January 12, 2022


I am happy to announce my appointment of Mr. Mark C. Rogers as Acting Director of Human To Human. Mark's service began January 1. Human to Human is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts committed to resourcing emerging frontline ministries within and beyond the walls of our churches.

With over 40 years of experience in finance, business and coaching, Mark is uniquely prepared to lead Human To Human at this critical moment. Created to support new ministries that are reaching people on the margins, Human To Human needs someone who can tell the story and invite others to share in this dynamic, Gospel-based work. Human To Human also needs someone who can help incubate new ministries, nurture and support lay and ordained leaders as they bring creative ministries to life. The Acting Director is responsible for developing and implementing a plan - in collaboration with the bishop, diocesan staff, the Human to Human Committee, and the mission directors - leading to the growth and development of the organization. This is a twenty hour a week position that requires dedication, persistence, and vision.

Many of you know Mark as Diocesan Treasurer. He also serves as Senior Warden of Reconciliation, Webster and Director of Reconciliation House, Inc., a sober reentry program for men in Worcester County.

I am deeply pleased that Mark felt called to this critical work. His faith, his vision and his skillset are just right for this time. I ask your prayers for Mark and for all those who will assist him in making Human To Human our source of mission funding and the birthplace of new ministries whose only agenda is love.