowl champ and star New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is spending some of the offseason in Los Angeles studying for his bar mitzvah.
What issues do you care most about? What priorities should our community focus on? CIJA is inviting you to share your views through an online grassroots community survey. The feedback received will shape advocacy priorities for 2020.
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