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Stuck inside your house because of bad weather?  Time not there to attend a genealogy conference this long winter season?  Then why not sign up for a learning experience from my home to yours?  That's right! I'm participating in my first ever two day conference for the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research 

Here's an historical tidbit:  if you marvel at the concept of distance education then thank Sir Isaac Pitman. In the 1840s he taught shorthand through the mail. His students sent him examples and he corrected them.  It became known as correspondence courses.

Sir Isaac Pitman
Now fast forward to 2015, and the rapid rise of so many new technologies. Instead of waiting weeks for a reply through a correspondence course, students can now communicate with their instructors in real-time through webinars. Each and every student in my class, Family Photographs: Identifying, Preserving, and Sharing Your Visual Heritage will have opportunities to ask questions about any of those topics. You'll find lots of new content in these lectures too.

Mark your calendars for February 21st and 28th!
Here are the course outlines below by each date: 

21 February 2015

  • 11:00am "Basic Photo Identification and Interpretation"

Learn to identify photographic formats from daguerreotypes through twentieth century methods, new techniques to research photographers and how to add up the clues to tell the story of an image.  

  • 1:00pm "Fashion Facts and Foibles: Reading Clothing Clues"

Every fashion era had its distinctive styles from fanciful to functional. Your ancestral fashion choices can tell you about their religious beliefs, political leanings and if they were conservative or bohemian. 


28 February 2015

  • 11:00am "Photo Preservation: Caring for Images"

Each picture has a life from the day an ancestor posed for it today.  The signs of damage tell you about it's living conditions and provide you with steps to take to preserve it for the future. All you need to know to identify damage, stop it and reverse it is covered in this session.  

  • 1:00pm "Collaborative Family History: Online Image Sharing"
We're a nation of picture posters from present-day selfies to scans of historical images, but before you begin putting your heritage online it's important to follow some common-sense rules. There are sites that can jump-start by enabling you to collaborate with cousins in privacy rather than public forums.

After this final session, we'll discuss your assignment.  Can't wait to see what you've found! 

Each attendee receives a free e-book of content to use during the classes and it is theirs to keep.

All of this is for an unbeatable price of $69.99!

Early Bird signup before February 10th  = Chances to Win Prizes! 
You thought it couldn't get any better? If you register for the class before February 10th, I'm adding in some bonus content just for folks who attend the live class and will not be offered to those who opt just to listen to the recorded webinars when it is all done.  Here's a number of ways to win something special from the Photo Detective! 
  • Submit a scanned photo to me at with the subject line "Virtual Conference." I'll pick 5 of those images to discuss during the conference.  
  • EVERYONE who registers before February 10th will receiv
    e a copy of my e-book, A State by State Guide to Finding Family Photographs Online
  • Early birds will also receive a coupon for a photo consultation for at my in-person rate of $40.00 (a 20% savings)
  • One lucky person will win one of two of my books of their choice: Preserving Your Family Photographs, Photo Organizing Practices or Searching For Family Photos How to Get Them Now.
  • Early birds will all be entered to win a digital subscription to Family Tree Magazine and a copy of my book, Family Photo Detective.  (ONE WINNER)




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