Fall 2017
A Fright Fest of Fleas
The real vampires this time of year are these blood-sucking parasites known to entomologists as Ctenocephalides felis (the comb-head cat flea). These aggravating arthropods are partying on your kitty's skin, and they can drive everyone batty.   Although the cooler temperatures of fall mean less outdoor activity for cats, flea s also settle inside, making infestations more noticeable at this time of year. Your home can be a welcome residence for flea s, even if your kitty never leaves the house.
Are flea s just a nuisance to be tolerated? Your cat would certainly not agree. Flea bites may result in intense itching of the skin and can transmit a serious bacterial infection (Bartonella, aka "cat scratch disease") causing illness in both cats and humans.   Kittens may even die from blood loss inflicted by flea s, and children are more likely to be bitten by flea s and be exposed to the diseases they may carry . It is also important to know that fleas only begin biting humans when owners sleep with their pets or when the flea population in the home is very large.
Another parasite linked to fleas is the tapeworm, Dipylidium canis. When cats lick fleas off their fur, they ingest immature tapeworms that then grow in the intestines of affected cats. While it is unusual for these tapeworms to cause illness, they do shed "segments" out through a cat's anus, which is an especially unpleasant situation!
We want to help each feline household remain flea -free year-round. We advocate selective flea prevention and control methods based on your cat's exposure, environment, and health status. We strongly recommend that no cat be given pyrethrin-based flea products, and never use a product intended for dogs on a cat.   There are many pyrethroid-free treatments available that are safe for cats.
We are excited to add another safe, non-pyrethroid, easy-to-use topical treatment for flea elimination. Bravecto is unique in that it provides 12 weeks of excellent flea control in a familiar, one-dose, topical application. It is now available through Cats Exclusive by prescription only. Bravecto is especially helpful at this time of year, when flea infestations may intensify before populations tend to reduce in late winter (in our area). Enjoy being flea-free in 2018!
Who has fleas?

Flea dirt
One sign that your cat has a flea infestation is the presence of flea dirt. Flea dirt is the feces of fleas, resembling little black pepper-like specks. When moistened the specks turn redish-brown, looking like small blood stains.

400 flea
Adult fleas are about 1 to 3 millimeters in size, reddish-brown to tan in color and have laterally compressed bodies. They possess powerful hind legs which allow for running and jumping through fur. Adult fleas usually live 4 to 25 days.


Cardboard cat scratchers:
  • An inexpensive solution for scratching
  • The honeycomb texture entices cats to scratch without damaging furniture
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Bats, Rabies, Oh My!     
The recent attention of rabid bats found across Washington state, is a good time to remind everyone to keep themselves and their pets away from wild animals, especially bats, and to vaccinate pets against rabies.  
For more information about rabies in our area visit Washington State Department of Health.  
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