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Why Us?

Supply Cupboard: A unique way to keep track of all of your unmanaged network printers and supplies.

Ease of Use & Selection: Simply build your order by clicking “Add to Shopping Cart” on your desired items, such as Computers, Notebooks, Monitors, Printers, MFPs, Supplies and more.

Flexibility: Flexible payment options! OE Canada has you covered with rental and lease plans to fit any budget!

We Will Do the Work for You: Allow our Team to arrange your purchases in one easy-to-use ‘Standing Quote’.

Direct Contact: As part of the new Online Store experience, you also get access to a Digital Store Concierge, contact us for your digital store tour!

Check us out at
or contact your Account Representative at 1-866-804-3744.

Let’s get started on making things easier for you!

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for 10% off your entire order
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