2024 PPIHC Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Four inductees will be honored in June when they are welcomed to the

Pikes Peak Hill Climb Museum Hall of Fame.

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Ari Vatanen

1988 King of the Mountain

Featured in Climb Dance

Ted Foltz

1970 & 1980 King of the Mountain

PPIHC Ambassador

Clint Vahsholtz

24-Time Stock Car division winner

2020 King of the Mountain

Beck Bechtelheimer

Voice of the PPIHC radio broadcast

49 Years of calling the action on the Colorado racing scene

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"This is taken at one of my favorite downhill shooting locations, that is not possible to shoot from when the drivers are going full tilt up the mountain. As the drivers are moving downhill between practice runs, so am I. But along the way, as they pass me, it's always nice to snap a shot in between the 4th leg and 3rd leg in the W's.

Pictured: First-time competitor on the mountain, Duncan Cowper of the UK practices in an early morning session in 2023. Cowper clocked a sub-10-minute run on race day to claim third in the Unlimited division.

Photo by Larry Chen

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Meet Laura Ethridge

PPIHC Safety Team Truck Captain

What led you to volunteer on Pikes Peak?

Todd Kueker, former PPIHC Safety Chief, would ask me every time he saw me, "You want to be on the race safety team?" Finally, I gave in! This will be my 12th year as a volunteer.


Describe your current role and duties:  

I am on the race safety team and serve as Safety 2 Captain. My truck crew sits at Halfway Picnic Grounds. First thing in the morning we make sure the road is ready for race cars. The safety crews can be seen sweeping the highway, cleaning up oil on the road, or moving hay bales at 0400 in preparation for the race cars. Hopefully, we just sit and watch cars go by at 100+ mph, but we are there to assist, rescue and treat drivers that may not have had such a good day on the mountain.  

What other roles have you had on Pikes Peak?

I started on Pikes Peak in 1999 in an ambulance with Event Medical and American Medical Response before moving to the race safety team. 

In May, I will begin working part-time as a Pikes Peak Highway Ranger. The more time I'm on the mountain, the happier I am!

What keeps you coming back?  

Well, it's definitely not the 0300 start time! I'd say, it's being a part of a special family, watching sunrise on Pikes Peak, the thrill of racing, and playing a role in the second oldest auto race in America. 


What does being a part of this event mean to you?  

Pride in knowing we have one of the most unique safety teams in motorsports. I'm humbled to work with so many great people, from the race officials and the Pikes Peak Highway staff, to the racers and their teams. 


Three words to describe the PPIHC?

Challenging - Magnificent - Dynamic

What is your occupation?



Q: What was the first year an electric car raced on Pikes Peak?

A. 1958

B. 1978

C. 1981

D. 1985

Keep reading to find the answer.



Buster Hammond - In 1934, Ford entered three V-8 Roadsters in the Stock Car division on Pikes Peak. Buster, or "Bus" as he was known, claimed the win, setting a division record of 19:25.70 in his #2 Ford.

Penrose Trophy - Currently on display at Penrose Heritage Museum, the Penrose Trophy is pictured here with Glen Shultz (left) in front of his #3 Ford, Bus Hammond (center), and Angelo Cimino (right).

Cimino took second, and Shultz finished third.



4/1 - Lucy Block - 2023 PPIHC Competitor, Unlimited

4/3 - Gilles Nadeau - Two-time PPIHC Competitor, Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama

4/5 - Olly Clark - 2024 PPIHC Rookie, Unlimited

4/8 - Kevin Murdock - Three-time PPIHC Competitor, Pikes Peak Open

4/8 - Jeremy Lowder - 2024 PPIHC Rookie, Pikes Peak Open

4/10 - Paul Gerrard - Seven-Time PPIHC Competitor; Top Gear's The Stig

4/18 - Tyler Pappas - Two-Time Time Attack 1 Competitor; 2023 Alcon Brakes No Holding Back Award

4/24 - Earl O'Maley - Three-Time PPIHC Competitor, Open Wheel

4/25 - Jimmy Ford - Three-Time PPIHC Competitor, Pikes Peak Open

4/27 - Ari Vatanen - 2024 Hall of Fame Inductee; 1988 King of the Mountain


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The first known electric on Pikes Peak was 1981 with the Sears XDH-1. This was a modified 1977 Fiat 128 3P “Berlinetta” converted by Globe Union to promote the Sears DieHard 12V EV Battery. Joe Ball was the driver with a time of 32:07.41. Courtesy of J. David McNeil


Hyundai To Chase Electric Production SUV/Crossover Record

HYUNDAI Returns to Pikes Peak in 2024

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Photo credits: PPIHC Archives, Larry Chen, Josh Hildenbrand, Laura Ethridge.

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